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Titleist TSR Drivers Now Available

October 3rd, 2022

Titleist TSR Drivers were just recently released to the public after being released to tour players earlier this year. Titleist has made another jump in innovation – here are the three important things to know. First, the VFT (Variable Face Thickness) design featured in each model is designed to increase smash factor and consequently ball speed. Second, the new aerodynamic “boat tail” designs promise to increase club head speed just from the head alone. Plus, Titleist’s approach to MOI (moment of inertia) spans toe to heel and crown to sole. This approach is intended to help optimize spin and forgiveness at every hit. Learn more about MOI from Golf.com. Each of these innovations were applied to each model differently in an effort to cater to different player types. How to Choose Titleist TSR Drivers If you’re a player looking for maximum forgiveness, think TSR2. For lower handicap players looking to increase ball speed through precision adjustments, think TSR3. For advanced players desiring a smaller, more compact head with multiple spin adjustments, think TSR4. Which driver is optimal for you? We recommend a personalized driver fitting of course. Schedule A Driver Fitting Now. Or, check out Titleist’s Driver Selector. TSR2 For... Read More


September 1st, 2022

press release issued by Breakthrough Golf Technology on 8.31.2022 Introducing ZNE™ Wedge Shafts Four years ago, BGT revolutionized putting with its line of Stability Shafts for golfers of all handicap levels by returning the club face to square at impact for consistently straighter putts. Now the new ZNE™ Wedges will do the same for your short game. ZNE™ Wedges are built with patented technology, work with any wedge brand, no practice is required and they deliver incredible performance. Barney Adams, CEO of Breakthrough Golf states, “We are delighted to finally launch the ZNE™ Wedges. They have been years in the making and we plan to once again to redefine another shaft category with our patented technology. If you’re a player that wants more control in your wedge game or if you’re the player that needs more distance, you don’t have to choose, ZNE™ delivers on both”. Versatility & Shot Performance 3 weights- 90g, 115g or 130g for optimal feel, control and consistency. Black Ceramic Dura-Coated Tips Provides durability and no line-of-sight distraction. Engineered for optimal launch and spin. Proprietary Coupler Designed with internal micro-barbs to ensure a virtually unbreakable bond between graphite and steel. Ultra-Rigid Stiffness Stack™ This Stiffness Stack™... Read More