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New Mizuno ST230 Woods Now Available

February 6th, 2023

The new Mizuno ST230 Woods went through multiple iterative developments for stability, sound and spin. The result is adding exceptional ball speeds to an already great design. Mizuno’s new CORTECH Chamber encases a stainless steel weight with elastomeric TPU. The design takes stress from the clubface and turns it into an additional energy source. And, it contributes to a more solid, powerful sensation at impact. At the same time, locating weight closer to the clubface helps reduce spin rates. Read more about the new ST230 series. ST-Z 230 Driver and ST-X 230 Driver The ST-Z 230 Driver is a straight bias driver with great stability with off-center hits. Similar in look to the previous ST-Z, the 230 Series models feature the new CORTECH Chamber technology using TPU material. This creates faster ball speeds, less spin, better acoustics and a solid sensation at impact. Also balanced composite design provides for neutral weight distribution with deeper and shorter CG. The net result is workability in both directions with higher MOI and mid/low spins for more distance. The ST-X 230 Driver is a draw bias driver with weight closer to the hosel. This location of weight provides for the slightly higher spin rates... Read More

New Callaway 2023 Paradym Irons Now Available

January 30th, 2023

Delivering exceptional feel in a distance iron is no longer a thing of the past – enter Callaway 2023 Paradym irons. The construction combines a Forged 455 face with Callaway’s all‑new Speed Frame – the best of both distance and feel. New Technology in Callaway 2023 Paradym Irons Callaway’s industry-leading A.I. face technology applied to the high-strength Forged 455 face creates a powerful forged iron. The all-new Hollow Body design features Speed Frame construction for added stiffness to the body. This unique construction is the catalyst that stabilizes a thinner face for faster ball speeds. The patented Urethane Microspheres deliver ultra-soft feel and a premium sound that discerning players demand. And, precisely placed dual tungsten weighting enhances launch conditions and improves speed even on mishits.   Paradym Paradym X Player Type FORGED PERFORMANCE WITH ENHANCED DISTANCE IN A PLAYERS SHAPE FORGED PERFORMANCE WITH ENHANCED DISTANCE IN A MORE FORGIVING SHAPE DISTANCE & VERSATILITY DISTANCE & FORGIVENESS A.I DESIGNED FLASH FACE CUP FORGED 455 FORGED 455 TUNGSTEN WEIGHTING UP TO 67g UP TO 79g URETHANE MICROSPHERES YES YES CONSTRUCTION HOLLOW-BODY WITH SPEED FRAME HOLLOW-BODY WITH SPEED FRAME OFFSET MINIMAL MODERATE SOLE WIDTH MID WIDE HEADSHAPE COMPACT MID-SIZED CATEGORY PLAYER’S DISTANCE GAME-IMPROVEMENT... Read More

New Callaway 2023 Paradym Woods Now Available

January 30th, 2023

The new Callaway 2023 Paradym woods truly are setting a new paradigm in club head design. Already featured as one of Golf Digest’s 2023 Hot List winners, lighter, faster and lower CG delivers impressive performance gains. New drivers feature an industry-first 360° Carbon Chassis, new Jailbreak A.I. and an A.I. optimized face. New fairways feature Batwing Technology for more stiffness, a forged carbon sole and a tungsten speed cartridge. New hybrids combine the same Batwing Technology as the fairways with new Cutwave Sole and A.I.-designed high-strength 455 Face Cup. Read more about the Callaway Paradym series. 2023 Paradym, Paradym X and Paradym Triple-Diamond Drivers Industry-First 360 Carbon Chassis. The 360° Carbon Chassis removes all titanium from the body by combining a Triaxial Carbon crown and Callaway’s proprietary Forged Carbon sole. The result is a body that is 44% lighter. Repositioned weight is both forward to enhance ball speed and toward the back of the clubhead for increased forgiveness. New Jailbreak A.I. The new A.I. Jailbreak system is 33% lighter than its predecessor. The lighter-weight design enhances stability and increases ball speeds. It also increases stiffness in the body for more face flex and faster ball speeds. A.I Optimized Face. The... Read More

2023 VANQUISH Driver shafts now available

January 30th, 2023

The 2023 VANQUISH Driver shafts from MCG Golf are a brand-new ultra-premium lightweight driver shaft. Unlocking more club head speed, VANQUISH™ features six core technological tenets to deliver more consistency swing-to-swing. Six Core Technologies in the 2023 Vanquish Driver Shaft First, a new Amorphous Wire Technology in the butt section increases activity in the handle for more clubhead acceleration. A Super Low Resin Content (S.L.R.C.) Prepreg increases carbon density for the best possible feel. Proprietary, exotic 46 and 40 Ton prepregs used in full length applications add strength and lower torque. Plus, a uniquely fortified tip section creates increased tip stability in higher swing speeds. Also unique, VANQUISH reduces the variables between weights and flexes to allow for ease of custom fitting. And lastly, the Precision Crafted Design ensures the 2023 VANQUISH Driver shafts keep the tightest possible tolerances in weight and frequency. New Amorphous Wire Technology – Instead of using it in the tip section, amorphous wire is used in the butt section for the very first time. This amor­phous wire’s elasticity increases the activity in the handle of the shaft to maximize ball speed and club head acceleration. Super Low Resin Content Prepreg – Prepreg containing as low as 20%... Read More

New Kai’li Wood Shafts Now Available

January 28th, 2023

MCG Golf’s new Kai’li™ wood shafts are now available – see the new Blue and Red shafts for drivers and fairway woods. Kai’li Blue shafts produce mid-launch, mid-spin. The Kai’li Red shafts produce more high-launch and mid-spin. Plus, all Kai’li wood shafts utilize Mitsubishi Chemical’s Super Low Resin Content (S.L.R.C.) Prepreg and an MR70-reinforced tip. With CGs dropping lower and lower in driver and fairway wood heads, the new Kai’li Blue or Kai’li Red shaft might be optimal. Kai’li Blue – mid-launch, low torque, deep power. Kai’li Blue is ideal for players seeking to move from a low-launch to mid-launch shaft without sacrificing higher torque. With a low torque value similar to Kai’li White, the taper butt design of Kai’li Blue offers active feel in the hands. But it generates slightly higher launch and spin than Kai’li White. This makes Kai’li Blue the most stable and smoothest blue profile yet. Thus, as a modern mid-launching, mid-spinning shaft, Kai’li Blue delivers stability with stronger swings and heavier head weights. See full specs of the Kai’li Blue wood shafts. Kai’li White – low-launch, low torque, flight & feel. Kai’li White is one of the most popular wood shafts on the PGA Tour.... Read More

New Cobra 2023 KING Irons Now Available

January 23rd, 2023

The new Cobra 2023 KING Irons – CB, MB, CB/MB Combo and TOUR models, are for players desiring compact look, soft feel and better workability. Each feature new 5-step forgings with 1025 carbon steel for increased feel. And, each feature a smaller head and thinner top lines. Notably, TOUR irons provide lower CG, slightly more aggressive lofts and more offset across the set. King CB, MB and CB/MB combos The 2023 King CB (cavity-back) and MB (muscle-back) irons are for low-handicap players looking to leverage workability with the soft feel of a forged iron. The KING CB/MB irons feature the most compact shapes in the KING lineup. The CB and MB irons include thinner toplines for aesthetics and minimal offset for better control. Plus, thinner soles allow for precise turf interaction and compact, shorter blade lengths enhance shot-shaping ability. Customize combo sets to add forgiveness in long irons – for example: 3-iron through 6-iron in the CB, with 7-iron through PW or GW in the MB. See detailed specifications including lofts and lies. King TOUR Irons for Players’ demanding more forgiveness The KING TOUR combines soft feel with a touch of added forgiveness, making these irons the most playable Players’... Read More

New Cobra 2023 Aerojet Irons Now Available

January 19th, 2023

The Cobra 2023 Aerojet Irons delivers a game improvement, distance irons that works for low- to high handicap players. Leveraging PWRSHELL, PWR-BRIDGE and H.O.T face technologies, aggressive lofts provide more launch, increased spin and more distance. Inside the Technology PWR-BRIDGE WEIGHTING. The suspended PWR-BRIDGE weight design creates a more flexible face and sole to maximize launch and ball speed. This weight design enables 10% more face flexion to deliver more distance with control. And the weight is also suspended in a soft polymer filler for fine-tuned acoustics and feel. PWRSHELL FACE DESIGN. The forged PWRSHELL face insert delivers more flexibility across a larger area of the face. This produces faster ball speed and higher launch due to lower CG. H.O.T FACE TECHNOLOGY. Using A.I. (artificial intelligence), the variable thickness pattern delivers more efficient ball speed and spin across the face with a larger sweet spot. Conclusion: Put new Cobra 2023 Aerojet Irons to work for you. The Cobra 2023 Aerojet irons offer a blend of game improvement, distance, and the feel of a tour players iron. However, guessing at the proper shaft even with a general idea of shaft flex can leave you with distance gaps between clubs. Get the... Read More

New Cobra 2023 Aerojet Woods Now Available

January 16th, 2023

The Cobra 2023 Aerojet Woods capitalize on versatility and proprietary PWRSHELL and PWR-BRIDGE technologies. The PWRSHELL L-cup technology helps maximize launch and distance. Forward positioning of the fully suspended PWR-BRIDGE weight allows for maximum energy transfer to unleash faster ball speeds through unrestricted flexibility of the face and sole. Each uniquely designed wood is designed to increase ball speed, spin and optimal launch angles. Lower CG and adjustable weights further help fine tune to a player’s swing. And the A.I. designed H.O.T face uses variable thickness to deliver more speed, consistency and efficiency across the entire clubface. Aerojet Drivers Validated by the fastest players in the world The AEROJET Drivers features a raised skirt, symmetrical shaping, and streamlined edges to give you the most speed possible. Choose the model that is right for your swing. See all driver specs. The Aerojet Driver – Medium launch, low spin and neutral shot shape. The Aerojet LS Driver – Low launch, low spin and neutral to fade-bias shot shape. The Aerojet Max Driver – High launch, mid- to low-spin and draw-biased shot shape. Aerojet Fairways In addition to PWRSHELL, PWR-BRIDGE and H.O.T Face designs, all fairway metals feature adjustable weights. Back-positioned weight provides... Read More

New Srixon ZX MK II Woods Now Available

January 16th, 2023

The new Srixon ZX Mk II Woods feature impressive options for 2023. With options for golfers of all abilities, tour the ZX7 MkII, ZX5 Mk II, ZX5 LS Mk II Drivers, ZX Mk II Fairways and ZX Mk II Hybrids. The new drivers feature adjustable weights strategically placed for distance and control. And all new woods featuring the rebound frame and dual flex zone technology. These woods separate themselves from other woods. ZX7, ZX5 and ZX5 LS Mk II Drivers The ZX7 Mk II Driver is ready for anyone seeking maximum adjustability in a compact silhouette. It features two swappable heel and toe weights plus an adjustable hosel sleeve. View full driver specifications. The ZX5 Mk II Driver is built for players who desire to adjust height while maintaining forgiveness in a large head profile. An 8g rear weight and adjustable hosel sleeve allows added control over face angle and loft to suit your swing. View driver specifications. And the ZX5 LS Mk II Driver is designed for players with aggressive swing speeds. It uses a forward-placed sole weight to reduce spin and features the same large footprint and flattened shape as ZX5 Mk II. View driver specifications. ZX Mk... Read More

New Srixon ZX Mk II Irons Now Available

January 15th, 2023

  The Srixon ZX Mk II irons and Z-Forged II iron meet the design needs for players of every skill level. Each irons features material, design and sole technologies that improve ball impact and optimal ball speeds. With variable designs and the ability to create combo sets, getting shaft flex correct is more important than ever. Z-Forged II Z-Forged II Irons are ideal for advanced, low-handicap players looking for feel and workability. The forging materials, advanced Tour V.T. Sole, progressive grooves and PureFrame sets these irons apart. See full specs of the Z-Forged II irons. Materials: feature the 1020 Carbon Steel forging for precision and feel. PureFrame: Proprietary to Srixon, this design shaping feature concentrates mass at optimal ball striking area for maximum workability, playability and consistent control. Tour V.T. Sole: maintain clubhead speed through impact regardless of turf grade with front edge shaping to prevent digging, toe & heel notches to prevent unwanted rotation and optimized bounce to maintain workability. Progressive Grooves: The 3-iron through 7-iron grooves are further apart for control in all conditions. And the 8-iron through pitching wedge feature tighter and deeper grooves for enhanced spin. ZX7 Mk II A players iron, the ZX7 Mk II... Read More