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Get Fit then Shoot Your Age!

March 18th, 2024

If you want to shoot your age, maybe a good club fitting and the right clubs will help!  That has happened to many of our customers but the most recent happened early in 2024.  Tom H. came in for an iron fitting as his irons were a little old and he needed to fill the gaps above his long irons.  We fit him into a new Callaway AI Smoke 4 hybrid and TaylorMade Qi 10 irons with a little bit firmer shaft and properly matched gapping between his irons and hybrid.  Now, Tom is a 10 handicap but plays a lot of golf.  He also is 77 years old!  So when we got the call about his new clubs, we were thrilled for him: “I had to call and tell you how much I love the new clubs.  The consistency and accuracy is amazing!  I shot two over par yesterday and one over par today!  The hybrid is the perfect distance that I was looking for.  Thank you for a great job fitting this new set for me!” Tom H., Colorado Love it when our customers shoot their age!  I am hoping I can live long enough to do that!!... Read More

Titleist Vokey SM10 Wedges – Better Spin, Feel and Dispersion

February 16th, 2024

The new Titleist Vokey SM10 Wedges offer better spin, tighter shot dispersion and improved feel across the entire lineup. Schedule Lifetime Wedge Fitting Lofts, Bounces and Grinds Wedges are available from 46 degrees to 62 degrees.  Players that like the look and feel of the Vokey wedges will typically replace the standard PW in their set with a 46 degree.  The SM10 wedges are available in six different grinds for the ultimate shot making in all kinds of conditions and with all kinds of swings.  There are more bounce options in the higher lofted wedges as these wedges can be used in a wider variety of situations. Wedge Fitting for Bounce and Grind Wedge Shafts Our recommendation for golfers is to put the same shaft in their wedges as they have in their iron set.  That typically works unless our golfers like a different feel in their wedges.  Lot of new wedge shafts out there!! Make Sure You Have the Right Wedge Shafts Our Wedge Fitting Process When you go through a wedge fitting with us, we use our BGF Fitting system to determine the proper club length, shaft weight, shaft flex, shaft trajectory and spin, and swing weight.  Then,... Read More

Graphite Design Tour AD VF Shafts – Now Available

December 12th, 2023

Brand new for 2024, the Graphite Design Tour AD VF Shafts add to the popular lines of Tour AD premium golf shafts. The Graphite Design Tour AD VF (Victory Force) wood shafts are jet black with red accents and finished with a gloss clear coat. The Tour AD VF shaft profile is Firm in the butt section, Stiff+ in the center section and has a Very Stiff tip to promote Low/Mid launch angles and Low ball spin rates. The new Tour AD VF line complements Tour AD CQ, UB, HD, XC, VR, IZ, TP, DI, M9003, SL II and MAD shafts. These shafts utilize modern TORAYCA® M40X carbon-fiber material in the butt section of the shaft to support a stiff yet smooth feeling kick point. It uses ultra-high modulus TORAYCA® T1100G carbon-fiber material in the middle through to the tip section for stability and precise ball control and exceptional feel. Features & technology include: TORAYCA M40X carbon-fiber pre-preg in butt. TORAYCA T1100G carbon-fiber pre-preg with NANOALLOY® technology from mid to tip section. Graphite Design proprietary Material Stiffness Integration (MSI) design technology and philosophy. Graphite Design Tour AD VF shaft specs VF shafts are FIRM+ in the butt section, STIFF in the... Read More

Tour Edge Exotics 2023 Wingman Wedges – Now Available

November 6th, 2023

Continuing their innovation and growth into a powerhouse in professional golf, Tour Edge Exotics 2023 Wingman Wedges pack impressive feel into a compact face design. The 2023 Wingman Wedges are packed with new technology and design, inspired by Tour Legend Bernhard Langer. Schedule Lifetime Wedge Fitting Tour-Inspired 2023 Wingman Wedges Instrumental in the design of the 2023 Wingman Wedges, Bernhard Langer pushed for the slight offset at the core of the design. The offset helps with setting your hands forward, promotes downward strike and helps optimize turf interaction with the bounce of the wedge. FORGED DESIGN – A soft sound and feel results from the machined pockets holding Vibrcor TPU. They also enhance perimeter weighting increasing forgiveness. MILLED HIGH-TOE PAD – The innovative High-Toe pad design elevates the center of gravity – lowering launch with increased spin. This design enhances accuracy, control and consistency. TRIPLE-TRACTION – precision milled grooves, micro grooves between scoring lines, and milled toe lines comprise the triple-traction design. Plus, its 10% larger strike area enhances spin in all weather and turf conditions. THREE GRIND OPTIONS The F/S wedge suits firm ground, sweeping and shallower attack angles and optimal play on firmer surfaces. The M/N ‘Mid Neutral’... Read More

Callaway 2024 APEX Irons Review

November 6th, 2023

We just completed our Callaway 2024 APEX Irons review, and we know why these irons are so popular. Continuing with tradition, the 2024 APEX Pro, CB and MB irons deliver the great feel of Callaway forging, lower CG design and aggressive lofts. The design helps players boost distance; and the new Dynamic Sole design further improves turf interaction. Read more about the Callaway 2024 Apex Series. Methodology: Our testing was conducted with Trackman in the temperature controlled D’Lance Indoor Facility at 5280 feet and 72 degrees. Club head speed during testing was 80MPH +/- 1 MPH. And, we used the same shaft (the AXIOM 105X) across all three models – APEX PRO, CB and MB. Notably, the APEX PRO 6-iron we used for testing has 1° less loft (29° vs. 30°), and the distance gain was obvious (+4 yards on average). Testing summary: The look and feel of the APEX Pro fits a wide range of players. And surprisingly, despite being a muscle-back blade, the MB plays incredibly well. While the MB has a little bit firmer feel, it is equally as forgiving as the CB with an identical look at setup. It’s obvious why so many of our APEX... Read More

Titleist 2023 T-Series Irons Review

October 30th, 2023

We finally completed our Titleist 2023 T-Series Irons review and wow we’re impressed. The Titleist T-Series Irons pack technology focused on look, sound and feel. Read more on the technology behind the T-Series including lower CG, precision forging and more. Bottom line, the playability and workability of these irons is impressive. Methodology: Our testing normalizes our results using Trackman in the temperature controlled D’Lance Indoor Facility at 5280 feet and 72 degrees. We further maintain the same shaft across multiple heads, optimal for testing. Notably, there are loft differences between 6-iron models, and we do not change lofts in our testing. See Titleist T-Series specs for standard lofts. Short answer, the Titleist T-Series irons are ripe for creating combo iron sets. While the top line of the T200 is slightly wider than the T150, and T150 wider than the T100, the overall head size is nearly identical. Whereas the T350 is a noticeably larger head, wider top line and has more offset. The T350 is a high-performing, forged game improvement iron that mid- to high-handicap players should consider. Schedule Lifetime Iron Fitting Med High Swing Speed Test – 80-90 mph club speed Pairing the Titleist T-Series with an Axiom 125X... Read More

Free Flex Woods Shafts – Now Available

October 16th, 2023

Free Flex Woods Shafts challenge the conventional notion that you can’t have both – more control and more distance. Traditionally, shaft manufacturers and some fitters choose a stiffer shaft to reduce shot dispersion. Or vice versa, the choice is made for distance over accuracy. At D’Lance Golf, our fitting expertise overcomes this traditional notion in every club we build. However, the new Free Flex wood shafts provide a new arrow for the bow. Learn more about Free Flex shafts. Free Flex Technology shafts are structurally engineered to account for and effectively balance four forces that act upon the shaft. These four forces are torque, bend force during the swing, warping moment, and bending torsional moment. Lighter shafts can consequently be played even for faster swing speeds. With torque and flex now functionally independent of shaft weight, a player can choose a lighter shaft without sacrificing accuracy. These shafts actually react according to swing speeds to provide incredible performance. For example, a super light (38g) and flexible shaft (170cpm) can have a torque as low as 2.0 (stronger than X+ stiff tour shaft). Driver Shafts Special 45 Free Flex Driver Shafts.  These shafts weigh 45-48 grams, ideal for club head speeds... Read More

TPT Nitro Range Driver Shafts – Now Available

October 9th, 2023

TPT Nitro Range Driver shafts push the limits of driver shafts, providing more power and greater precision. TPT creates every shaft with their unique winding process to increase power and manage torque. This allows players to use lighter shafts; and lighter shafts mean faster speed. TPT’s unique construction also results in greater distance without sacrificing accuracy. Comparing the Nitro Range Driver shaft to Power Range shafts, Nitro features -9% less torque and is -11% lighter. It’s no wonder that TPT shafts are a 2-time PLDA (Professional Long Driver Association) World Champion. With a properly fit TPT shaft, golfers contact the sweet spot more often. And by matching to an optimal bend profile, golfers benefit from faster swing speeds, higher ball speeds and consistent impact. For example, take a traditional driver shaft with a swing weight of D3 and 70g weight. A similar TPT shaft with weight of 60g and a swing weight of D5 may be the optimal fit because the balance point is 1.5-2.0 inches higher in the shaft. Learn more at TPTGolf.com. Nitro Range Driver Shafts – Specifications TPT is the only driver and fairway wood shaft manufacturer today that can say their shaft always produces the same... Read More

KBS TOUR Pro+ Iron Shafts Now Available

September 11th, 2023

Exclusive to custom fitters, the KBS TOUR Pro+ iron shafts are new for 2023 and now available for your irons. Shaft weights are sorted to the same standards used on professional tours worldwide. This new line of KBS Tour shafts are ideal for players desiring shot versatility in a mid-trajectory launch. And, KBS technology advancements maximize energy transfer and offer a smooth, responsive feel. For better players, pairing the KBS TOUR Pro + iron shaft with your forged irons can create that buttery feel in every shot. And still generate the feedback better players desire, especially when shaping shots. One of the most popular shafts on Tour, professionals worldwide trust KBS for their shaft consistency. KBS TOUR Pro+ Iron Shafts Specifications The KBS TOUR Pro+ specifications below closely match the KBS TOUR specifications available online at KBS Golf Shafts. SHAFT TIP DIA. PRO+ WEIGHT IRONS SHAFT LENGTH KBS TOUR R O.355″ 107-110g 2 – PW 37.5-41″ KBS TOUR R+ O.355″ 112-115g 2 – PW 37.5-41″ KBS TOUR S O.355″ 117-120g 2 – PW 37.5-41″ KBS TOUR S+ O.355″ 122-125g 2 – PW 37.5-41″ KBS TOUR X O.355″ 127-130g 2 – PW 37.5-41″   Get Custom Fit for KBS TOUR Shafts... Read More

Mizuno T24 Wedges – Now Available

September 7th, 2023

The Mizuno T24 Wedges, new for 2023, focused on visual improvements from the playing position and new forging for unrivaled touch around the greens. They are also higher spinning than the T22 wedges and feature five unique sole profiles. The new Quadcut+ Grooves design creates more spin because the grooves to be closer together. And it’s important to understand the sole profiles so that you match your typical course conditions. As in the past, Mizuno wedges continue to be one of the best feeling wedges available. The one-piece forging exudes premium Japanese forging. And the full line of wedges are available in three finishes including Copper, Tour Raw and the traditional Soft White Satin. The T24 series features a new leading-edge design that varies across lofts, inspired by Tour Player’s personal grinds. And the T24 series features a number of new advancements in design. Refined Topline: Mass taken from the toe portion, and a lower hosel blend creates a smaller profile without loss of effective hitting area. Wrap-around Sole Relief: Increased sole relief to the heel and toe allows for better turf interaction and is included in all 5 grind options. Spin-weighted Design: A flared upper portion of the blade... Read More