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KBS TOUR Pro+ Iron Shafts Now Available

September 11th, 2023

Exclusive to custom fitters, the KBS TOUR Pro+ iron shafts are new for 2023 and now available for your irons. Shaft weights are sorted to the same standards used on professional tours worldwide. This new line of KBS Tour shafts are ideal for players desiring shot versatility in a mid-trajectory launch. And, KBS technology advancements maximize energy transfer and offer a smooth, responsive feel. For better players, pairing the KBS TOUR Pro + iron shaft with your forged irons can create that buttery feel in every shot. And still generate the feedback better players desire, especially when shaping shots. One of the most popular shafts on Tour, professionals worldwide trust KBS for their shaft consistency. KBS TOUR Pro+ Iron Shafts Specifications The KBS TOUR Pro+ specifications below closely match the KBS TOUR specifications available online at KBS Golf Shafts. SHAFT TIP DIA. PRO+ WEIGHT IRONS SHAFT LENGTH KBS TOUR R O.355″ 107-110g 2 – PW 37.5-41″ KBS TOUR R+ O.355″ 112-115g 2 – PW 37.5-41″ KBS TOUR S O.355″ 117-120g 2 – PW 37.5-41″ KBS TOUR S+ O.355″ 122-125g 2 – PW 37.5-41″ KBS TOUR X O.355″ 127-130g 2 – PW 37.5-41″   Get Custom Fit for KBS TOUR Shafts... Read More

Mizuno T24 Wedges – Now Available

September 7th, 2023

The Mizuno T24 Wedges, new for 2023, focused on visual improvements from the playing position and new forging for unrivaled touch around the greens. They are also higher spinning than the T22 wedges and feature five unique sole profiles. The new Quadcut+ Grooves design creates more spin because the grooves to be closer together. And it’s important to understand the sole profiles so that you match your typical course conditions. As in the past, Mizuno wedges continue to be one of the best feeling wedges available. The one-piece forging exudes premium Japanese forging. And the full line of wedges are available in three finishes including Copper, Tour Raw and the traditional Soft White Satin. The T24 series features a new leading-edge design that varies across lofts, inspired by Tour Player’s personal grinds. And the T24 series features a number of new advancements in design. Refined Topline: Mass taken from the toe portion, and a lower hosel blend creates a smaller profile without loss of effective hitting area. Wrap-around Sole Relief: Increased sole relief to the heel and toe allows for better turf interaction and is included in all 5 grind options. Spin-weighted Design: A flared upper portion of the blade... Read More

TaylorMade MG4 Wedges Now Available

August 28th, 2023

The 2023 TaylorMade MG4 Wedges feature all-new Spin Tread technology, representing a major advancement in the Milled Grind (MG) family. The laser etching treatment on the face, along with precision grooves, adds spin control even in wet conditions. The added benefit of the new design also adds face durability, extending the life of your wedges. In addition, the new MG4 wedges aesthetics feature a slightly darker tint to minimize glare. This also creates a more unified appearance as the face oxidizes over time. It’s tour-inspired back geometry not only looks great at setup, it also creates a solid and soft feel at impact. With the addition of a reconstructed backbar, more weight directly behind the strike zone delivers optimal shot trajectories and spin rates with premium feel and confidence. Bounce and Grinds Like other manufacturers, TaylorMade delivers different bounce designs to fit the needs of multiple golfers. Grinds are categorized into low bounce (LB), LBV, standard bounce (SB), SBC and high bounce (HB), and HBW. Plus, the Tiger Woods (TW) grind is also available in selected lofts. In total, this allows players to choose between 7 different bounces to perfectly match their game and playing conditions. Read more about bounce... Read More

LAB Golf MEZZ Putters for 2023

August 21st, 2023

LAB Golf MEZZ Putters, with Lucas Glover’s back-to-back wins, got another boost in attention. Utilizing proprietary Forward Press Technology, these putters are Lie Angle Balanced helping you simply hole more putts. Lucas Glover is proof; his LAB Golf MEZZ.1 MAX putter turned his putting woes into putting highs. Read more about his WITB (what’s in the bag) and full story. Comfort comes from the right setup – putter look, loft, lie and weight. The right lie angle for your putting arc leads to reliable, consistent contact. Getting your putter face to stay square through your putting arc is equally as important. LAB Golf reports that 83% of putting is controlled by face angle – we totally agree. Controlling torque and with its proprietary design, LAB Golf Putters make it so that you don’t have to hold the face square like with other putters. Family of L.A.B. Golf MEZZ Putters for 2023 The MEZZ.1 Putter With MEZZ.1, the smaller profile produces better feel through contact than with larger and more forgiving mallets. This level of responsiveness gives golfers more feedback about how their putter is moving through the stroke. Having that immediate feedback helps to improve controlling pace on the next... Read More

Callaway 2024 Apex Pro Series – Now Available

August 14th, 2023

AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER 8/18 The Callaway 2024 Apex Pro Series continues to deliver higher performance at the highest standard. New for 2024 are three models of irons, ideal for single model sets or combo iron sets. It also adds two versatile options for utility clubs in the UT and UW models. **Stay tuned for our review of the 2024 Apex Pro Series.** True to previous generations, the Apex Pro series delivers enhanced distance and control as well as improved turf interaction. Advanced forging using 1025 carbon steel produces the feel that low- to mid-handicap players love. Each model also features a new Dynamic Sole Design to help maintain speed through impact. Pre-work leading edges and trailing edge relief improves turf interaction for better contact. See details for each model below or see full iron specs on Callaway Golf. Schedule Lifetime Iron Fitting   Get to know Callaway’s 2024 Apex Pro Series Callaway’s Apex Pro, Apex CB, Apex MB, Apex UT and Apex UW provides the perfect complement to Callaway’s Paradym Driver and Callaway’s Jaws Raw wedges. Slide in an Odyssey Versa putter and you’re tour ready like Ricky Fowler, Keegan Bradley or Colorado’s own Wyndham Clark. Callaway Apex Pro Irons... Read More

2023 Titleist T-Series Irons – Now Available

August 10th, 2023

The 2023 Titleist T-Series Irons are now in its 3rd generation; originally introduced on tour in 2019. The latest generation adds the T150 and the T350 are new to the overall series. The T100S and T300 are not part of this release cycle and may be discontinued. The T100 is the most compact design, with the T150 being very similar in size and top-line thickness. The T200 distance iron is mid-size in both top-line thickness and toe-to-heel width. It also is slightly thicker on the sole for added forgiveness. The larger T350 features the widest sole and thicker topline, appealing to those looking for a game-improvement iron. The new T-Series designs add a focus on enhancing feel in addition to the precision construction players trust. And Titleist continues to incorporate dense D18 tungsten weighting for precise CG placement giving stability, consistency, and forgiveness in each model. Players of any ability can really benefit from the trend of customizing a combo set of irons. Schedule Lifetime Iron Fitting Family of 2023 Titleist T-Series Irons T100 Iron Enhancements The latest evolution of the T100 construction features a back bar that enhances feel at impact. This builds on the tour-proven dual-cavity forging that... Read More

Cleveland RTX 6 ZipCore Wedge

August 10th, 2023

The new Cleveland RTX 6 ZipCore Wedge unlocks maximum spin from any turf lie on the golf course and around the green. From the fairway, rough, sand, fringe and wet conditions, these wedges are packed with spin technology. MAX SPIN – The ball striking area of RTX 6 ZipCore Wedges include dynamic blast media and laser patterns specific to loft groupings 46°–48°, 50°–52°, and 54°–60°. Lower lofts receive a less rough blast. Higher lofts receive a denser and rougher blast and more laser lines. ZIPCORE – Cleveland’s proprietary, low-density core technology optimally positions the CG (Center of Gravity). The result is more consistent performance and forgiveness even for toe shots. Golfers love the increased spin, consistency, feel, and control of these wedges. ULTIZIP – UltiZip is Cleveland’s specialized sequence of deep groove lines with sharp groove radii. Tighter grooves equals more bite on the ball – especially effective when grass, sand, dirt, or water clogs the impact zone. Schedule Lifetime Wedge Fitting  Cleveland RTX 6 ZipCore Sole Grinds Cleveland offers four versatile sole grinds in the RTX 6 ZipCore wedges. Based on tour-inspired feedback, choose the grind that best fits your playing style. LOW – the LOW grind sole is... Read More

Best Fairway Wood Shafts – 2023

July 27th, 2023

The Best Fairway Wood Shafts – 2023 Edition continues to see performance improvements in both distance (ball speed, spin) and accuracy. New shaft technology from Fujikura, Project X, Mitsubishi Chemical Golf, and Graphite Design are leading the way. Performance improvements in fairway woods from every manufacturer over the last couple of years are big. They rival what we have seen in driver technology! Read about the best fairway woods for 2023. Why is getting the RIGHT shaft so important? Technology advancements in fairway wood heads continue to lower CG (center of gravity), increase MOI (moment of inertia) and increase forgiveness. Depending on the age of your existing fairway woods, your old shaft is likely not right for new heads. And mass-produced stock shafts are not designed to fit your swing. The proper fit shaft in your fairway woods ensures that new tech delivers on consistency, accuracy and distance. The short answer in fitting fairway wood shafts is to choose a shaft that has a little more weight than your driver. And we typically start with a slightly softer tip section to help get the ball in the air. Learn what happens when your shaft is not right for your swing. Schedule... Read More

Best Fairway Woods 2023 and Recommendations

June 22nd, 2023

The best Fairway Woods for 2023 are becoming harder and harder to identify. Performance improvements are impressive from almost every manufacturer. Each produces more distance, optimized spin and more accuracy. Plus, new materials and new designs are giving golfers more choices in lofts and head size. Whether you use your fairway woods mostly off the tee or from any lie, here’s our recommendations for best fairway woods for 2023. Get the right shaft for fairway woods The proper shaft in fairway woods makes ALL the difference in achieving optimal distance, consistency and accuracy. Especially with the advancements in technology, your old shaft may not be optimal for new heads. When fitting fairway woods, the key is to choose a shaft that has a little more weight that the driver shaft. And, the tip section should be slightly softer to help get the ball in the air. More more information, read: What Happens When Golf Shafts are Not Right for YOUR Swing. Schedule Lifetime Woods Fitting Methodology for selecting the best fairway woods for 2023 We categorize fairway woods based on the distance that a golfer hits their 3-wood. However, preference on head size is unique to the golfer. Even if... Read More

UST Mamiya Recoil DART Shaft Review

June 15th, 2023

We just completed our first UST Mamiya Recoil DART Shaft Review. We must say, the Recoil Dart shaft lives up to its promise. Increased consistency, optimal feel and precise ball flight – all from a graphite iron shaft. Many golfers still play heavier weight steel shafts for their higher swing speeds.  But, they desire better feel, less impact and still plenty of feedback. You must consider Recoil DART from UST Mamiya. DART (Dual Action Recoil Technology) eliminates inconsistent areas in the golf shaft. Recoil Technology provides optimal spring effect in the walls of the shaft and more efficient energy transfer to the ball. Both, the new Recoil DART and DART V series, deliver all the performance of a heavier steel shaft with better feel and less impact. Experience Recoil DART and DART V in an Expert Iron Fitting   Full Swing Recoil DART Shaft Review *NOTE: Coming soon, results on the 90-gram Recoil DART and DART V as well as the DART V 120 gram shafts.* Tester 1: 6-iron swing speeds between 80-90 mph, typical plays a 120-gram shaft, 8-handicap golfer with -3 degree outside-in club path. In this test, we wanted to see how the slightly lighter 105 gram... Read More