TPT Nitro Range Driver Shafts – Now Available

TPT Nitro Range Driver Shafts | D'Lance Golf

TPT Nitro Range Driver shafts push the limits of driver shafts, providing more power and greater precision. TPT creates every shaft with their unique winding process to increase power and manage torque. This allows players to use lighter shafts; and lighter shafts mean faster speed. TPT’s unique construction also results in greater distance without sacrificing accuracy. Comparing the Nitro Range Driver shaft to Power Range shafts, Nitro features -9% less torque and is -11% lighter. It’s no wonder that TPT shafts are a 2-time PLDA (Professional Long Driver Association) World Champion.

With a properly fit TPT shaft, golfers contact the sweet spot more often. And by matching to an optimal bend profile, golfers benefit from faster swing speeds, higher ball speeds and consistent impact. For example, take a traditional driver shaft with a swing weight of D3 and 70g weight. A similar TPT shaft with weight of 60g and a swing weight of D5 may be the optimal fit because the balance point is 1.5-2.0 inches higher in the shaft. Learn more at

Nitro Range Driver Shafts – Specifications

TPT is the only driver and fairway wood shaft manufacturer today that can say their shaft always produces the same effects. The precision approach to fiber angles, start and stop points, and construction results in better control of the club face. Choose the TPT Nitro Range Driver Shaft that is right for your custom club build.

14 LO Low 74 2.5 275
15 LO Low 70 2.7 265
16 LO Low 65 3.0 255
17 LO Low 60 3.3 250
18 LO Low 55 3.6 240
14 HI Mid 70 2.7 275
15 HI Mid 66 2.9 265
16 HI Mid 61 3.2 255
17 HI Mid 55.5 3.5 250
18 HI Mid 51 3.8 240
19 HI Mid 46.5 4.2 230
20 HI Mid 43 4.6 230
21 HI Mid 40 5.0 195

Precision Shafts Demand Precision Club Build

Because TPT Nitro Range Driver Shafts are so precisely designed, optimal shafts can be lighter with a higher swing weight. Don’t guess at the right shaft. Start with an expert, precision driver and fairway wood fitting. It is the only way to capture the swing attributes needed to precisely match you to the right TPT shaft that produces optimal trajectory, flex and swing weight.