Trackman Ball Flight Monitor

Your testing was right on. I picked up 20 yards with my driver and fairway woods. This is different game now that I am hitting short irons into the greens.”, Elaine P., West Palm Beach, FL

Trackman IIIe



The TrackMan Performance Studio is the world’s first and only golf swing and shot-analysis tool with totally integrated video and data. Merging video with TrackMan’s  industry leading swing and shot data, TrackMan Performance Studio delivers the definitive data and visual report on the golfer.

The TrackMan Performance Studio provides our fitters with automatic on-video layered 3D imaging of the ball flight, club path, face angle and more, calibrated into the video.
Supported by a full suite of video and data analysis tools combined with a scalable user-friendly interface, it enables you to customize your workplace. We can choose between multiple screens, views and data to tailor the information we need for better fitting.

Now we can show our clients the relationship between their golf swing and their equipment and how improvements in equipment can actually improve their contact and performance with their clubs. The TrackMan Performance Studio allows us to take our club fitting to a higher level by integrating video analysis with golf shot data so we can see both swing AND shot improvement. 

Multiple camera analysis is currently available in our outdoor fittings only so sign up for a TPS Fitting TODAY!


Understanding Ball Flight Patterns:

There are generally nine different ball flight patterns. Undesireable (and also unscheduled!) ball flights are caused not only by player error but also by ill-fitting equipment. The following is a brief overview of some of the causes of these ball flights and their corrections. Do you see yourself in here?

Note: These ball flights are written from the perspective of a right-handed golfer. For lefties, simply reverse the numbers, i.e. #1 – Pull Hook for righties becomes #9-Push Fade or Slice for lefties.  Read More…

TrackMan Simulator Bays

TrackMan Simulator Bays