This is the fourth generation of the UST Proforce design and this is by far the best.  These shafts are a mid-launch, mid tip stiff shaft with a feel that is determined by the torque of the shaft.  From a low of 2.5 to a high of 5.5 degrees, these shafts should have a fit for almost any player.  Available in 55 to 95 gram wood and 75, 85 and 100 gram hybrid shafts.

We have evaluated the wood shafts with our 22 point static tests and, as advertised, the shafts are extremely consistent from the Black (low torque), Silver (mid-torque) and Red (high-torque).  In our dynamic testing on TrackMan, there is very little difference in spin and launch angle between the shaft models.  The major difference is in the feel of the shaft which can create more confidence for those players that can actually feel the difference. For example, I like a firm but not boardy feel so the Silver feels the best to me.  With that shaft I feel like I can swing aggressively and get the most out of the VTS Silver 7S.  I feel like I would have to swing too hard to make the Black work for me.  The Red feels a little to “mushy” for my taste and I would probably end up swinging a little slower thinking I would lose the ball left or right.  Very interesting fitting concept from UST!