Callaway 2024 APEX Irons Review

Callaway 2024 APEX Irons Review | D'Lance Golf

We just completed our Callaway 2024 APEX Irons review, and we know why these irons are so popular. Continuing with tradition, the 2024 APEX Pro, CB and MB irons deliver the great feel of Callaway forging, lower CG design and aggressive lofts. The design helps players boost distance; and the new Dynamic Sole design further improves turf interaction. Read more about the Callaway 2024 Apex Series.

Methodology: Our testing was conducted with Trackman in the temperature controlled D’Lance Indoor Facility at 5280 feet and 72 degrees. Club head speed during testing was 80MPH +/- 1 MPH. And, we used the same shaft (the AXIOM 105X) across all three models – APEX PRO, CB and MB. Notably, the APEX PRO 6-iron we used for testing has 1° less loft (29° vs. 30°), and the distance gain was obvious (+4 yards on average).

Testing summary: The look and feel of the APEX Pro fits a wide range of players. And surprisingly, despite being a muscle-back blade, the MB plays incredibly well. While the MB has a little bit firmer feel, it is equally as forgiving as the CB with an identical look at setup. It’s obvious why so many of our APEX fans are finding their way into combo APEX sets.

Medium Club Head Speed Test – 80 MPH

Callaway 2024 APEX Iron Testing | D'Lance Golf

Pairing the 2024 APEX Irons with the AXIOM 105X shaft, each APEX series felt buttery soft at impact. Even on mats, the turf interaction improvements were also noticeable with minimal distance lost on heavy (fat) hits. The Dynamic Sole design may be subtle to the eye, but it’s real obvious how well it works. Read technical specifications about the 2024 APEX Series on

  • Look: The APEX PRO model is noticeably bigger with a thicker top line. But it sets up very nicely even with it’s offset. The thicker top line melts into the background at setup and back is hardly noticeable. The MB and CB models are nearly identical in width and top line, making these an optimal combo set.
  • Sound: Callaway has hit gold with its 1025 carbon steel forgings. The soft, swooshing sound at impact is consistent across every model. NOTE: the APEX PRO model does incorporate the forged 455 steel face cup in the 3- through 5-iron models; similar to the design used in the APEX UT Irons.
  • Feel: Callaway doesn’t brag about how great their forging feels. But, even mid-handicap players can enjoy the feel of tour-inspired forged irons that give launch and distance. And, when building a combo set, feel is super important as players transition from model to model in mid-irons.


Get Custom Fit for Callaway 2024 APEX Series Irons

An important factor in the new Callaway 2024 APEX Series is that lower CG and higher performing steel forging opens options to models players might not have considered before. For example, the APEX MB outperformed the CB in our testing above – more carry distance, slightly lower spin with closely similar landing angles. Plus, this allows players to optimize spin, launch, landing and flex to perfectly match their swing. Don’t compromise, get custom fit for Callaway 2024 APEX Series irons today.