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What about hybrid clubs?

There has been a dramatic shift away from higher lofted fairway woods (7 and 9 woods) to more iron-like or wood-like hybrid clubs. These clubs are traditionally shorter than their equivalent fairway woods, yet about ¾” longer than their iron counterparts. These hybrids are typically designed to play more like an iron and are used to replace the 2, 3, and 4 irons. If you play courses where you need to hit long irons off the tee, the hybrid clubs will give you better accuracy, launch angle (higher) and tighter shot dispersion than a fairway wood or long iron off the tee. We have tested every manufacturer’s hybrid clubs and find that hybrid shafts are very light weight and soft(flexible). This can lead to hooking and/or topping the ball. Make sure your hybrid clubs are exactly matched to your swing profile, which would put the weight and flex closer to your irons. I would also suggest that a higher handicap player not go below a 19 degree loft in a hybrid and instead choose a 21 degree 7 wood. The 7 wood will be easier to get your desired distance as the shaft will be longer and you will get more loft on your shots.

This is whole new game for us since you custom built our new sets with new hybrids.  What a difference!  Needless to say, we are very happy with my D’Lance experience. -Marvin and Elaine R., Cincinnati, OH

Hybrids, long irons or fairway woods?

While hybrid clubs have been the rage for the past couple of years, it still amazes me that some golfers are still struggling with the long iron, fairway wood or hybrid dilemma.  Personally, I think a good hybrid club can take the place of most long irons and SOME fairway woods.  First of all, a hybrid club is much more versatile from the tee, fairway and rough than a long iron such as a 3, 4 or even a 5 iron.  Of course it is always good to have a 5 iron in your bag for those “punch shots”.  If you do not generate a good amount of ball speed, going to a low lofted hybrid like a 16 or 20 degree is not such a good idea.  You are better off with a 5 or 7 wood.  Should you try a 9 wood?  Again, I think a hybrid club is a better idea as it is more versatile.  The trick is to have the correct length, weight and flex in the shaft as well as the correct loft.  Hybrids should have slightly lighter shafts than your irons and heavier than your fairway woods in order to promote a good, consistent swing.

Hybrid Clubs – New Trends

Of all the changes in club head design, nothing has had more variations than the hybrid club.  K.J. Choi made a big statement at The Masters in 2011 when he put 4 hybrid clubs in play.  Now since 2012, slot technology by TaylorMade adds a new dimension in terms of distance and ball flight.  Read More…



“Using artificial intelligence to design the faces in this three-hybrid family isn’t just about inputting numbers into a computer blender and hoping a fully formed clubhead emerges. Rather, A.I. is used to vary the thicknesses for each specific loft to control spin. This requires the type of analytical muscle found in mapping the human genome. Models include the high-launching Max and the flatter-lie, mini-fairway-wood Pro.” – Callaway Golf





Giving hybrids driver-like face technology is nifty, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of making a club that works smoothly through a variety of turf conditions. The Sim Max’s V-shape sole plate features recessed heel and toe sections that reduce drag regardless of the conditions. Less friction means more speed is directed into the ball—speed that’s enhanced by a high-strength steel face and a wider sole slot to provide more rebound. –

TaylorMade Golf





If you’re looking to improve a hybrid, making the face flex faster, lowering the center of gravity and stabilizing off-center hits are good places to start. That’s just what the TS hybrids did, building on the increased ball-speed philosophy of the TS drivers and fairway woods by having the thinnest hybrid face in company history. The two options cover those with sweeping swings seeking forgiveness (TS2) and those who hit hybrids like irons and need less spin (TS3). – Titleist Golf





“Distance is lovely, but the right hybrid gets you a specific yardage to attack the pin. The low, forward center of gravity helps to reduce spin so shots launch with efficient power. The multiple levels of adjustability dial in distance and direction better than Waze. A rotating hosel tweaks loft by 1.5 degrees in either direction, and the mix of eight sole weights (light titanium and heavy tungsten) can add forgiveness, reduce spin or add draw or fade bias.” – PXG