Titleist Vokey SM10 Wedges – Better Spin, Feel and Dispersion

Vokey SM10 Wedges

The new Titleist Vokey SM10 Wedges offer better spin, tighter shot dispersion and improved feel across the entire lineup.

Lofts, Bounces and Grinds

Wedges are available from 46 degrees to 62 degrees.  Players that like the look and feel of the Vokey wedges will typically replace the standard PW in their set with a 46 degree.  The SM10 wedges are available in six different grinds for the ultimate shot making in all kinds of conditions and with all kinds of swings.  There are more bounce options in the higher lofted wedges as these wedges can be used in a wider variety of situations.

Wedge Shafts

Our recommendation for golfers is to put the same shaft in their wedges as they have in their iron set.  That typically works unless our golfers like a different feel in their wedges.  Lot of new wedge shafts out there!!

Our Wedge Fitting Process

When you go through a wedge fitting with us, we use our BGF Fitting system to determine the proper club length, shaft weight, shaft flex, shaft trajectory and spin, and swing weight.  Then, we use our connection system to try different wedge heads on recommended shafts until we find the perfect combination of look, feel, trajectory, spin and shot dispersion.

Dan Sueltz