KBS TOUR Pro+ Iron Shafts Now Available

KBS TOUR Pro+ Iron Shafts | D'Lance Golf

Exclusive to custom fitters, the KBS TOUR Pro+ iron shafts are new for 2023 and now available for your irons. Shaft weights are sorted to the same standards used on professional tours worldwide. This new line of KBS Tour shafts are ideal for players desiring shot versatility in a mid-trajectory launch. And, KBS technology advancements maximize energy transfer and offer a smooth, responsive feel.

For better players, pairing the KBS TOUR Pro + iron shaft with your forged irons can create that buttery feel in every shot. And still generate the feedback better players desire, especially when shaping shots. One of the most popular shafts on Tour, professionals worldwide trust KBS for their shaft consistency.

KBS TOUR Pro+ Iron Shafts Specifications

The KBS TOUR Pro+ specifications below closely match the KBS TOUR specifications available online at KBS Golf Shafts.

KBS TOUR R O.355″ 107-110g 2 – PW 37.5-41″
KBS TOUR R+ O.355″ 112-115g 2 – PW 37.5-41″
KBS TOUR S O.355″ 117-120g 2 – PW 37.5-41″
KBS TOUR S+ O.355″ 122-125g 2 – PW 37.5-41″
KBS TOUR X O.355″ 127-130g 2 – PW 37.5-41″


Get Custom Fit for KBS TOUR Shafts

Replacing iron shafts isn’t something that should be taken lightly. All too often, we measure a customer’s iron shafts and discover that shaft flexes bounce between clubs as much as +/- 0.3 flexes. This happens because shaft manufacturers state the same “R” or “S” flexes yet during builds, major variability in shaft trimming can result. Especially for better ball strikers, faster than average swing speeds, start with a custom iron fitting. And, the only Top 100 club fitter locally in Colorado, customers trust D’Lance Golf for precision club building.

Further, D’Lance Golf typically recommends shaft consistency through irons and wedges. Even if you are playing a combo set of irons, shaft consistency and build optimization ensures consistent feel from utility irons, 3- or 4-irons, into your wedges. Where the KBS TOUR Pro+ series stops at 37.5″ (equivalent of PW length), precision build can ensure shaft consistency when utilizing an equivalent True Temper Dynamic Gold shaft in your wedges. Like many Tour pros, this setup can help you reduce shot dispersion and boost confidence in every swing.