The Wrong Grips Can Cost You Strokes.

We see it all the time.  Old, worn and slick grips.  A miss match of standard, oversized and different grip styles.  Read our blog on how this can affect your game and what grips you should consider.   Read More…

Grips Deliver the Shot Sensation

Have you ever asked yourself what is the real purpose of the golf grip? To keep your hands from slipping? While this may be some of it, we believe the best grip choice is the one that fits and delivers the best feel of the shot to your hands. While too small of grip will promote a “wristy” downswing, too large of grips will deter the wrists from releasing through the impact zone. If you have not re-gripped your clubs recently, you should do this every 30 rounds or so. Playing with worn or slippery grips can cost you 2-6 strokes a round!

What’s NEW in Grips?

A lot has been happening in grips in the last year or so.  Winn and others have developed new LITE grips that literally weight half what a standard grip (50 gram) weighs.  When you put this grip on your club, you will immediately feel that the overall club weight is quite a bit less, but the swing weight (head heavy or head light feel) will increase.  When fitting longer clubs like a driver, this is important as the lighter grips can help improve club head or swing speed but the golfer may lose control and consistency if the club feels too light.  The nice thing about these grips is that it gives us as club fitters a lot of options to help golfers improve swing speed and feel in their golf shots, especially golfers that need longer clubs but cannot perform if the club is too heavy.

What Type of Material Should I Use?

The most prevalent type of grip material is rubber or a rubber compound. These grips have been made popular by Golf Pride, Lamkin and Kelmac. Elastomer compounds have become the rage in the past few years with Winn taking the lead. Their new Elastom ETM is 40% more slip resistant and 65% more shock absorbent than conventional rubber grips. Other manufacturers like Avon and Sharpro have made grip news with new compounds and patterns to improve feel and playability.  Pure Grips are coming on strong as they are Made in the U.S.A. with 100% pure rubber for durability.