Complete Custom Club Fitting – Reg. $450


This is the most comprehensive club fitting we offer.  We will evaluate every aspect of your game from an equipment aspect, except your putter.  The player interview will uncover your game goals and objectives and what may be holding you back from an equipment perspective.  We then conduct a club profile, shaft load analysis, and launch monitor test on your existing equipment for launch angle, swing and ball speed and spin rate.  Our professional fitters will then select the right shaft and head combinations for a driver and 6 iron and test you on our launch monitors for launch angle, distance and shot dispersion, finding the best combination that will improve your performance.   We will then recommend shaft length, shaft flex, shaft weight, shaft type, shaft tip stiffness, loft, lie and head design for either re-shafting your existing clubs or purchasing new clubs.  You can mix and match whether you purchase new or re-shaft your existing clubs.  For example, you may want a new driver and hybrid, but re-shaft your fairway woods, irons and wedges.  Your order will then be submitted for custom building by our professional club building staff.  Our Complete Custom Fitting is approximately two and a half (2.5) to three (3) hours long.

And, our clubfittings are good for your lifetime!  Come back next month, next year, or five years from now and never pay another fitting fee!

All of our Fittings go through our Seven Step Fitting Process