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WITB: K.H. Lee at 2022 AT&T Byron Nelson

May 23rd, 2022

2022 AT&T Byron Nelson Winner K.H. Lee Congrats to K.H. Lee, only 1 of 4 to win back-to-back at the 2022 AT&T Byron Nelson tournament. While much of the buzz focuses on a couple key holes Sunday, Lee was solid throughout the entire tournament. Opening with a 64, then posting 68, 67 and then a 63 in Final Round 4 to ultimately win, there were multiple competitors nipping at his heals. WITB (What’s In the Bag) for K.H. Lee’s Winning Combination Compiling insights from GolfDigest.com and Golf.com, here’s what you need to know (WYNTK) about his shaft-club combos that led to his win. Top of the Bag: Driver – Callaway Epic Max LS 10.5 degrees with Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6X shaft. 3-Wood – Callaway Rogue ST LS 15 degrees with Graphite Design Tour AD GP 7X shaft. Hybrid – Titleist TS3 19 degrees with Graphite Design Tour AD HY 95X shaft. The right setup for your driver, fairway woods and hybrids should build confidence. And, the versatility of the Graphite Design Tour AD shafts can be a real winning combination. Read our shaft reviews or save 25% on a Driver or Fairway Wood/ Hybrid Fitting today. Irons: Callaway... Read More

D’Lance Golf Performance Center 25-year Anniversary

May 9th, 2022

Wow. D’Lance Golf Performance Center has been serving the local Colorado golf community for 25 years. I cannot believe how quickly time has passed. It has not been an easy road but we have never wavered from our mission of helping golfers. The events of 9/11, the Dot Com meltdown, the financial crisis of 2008 and the COVID pandemic in 2020 have been major challenges, but with support of our customers, investors and families, we have survived and thrived! The D’Lance Golf Performance Center Beginnings When I made my first few clubs in my basement, I knew that custom fitting and building clubs to help golfers play better golf was what I wanted to do!  The basis for our business model has always been to use the latest in technology to help golfers play better golf… faster. To do that, even early on, we focused on golf club fitting for the proper equipment, practice facilities with the best feedback, and instruction with the top instructors in the business! Custom Golf Club Fitting the Proper Equipment My mentors in all aspects of the golf industry have guided us to build the best custom golf clubs in the world. My first set... Read More

Best Hybrid Golf Clubs in 2022 – Accuracy, Consistency and Distance

May 2nd, 2022

    The Best Hybrid Golf Clubs in 2022 offer a wide array of styles, with several great options to choose from!  With the right shaft, the latest families of hybrids can deliver more accuracy, consistency and distance. You don’t have to have a love-hate relationship with your hybrid golf clubs. We know from our expert fittings that the majority of golfers do. Getting the best hybrids for your game can sometimes be a challenge. Unfortunately, it is hard to trust the off-the-shelf shafts that come with hybrids. We have published two helpful blogs: Solving the Long iron vs. Hybrid Dilemma, and Picking the Best Hybrid Shaft for YOUR Game. Make the best hybrid golf clubs work for you with a Lifetime Hybrid Fitting. Now is the best time to see what hybrid golf clubs are head and shoulders above the rest and fit your swing perfectly. Sign up for YOUR Hybrid Fitting Here!   Best Small Hybrid Golf Clubs in 2022 Small hybrids are designed for players that like a little more forgiveness than a driving iron might give them. Mostly used off the tee or fairway, these hybrids are usually lower launching and have shafts that match that... Read More

OBAN Isawa GLD Shafts – Performance and Elegance

April 28th, 2022

The OBAN Isawa GLD shafts are designed for players seeking performance and elegance in their game!  These shafts are perfect for golfers seeking improved performance in their drivers and fairway woods. Design The OBAN Isawa GLD shafts are designed to provide elite club fitters the opportunity to build consistent performing shafts across different weight and flex categories.  A lot of manufacturers have distinctly different profiles for shafts in different weight categories.  This makes it difficult to fit say a driver and fairway woods in the same shaft, but different weights.  In addition, the proprietary carbon fiber used in these shafts gives a unique feel in the butt section.  Our testing puts this shaft in the mid-launch category with mid-spin. Models Available Model                              Flexes                         Weight           Trajectory      Spin Isawa GLD 50             03 (R), 04 (S)                 58-59gr               Mid              Mid Isawa GLD 60            03... Read More

Best Fairway Woods 2022 and Our Shaft Recommendations

March 29th, 2022

  The Best fairway woods 2022 edition, continues to see performance improvements in both distance (ball speed, spin) and accuracy. The performance improvements we are seeing in fairway woods continue to show from almost every manufacturer.  More distance, lower spin and more accuracy!  Manufacturers are really upping their game not only with new materials, but new designs that are giving golfers more choices in lofts and head size.  Whether you use your fairway woods mostly off the tee or love the Callaway Heaven Wood (7 wood), we will help you pick some of the best heads and shafts. Getting the RIGHT Shaft As usual, from our perspective, the proper shaft in your fairway woods makes ALL the difference in consistency, accuracy and distance!   If you are struggling with your fairway woods, Read This Blog First! Schedule Your Fitting to find the RIGHT Shaft for YOUR Fairway Woods! The short answer in fitting fairway wood shafts is to choose a shaft that has a little more weight than your driver, and has a slightly softer tip section to help get the ball in the air.  How We Categorized The Best We picked four categories for the Best Fairways for 2022... Read More

Mitsubishi Kai’Li White Shafts – Low Launch, Low Spin, Low Torque!

March 14th, 2022

  Mitsubishi Kai’Li White Shafts – Low Launch, Low Spin, Low Torque for Stronger Players. Schedule your Fitting to See if These Shafts Fit YOUR Swing! Design Using the Super Low Resin Content graphite material in the torque core, the designers at Mitsubishi were able to create a low trajectory, low spin and low torque shaft that is designed for 105+ mph swing speeds.  Our testing has shown consistently low spin (sub 2,500 rpm) with every driver we have tested. Models Available Available in the following weights and flexes: Kai’ Li White 60   65-69 grams  R, S, X and TX Kai’ Li White 70  75-78 Grams  S, X and TX Kai’ Li White 80 84-87 grams  S, X and TX Great shafts for stronger players given today’s high swing speeds. Because of the unique carbon fiber properties in this shaft, I would not be surprised to see a Kai’ Li Blue or something like that for more mid-trajectory and slightly slower swing speeds! Schedule your Fitting to See if These Shafts Fit YOUR Swing! Dan Sueltz

Fujikura Ventus Shaft Review

March 11th, 2022

  Fujikura recently rounded out their Ventus shaft line with the Ventus Red and Ventus Black.  The original Ventus Blue was designed to be  mid to low-mid  launch shaft.  The Ventus Red (mid-high) and Ventus Black (low) are leveraging the VeloCore Technology to offer the same tight dispersion and improved distance with different ball flight patterns.  And the new Ventus TR is a gamechanger for players liking a bit more feel. Schedule your Driver or Wood Fitting Here! Design Features If we do a quick overview of this shaft, we see that the use of heavier pre-preg material and a fast taper design allowed the Fujikura engineers to create a shaft with faster tip speed (H.I.T. – High Inertia Tip) and VELOCORE Technology.   In our testing, shafts with this technology can create as high as 8 mph faster tip speed!   Ventus Red The highest launching of the Ventus models also offers the lightest shaft weights.  Starting at 58 grams in an R2 (A+) flex, the shafts are also available up through 72 gram X flex.  This makes the Ventus Red not only a good shaft for a driver, but a higher launching fairway wood. Ventus Blue This shaft is right... Read More

Best 2022 Driver And Shaft Combinations – Distance, Accuracy and Consistency!

March 7th, 2022

  The Best 2022 Driver and shaft combinations is based upon our fitting results so far in 2022.  We know it is very early but there are definitely some shining stars in both driver heads and shafts!  The Best of the Best are Highlighted in Red! There were a few surprises on the 2022 Golf Digest Equipment Hot List and which drivers won the Gold Medals.  Various forums, and ourselves as well publish a list of the best drivers.  Some are very independent and some are not.  Doesn’t matter.  What our customers are looking for is what are the best driver and shaft combinations that we have fit so far in 2022, even though it is early in the season.  We believe that the shaft is the part of the club that has the most impact on distance, consistency and accuracy, so that is why we are including our shaft recommendations in this list. This list will be updated throughout the year as new shaft offerings are released.  We have four distinct categories based upon swing speed and distance.  Swing Speed 106+, Distance > 250 yards Swing Speed 95-105, Distance 211 – 250 yards Swing Speed 80 – 94, Distance... Read More

Project X RDX Shafts – A Shaft for Every Strong Golfer!

February 21st, 2022

  With the introduction of the HZRDUS Smoke RDX Red and Green shafts, the Project X RDX Shafts are a shaft for every strong golfer!   Design Every HZRDUS shaft is designed for stronger golfers.  The RDX line offers a blend of feel and performance that is unmatched in the industry.  Using HEXTOW carbon fiber for the optimum blend of strength and performance, the four different models have different counter balance, butt, mid and tip stiffness characteristics.  Each strong golfer can find one of these shafts that will fit their swing.   Schedule Your Fitting to See Which RDX Shaft Is Right for YOUR Swing! Let’s take a look at the four different HZRDUS Smoke RDX models. HZRDUS Smoke RDX Green The stiffest and lowest launching model in the line.  The low torque gives it a firmer feel than the RDX Blue as well.  The RDX Green is slightly counter balanced for lighter swing weights in longer drivers (2-3 swing weight points).  Designed for faster swing speeds (100+ mph) so only available in 60 and 70 gram weights and stiffer flexes.  Best for players with smoother swing tempos. HZRDUS Smoke RDX Blue Another stiff tip shaft but with higher torque for... Read More

Best Irons for 2022 – Our First Cut

February 14th, 2022

  The Best Irons for 2022 – Here is our First Cut.  We will update this list during the year as new models are introduced and as we test them with our customers. With 39% of golfers in our poll saying their top priority is to purchase new irons,  you should be looking at some of these new irons or at the very least better shafts in your current irons.  This will give you more accuracy, improved consistency and greater distance! See Our Choices for Best Iron Shafts Here!   The Golf Digest Hot List for 2022 had a lot of great irons in the categories listed below.  In our fittings so far in 2022, these are what our players are choosing as well as what our fitters like.  Some are not on the Hot List so take a look and see what we recommend! Schedule your Fitting Here! Players Irons Some great irons here for good ball strikers.  Our favorites are the new Mizuno PRO 223 and TaylorMade P7-MC.  PXG Gen4 0311T, Titleist 2021 T100, Srixon ZX7 and Ping i59, Callaway APEX TCB are some of the best performers.  And take a good look at the Cobra King Tour! See... Read More