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Golf Digest Equipment Hot List 2021

February 22nd, 2021

The first official start to the golf season, in my opinion, is the release of the Golf Digest Equipment Hot List.  The team convenes in the fall a literally spends a couple weeks testing equipment from several manufacturers.  This year, they considered 270 entries and awarded 137 medals.   Here is the Link… The Top Finishers Are: Drivers (8 Gold, 6 Silver) Fairway Woods (10 Gold, 2 Silver) Hybrids (8 Gold, 5 Silver) Players Irons (11 Gold, 3 Silver) Players-Distance Irons (11 Gold, 2 Silver) Game Improvement Irons (11 Gold, 3 Silver) Super Game Improvement Irons (9 Gold, 2 Silver) Wedges (12 Gold, 3 Silver) Mallet Putters (14 Gold, 3 Silver) Blade Putters (12 Gold, 4 Silver)   We have virtually all of the heads here for fitting so schedule your new or repeat customer fitting now.  Lead times during this COVID situation are still 4-6 weeks so don’t hesitate.  Schedule Your Fitting Here!! How to Select YOUR New Clubs  Aesthetics – Look, Sound and Feel In our experience in clubfitting over the years, you have to select a club head that looks good to your eye, sounds good when you hit it in the fitting and has the feel you... Read More

Fujikura Vista Pro Shafts -2021 Edition

February 15th, 2021

Fujikura has made a significant upgrade in their very popular Vista Pro line of iron, hybrid and wood shafts.   We are super excited to see the incorporation of new materials for improved performance! New Design Typically known for their mid-high to high trajectory throughout the line, the new design brings more “flighting” to the line.  This means that the lighter shaft like the 45 wood shaft will be higher launching than the 60 and 65.  The shafts also have a more traditional balance point, i.e. they are NOT counterbalanced for heavier driver heads.  This also means you can get more reasonable swing weights in the lighter iron shafts. And, the midsection has been firmed up across all of these shafts to provide more stability and consistency from swing to swing. Schedule your Fitting to Find Out Which Of These Shafts May Fit YOUR Swing! Wood Shafts Available : 45 gr R3 (Ladies), R2 (Senior) and R (Regular) flexes, 55 gr R2 (Senior), R (Regular) and S(Stiff), 60 gr R(Regular), S(Stiff) 65 gr R(Regular), S(Stiff) and X(Extra Stiff) 75 gr S(Stiff) and X(Extra Stiff). These shafts will typically play true to stated flex which is great for building consistent drivers and fairway... Read More

Project X HZRDUS Smoke iM10 Shafts

February 11th, 2021

Overview There have been a lot of advancements in shaft materials over the past few years.  The increase in denser pre-preg materials is certainly not new.  That being said, the new HexTow high modulus (stiff) material in the iM10 shafts offers a unique blend of stiffness for stability and strength with more feel.  This allows the Project X shaft designers the ability to build stronger shafts at lighter weights without losing distance or accuracy along the way.  There are two distinct models available: Mid (Mid Launch/Mid Spin) Available in 50 gr (5.0, 5.5, 6.0), 60 gr (5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5) and 70 gr (5.5, 6.0, 6.5).  Project X shaft designations are roughly Regular R(5.0), Strong Regular R+(5.5), Stiff S(6.0), Strong Stiff S+(6.5) and TX  X(7.0). In our testing the 50 gr is a true Mid Launch, while the 60 and 70 gram are more Low-Mid launch.  The mid section of the shaft is very stable so you will not feel a lot of “kick” or release at impact.  This is also NOT a counterbalanced shaft so swing weights will be standard at standard length. Schedule Your Fitting Here to Check Out These New Shafts! Low (Low Launch/Low Spin) Available in... Read More

Best Iron Shafts 2020 – 2021

February 1st, 2021

We fit a LOT of different golfers every year.  The shafts we put into their irons (and wedges) is determined by our BGF Fitting System, TrueFitClubs Fitting Wizard and player testing during the fitting. Our fitting recommendations include length of iron, shaft weight, shaft trajectory and spin profile, shaft flex, and swing weight.  Loft and lie are determined by launch monitor testing.  The recommendations are determined by a golfers physical characteristics (height, weight, wrist crease-to-floor), strength (distance), launch characteristics (actual and desired trajectory, spin, dispersion), and swing dynamics (tempo, transition and release point). Sign Up For YOUR Iron and Wedge Fitting Here! When we test in our dynamic fitting sessions, we choose 4-5 shafts that match the BGF Fitting System recommendations, and then test on TrackMan for performance with a head chosen by our fitters and the golfer.  Once we determine the best performing shaft, we try different heads to narrow down the selection.  When using our TrueFitClubs Fitting Wizard, we rely on our golfers description of their shot shape and desired results. Bottom line is that these shafts have done the best job of increasing our golfers distance, accuracy and consistency.  They are also the best in terms of... Read More

Fuel the Drive – Special Event February 14, 2021

January 28th, 2021

                                          We are excited to host a fundraising event on Sunday, February 14, 2021 for the Fuel the Drive Foundation! Register by contacting Michelle Alamo at:   [email protected] or call 248-895-5390 I found out about this organization through a couple of their Board Members, Terry Aiken and Michelle Alamo.  They have both been active in using sports to encourage growth and leadership qualities in our youth.  Here is a bit more about Fuel The Drive: Mission Statement Fuel the Drive is devoted to helping kids fuel their drive and personal growth through sport and education by providing support and guidance to make the previously impossible possible and to break down traditional barriers to entry for those in financial need. Our short term goal is to sponsor a local junior golf team, including registration fees, equipment, and other team support. Our long term mission is to expand to other areas, including youth tennis, soccer, basketball, and baseball, and other support such as free clinics. We strive to encourage advancement, betterment, and self-confidence in kids through sport and education.  We pledge to advance the Lead.Believe.Create.... Read More

New Wedges? Make Sure You Have The Right Shafts.

January 24th, 2021

New Wedges? Make Sure You Have The Right Shafts. If you are thinking about getting new wedges, make sure you have the right shafts.  What shafts should you play in your wedges?   The very short answer is play the same shaft in your wedges as you do in your irons.  But, boy do we see a lot of variation of what is in our players bags. “Your advice on the proper shaft for wedges is spot-on!  Keep up the great work.”  Ken Everrett, PGA Professional and Instructor, Snowmass Club, Colorado. Stock Wedge Shafts First off, most wedges you buy off the rack will have a standard heavy steel wedge shaft like a True Temper Dynamic Gold.   Titleist uses an S200 (130gr) in their SM8 wedges, Callaway uses the new DG S300 Wedge 115 (115 gr) in the MD 5, while Mizuno uses the DG S300 (132 gr) in the T20 and KBS Hi Rev 2.0 (115 gr) in the ES-21.  Only if you are playing a steel shaft in your irons like the Dynamic Gold, KBS Tour, or Nippon Modus 3 120 will the weight and flex of these wedge shafts come close to matching you.  If you are... Read More

Callaway Apex ’21 Irons

January 21st, 2021

The wait for the new Callaway Apex -21 irons is finally over!  The design of these new irons takes a page out of the MAVRIK drivers as Callaway has used AI (Artificial Intelligence) to design the new models for specific golfer profiles. The addition of the new DCB (Deep Cavity Back) model adds a new dimension to the line for golfers seeking more forgiveness! Apex ’21  With a mild 1025 carbon steel forged body and AI-designed Flash Face Cup, the Apex ’21 is designed to outperform the previous models in accuracy, distance and feel  The addition of tungsten weighting specifically for each iron allows unprecedented ability to control trajectory.  And, Callaway has designed specific combo sets for use with the Apex ’21 Pro and Apex ’21 DCB. Apex ’21 Pro The hollow body design of the Apex ’21 Pro allowed Callaway to use the soft 1025 carbon steel forged body with the AI-designed Flash Face Cup with even more Tungsten weighting for more precise distance, spin and trajectory control.  A slightly smaller footprint than the Apex ’21 gives this a player’s iron look with added distance. Apex ’21 DCB The most forgiving of the Apex ’21 line, the DCB (Deep... Read More

The Best 21 Combo Iron Sets for 2021

January 21st, 2021

We have been crafting combo sets of irons for our customers for over twenty years, but 2021 seems to be the year that major club manufacturers are actually specifically designing blended sets of irons for several categories of players.  Specifically, TaylorMade with their “P700” series and Callaway with their Apex line are making a big push for combo iron sets in 2021. What is a Combo Set Anyway? The theory behind the combo set is that longer irons are more difficult to hit so maybe a player should have a more forgiving club in their longer irons.  The usual route for higher handicap and slower swing speed golfers is to swap a hybrid in for say a 4 or 5 iron.  But if you are a better, stronger player, maybe you just need a little more forgiveness or versatility in the longer irons. How we Developed our Model Combo Sets I won’t lie to you, we took a little from TaylorMade and Callaway’s set make ups but we have extended the offerings quite a bit.  Here is what are model is based on: Tier 1:  Stronger, better players that love hitting long irons.  The 2 iron is typically a utility... Read More

Srixon ZX Irons – New For 2021

January 18th, 2021

If you liked the previous models of these irons, you are going to LOVE the new ZX series.  More forgiving, improved turf interaction, faster ball speeds and softer feel make the new ZX5 and ZX7 something special.   And, with the ZX Utility you can build the ultimate ZX combo set. Schedule Your Fitting Appointment TODAY! Using their Main Frame milling process to create unique body designs, Srixon has improved nearly every facet of these irons.  The ZX5 features a SUP10 thin face in a soft 1020 carbon steel body for explosive distance yet soft feel.  Grooves are milled for increased spin on 8-PW, AW for more stopping power.  Available in 3-PW, AW.               The ZX7 is a players iron with the feel and forgiveness of a cavity back iron.  Forged from a single piece of 1020 carbon steel, tungsten is added in the toe of 3-7 irons for increased stability and forgiveness.  Similar to the ZX5, the ZX7 has variable groove designs so the 8-PW offer more spin control.  Available in 3-PW, AW.             ZX Utility is a hollow body design driving iron with a SUP10 thin face in... Read More

Set Your 2021 Golf Goals Now!

January 3rd, 2021

I am sure you played a lot more golf in 2020 as golf was a way to get out in fresh air.  But, as you reflect on 2020 and look forward to 2021, if you are like most of us, there is room for improvement!  Even the tour pros spend a lot of time with their coaches analyzing their rounds and making a plan to improve. Let the Numbers Guide You One of the top degrees coming out of college these days is Data Analyst.  The era of “Big Data” is here, even in the golf industry.  When Mark Broadie wrote “Every Shot Counts” in 2014, it was used very little on the PGA Tour.  Now, Strokes Gained is used and commented on regularly by tour players, analysts, and commentators.   Golf Digest recently published this article on how analytics are being used on tour!   The results have been pretty dramatic for several players!  So, take a look at your scorecards and find out where you are losing strokes.  Missed fairways?  OB?  Poor iron shots?  Short-siding your wedges?  Putting letting you down?  Fill out our survey on the right of this page with your biggest area for improvement in 2021! If... Read More