My last 8 rounds of the year I averaged 71.5.  Love the new clubs and the new shafts on my irons.  Much more consistent. -Rick R., Eagle, CO  5 Hcp


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The shaft is the transmission that delivers the energy from the golfer (engine) to the ball.  If the shaft is too loose, like as slipping transmission, you will lose distance and control.  If the shaft is to stiff or heavy, like a tight transmission on a sports car, you sill also find it difficult to control.  A proper shaft delivers the longest distance, the tightest accuracy and consistent control.

Want to learn more about shafts?  Visit our shaft review site,  You can see specs on all of the shafts we have profiled in our database.

Did You Get the (Right) Shaft?

You have been to your local pro shop or driving range and tested a few clubs. The first thing you noticed is that you seemed to hit an “S” flex more consistently in one manufacturers club but an “R” flex better in another. You want to spend your hard earned money on the right equipment, but this inconsistency is driving you crazy. What is going on here?  Read More…

Graphite or Steel Shafts?

For years it has been pretty simple to decide whether to play graphite or steel shafts in your clubs. In the past several years, dramatic changes have been made in both weight and composition of graphite and steel shafts so that the lines are really blurring. Before you spend your hard earned money on new clubs or re-shafting your existing equipment, let’s see what decisions you need to make.  Read More…

Interchangeable Shafts?  What’s Next?

The golf industry is continuing to improve its ability to make this game easier for everyone to play.  Larger heads for bigger sweet spots.  Increased MOI (Moment of Inertia) for more forgiveness on off-center hits.  Adjustable weight technology for the ability to reduce draws and slices on drivers.  Now, the USGA has approved interchangeable shafts so that you can get the right shaft for your particular swing, and for the type of course you are playing.  Read More…

 “Spinner” Wedge Shafts – Do they work?

Since 2010 was “The Year of the Wedge”, meaning it was the last year wedge manufacturer’s can make high-spin U-groove wedges, some shaft companies have stepped up and manufactured a unique shaft that is touted to increase spin off your wedges.  While we are not “Myth Busters” we decided to see if this technology really works.  Read More..

Get Consistent! The Right Shaft Does It.

OK. We are more than half way through the season and your scores still are not coming down. You are not hitting as many fairways as you would like and your iron play is very inconsistent. Think it’s your swing? Think again. It’s time to get your equipment checked. Look at Tiger Woods. Tiger is having a tough time off the tee this year. Tiger has been used to playing a steel shafted driver at a 43 and one half inch length. The shorter length and heavier weight of the steel shaft fits his swing and makes him much more consistent. Whenever he goes to a longer, lighter shaft, he misses more fairways than he hits. In working with over 11,000 golfers, we have determined that the correct length, weight and flex in the golf shaft is the most important factor in distance, accuracy, and consistency.  Read More…




D’Lance Golf carries a wide selection of shafts from the following major shaft manufacturers:





TPT Golf

At TPT Golf, we create golf shafts that help golfers reach their full potential. We pioneered a revolutionary, automated shaft manufacturing process that overcomes the inconsistencies of conventional golf shafts, allowing golfers of all abilities to achieve a new level of performance.
With wins on seven different professional tours around the world, we’re redefining what it means for golfers to perform their best. We won’t stop until we create the perfect shafts for every golfer.






Fujikura golf shafts are used by professional golfers on tour and is considered by many as the highest quality golf shaft that money can buy.  Fujikura is the primary supplier to many national brand OEM’s offering both proprietary and brand product shaft designs. Fujikura products also can be custom fitted through its network of over 900 Charter Dealers.  See More at

Mitsubishi Chemical Company


MCA GOLF, INC. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation, dedicated to designing and developing the highest performing composite golf shafts for discerning golfers everywhere. MCA GOLF leverages our own resources and raw materials (vertical integration), which gives us a competitive advantage. Over the years, MCA GOLF has been a leading supplier of premium composite golf shafts worldwide. With many of the world’s best players using Mitsubishi Chemical golf shafts, MCA GOLF has established itself as a dominant force in the golf industry. See more at





ACCRA Golf prides itself on creating the best possible innovative products with the primary concentration on custom club fitting. No shaft company is more dedicated to the Professional Club Fitter.  Innovation and research represent the distinguishing traits of ACCRA: a company that has embraced the challenge of new technologies with the primary aim of creating value. We attribute significant priority to the improvement of performance combined with the partnership with the world’s most talented professional club fitters.  See More at

















Project X/ True Temper/PFC

Performance Fitting Centers are an elite network of certified professionals who provide excellence in golf retail and custom club fitting.

Educated and trained by True Temper’s world-renowned engineers, Performance Fitting Centers are knowledgeable about True Temper’s proprietary technologies and how they can improve each golfer’s game. Performance Fitting Centers offer True Temper’s full line of catalog products in addition to products exclusive to Performance Fitting Centers


LA Golf Shafts


LA Golf Shafts is not a conventional shaft company. We do not intend to become one. Throughout the evolution of the shaft manufacturing business, there have always been concerns as to whether any particular shaft is an authentic version. Not with LA Golf Shafts. We design with our player partners to produce shafts that they actually play and offer them to the marketplace. If you see our logo on a shaft, it’s the real deal. See More at




Aldila Inc. is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of carbon fiber shafts.  Aldila is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of carbon-based composite products and materials used in various end markets. Aldila’s competencies are the development of carbon-based composites and the implementation of manufacturing processes that support the commercialization of these composites. Aldila is a vertically integrated supplier of composites across three primary end markets: carbon-based pre-impregnated composite fibers, graphite golf shafts and archery products.  See More at



Graphite Design


Graphite Design was established in 1989 in Japan. The founder Mr. Megumi Yamada worked with the world’s renowned material manufacturers to develop innovative manufacturing techniques, upgraded resin systems and composite material for the golf industry. Graphite Design has a reputation as a leader in the production of composite shafts that maximize Accuracy and Distance symbolized by the globally recognizable TOUR AD logo. Tour AD dominates usage on the professional tours worldwide.  See More at




UST Mamiya is one of the premier carbon fiber tubing manufacturers in the world. While our core manufacturing capability is carbon fiber golf shafts, our UST Composites division produces a variety of world-class carbon fiber, fiberglass and composite tubing products such as tent poles, bicycle tubes, hockey sticks, conveyor rollers, ski poles, arrows, boom poles, kayak paddle tubes, gaff hooks, bow stabilizers, kite spars, curling brooms, and numerous other custom tube designs for various industrial and consumer applications. As you might imagine, carbon or composite tubes often replace steel tubing, aluminum tubing, plastic tubes and even fiberglass tubes with stronger, lighter and better alternatives.   See More at



Nippon steel shafts are the purest, lightest weight steel iron shafts on the market. These shafts provide a “hard” yet “soft” feel with a softer tip section for added loft. In our shaft testing, these shafts have the highest quality of any steel shaft on the market.




KBS Shafts Created by renowned shaft designer Kim Braly and forged from Tour player feedback, the KBS Tour Series features the most advanced steel shaft technology in the industry. Since its inception in 2008, KBS has set a new standard in steel shafts with its unprecedented growth and acclaim. KBS shafts are utilized in leading club manufacturer’s irons, accepted in every manufacturer’s custom department and adopted by over 150 professionals.  See More at