Free Flex Woods Shafts – Now Available

Free Flex Woods Shafts | D'Lance Golf

Free Flex Woods Shafts challenge the conventional notion that you can’t have both – more control and more distance. Traditionally, shaft manufacturers and some fitters choose a stiffer shaft to reduce shot dispersion. Or vice versa, the choice is made for distance over accuracy. At D’Lance Golf, our fitting expertise overcomes this traditional notion in every club we build. However, the new Free Flex wood shafts provide a new arrow for the bow. Learn more about Free Flex shafts.

Free Flex Technology shafts are structurally engineered to account for and effectively balance four forces that act upon the shaft. These four forces are torque, bend force during the swing, warping moment, and bending torsional moment. Lighter shafts can consequently be played even for faster swing speeds. With torque and flex now functionally independent of shaft weight, a player can choose a lighter shaft without sacrificing accuracy. These shafts actually react according to swing speeds to provide incredible performance. For example, a super light (38g) and flexible shaft (170cpm) can have a torque as low as 2.0 (stronger than X+ stiff tour shaft).

Driver Shafts

Special 45 Free Flex Driver Shafts.  These shafts weigh 45-48 grams, ideal for club head speeds between 95-120 mph. But, they can support 140+ mph speeds with a smooth transition. The Special 45 shafts also feature a slightly lower torque 4.0 and higher oscillation rate at 200 cpm.

Special 38 Free Flex Driver Shafts. These shafts weigh just 38-41 grams and are ideal for speeds between 80-100 mph. However, the Special 38 works for some (WLD) long-drive competitors swinging in excess of 140 mph. With a torque of 4.5 and oscillation rate of 170 cpm, players can pick up 5+ mph club head speed without increasing dispersion.

Special 30 Free Flex Driver Shafts. These shafts are the lightest shafts in the Free Flex family, ideal for slower swing speeds of 65-90 mph. Weighing in ~30 grams with a torque of 6.5 and 160 cpm oscillation rate. But as with other Free Flex shafts, these can support swing speeds of 100+ mph.

The Hammer Thow Driver Shaft is more similar to a traditional shaft at 62 grams. But it’s whippy with an oscillation rate of 140 cpm and a low torque rate of 3.5. It is ideal for a smooth swinger-type golfer with swing speeds between 65-100 mph. And the lower torque helps to reduce shot dispersion.

Shaft Weight CPM Torque
Special 45 45 grams 200 4.0
Special 38 38 grams 170 4.5
Special 30 30 grams 160 6.5
Hammer Throw 62 grams 190 3.5

Fairway Wood Shafts

Free Flex also introduces the FW45 Fairway Wood shaft applying the same technological approach to 3, 5, 7, and 9 woods. Weighing in at just 42 grams, the FW45 features a torque rate of 4.5 and an oscillation rate of 190 cpm. It’s a perfect complement to Special 45 Driver Shafts, giving players high launch and low spin.

Custom Fitting Free Flex Woods Shafts

Bucking traditional shaft technology, knowing which Free Flex shaft is right for you demands an expert fitter and expert launch monitor. While these shafts may feel soft on the swing, seeing the performance numbers on a Trackman launch monitor can help you ensure a perfect fit with your swing. Plus, only at D’Lance Golf can you determine if Free Flex is better for you that comparable shafts in the new lightweight & soft shaft category.