Custom Clubs

CIMG5051There is quite a difference between the way we build custom clubs and just ordering custom options from a major head manufacturer.  In our fitting process, we painstakingly prescribe all of the parameters for making a custom or bespoke set of clubs.  The simple things are loft, lie, length, and swing weight.  The more complex are the specific shaft profile, and flex.  No major club manufacturer gets into the detail that we do nor offers the extensive shaft options that make a huge difference in performance.  It’s the difference between buying S,M, L and XL clothing or getting a tailored suit.  And, there is no guarantee that what you order from the major manufacturers will be delivered as ordered.  We provide you with a specific report showing exactly what you ordered and exactly what was delivered.  In engineering terms, it is the difference between the architectural drawings and the “as built”.  We custom fit AND custom build Cleveland, Callaway, Epon, Miura,  Mizuno, PXG, PING, TaylorMade, Titleist, TourEdge, Srixon,  Alpha, Infiniti, Wishon and more.  If you do not think this makes a difference, ask any of our over 13,000 customers and they will be happy to tell you that custom fit AND custom built clubs can take 2 to 20 strokes off YOUR game. 

That OZIK shaft is more than working out…it has added 35 yards to my drive…and keeps it in the short grass…it must be illegal…! -Dave G., 8 hcp, Sterling Heights, MI

Find YOUR Perfect Golf Clubs!

OK, it’s long after the traditional golf season and you are sitting in your easy chair watching the Golf Channel and reflecting on YOUR golf game. You bought a new driver off eBay. Tried it for a while. Then sold it to your buddy. You purchased a new hybrid club and still can’t keep it from snap hooking OB. You irons are a disaster and your wedges are an adventure in long, short, left and right. If only you could find those perfect clubs!  You know. The ones you had that you hit straight and long but somehow you sold them or broke a shaft. Well, stop this eternal searching! More…

D’Lance Golf creates your own Individual Performance Profile that includes launch angles for woods and irons, ball speed, ball spin rates, shaft flex, shaft weight, shaft length, shaft profile, lie angles, set make-up, ball, and putter recommendations. When you are finished, you will hit the longest, straightest, most accurate shots you have ever hit with the best feel you have ever experienced.


With 14 clubs in your bag the chances of all of them fitting your swing is pretty slim. Get fit and start dropping strokes today! No need to purchase new clubs.  We will tell you if it makes sense to retro-fit your existing set.

Get Custom Fit AND Custom Built Clubs for:

  • Improved Accuracy and Consistency
  • Increased Distance
  • Better Feel
  • More Confidence
  • Lower Scores
  • More Fun!