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The putter is the most used club in the bag. It’s used more than twice as much as any other club. But somehow it doesn’t receive the attention that the big headed drivers and hybrids are getting these days.  Putting is also the most tense action in golf. The target is close and clearly in view and the physical requirements are not as demanding, so visualization and imagination play a bigger roll than in other parts of the game. The best putters are not always the golfers with the best mechanics or technique.

I can’t believe how much difference the new shafts made. Every shot is crisp and consistent. -John M., Houston, TX



“After a few years of using a face inlay, this Cameron line has gone back to the drawing board. Or should we say, back to its roots, replacing the inlay with a single-piece milled construction. This change is meant to improve consistency and enhance feel across the face (input Cameron received from tour players wanting a more solid feel).” Titleist Golf






“TaylorMade gets attention for its modern Spider mallets, but its TP Patina Collection reflects a more classic look and finish. Still, nodding to the Spider’s technological influence, the TP Patina now has a thicker face insert than past models. The soft-aluminum insert is attached using screws to eliminate space between the body of the putter and the insert to ensure a solid feel.” – TaylorMade Golf






“To the uninitiated, OG stands for “original gangster,” which easily defines the reputation of the first White Hot inserts when they were introduced two decades ago. The pure feel and sound seemed inimitable, and despite a multitude of iterations over the years, tour players have continued to pester Odyssey for the original. ” – Odyssey Golf