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The putter is the most used club in the bag. It’s used more than twice as much as any other club. But somehow it doesn’t receive the attention that the big headed drivers and hybrids are getting these days.  Putting is also the most tense action in golf. The target is close and clearly in view and the physical requirements are not as demanding, so visualization and imagination play a bigger roll than in other parts of the game. The best putters are not always the golfers with the best mechanics or technique.

I can’t believe how much difference the new shafts made. Every shot is crisp and consistent. -John M., Houston, TX


“Watching Scotty Cameron work with multiple materials in mallets is like watching a strikeout artist work his way through a lineup with six different breaking balls..” Titleist Golf







Eighty grams of movable weight (more than three times what you would find on a driver) is stupendous. Despite all that shifting of the CG, though, the forgiveness on off-center hits stays high thanks to chunks of tungsten at the outer edges

” – TaylorMade Golf






What you see here might be the appearance of a blade putter, but it performs more like a larger mallet, especially in terms of off-center-hit forgiveness. ” – Odyssey Golf