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The putter is the most used club in the bag. It’s used more than twice as much as any other club. But somehow it doesn’t receive the attention that the big headed drivers and hybrids are getting these days.  Putting is also the most tense action in golf. The target is close and clearly in view and the physical requirements are not as demanding, so visualization and imagination play a bigger roll than in other parts of the game. The best putters are not always the golfers with the best mechanics or technique.

I can’t believe how much difference the new shafts made. Every shot is crisp and consistent. -John M., Houston, TX



“Gone is the stainless-steel inlay seen in recent Cameron blades in favor of a milled construction (now 100 percent made in California). It’s a switch made for pure, consistent feel across the face. The head shapes were redesigned for a sleeker look, and heavier heel-toe tungsten weights were used to enlarge the sweet spot and enhance stroke stability. A thicker, less-tapered low-hand section of the grip balances your hand action ” Titleist Golf





“Blade putters aren’t known for their stability, but the steel- frame topline support on this model looks to change that perception. This structure reduces twisting of the face at contact to improve the consistency of energy transfer while unifying the movement of the head throughout the stroke. The beam’s stiffness also lends to an improved sound and feel at impact. The grooved face insert reduces backspin for a quicker start to a smoother roll.” – TaylorMade Golf





“These classic mallet shapes emphasize a compact footprint and various hosel and toe-hang choices. The 303 stainless- steel heads are milled with a diamond-shape pattern on the face in which crosshatched grooves channel vibration to promote solid feel, satisfying sound and better roll. Unlike past Toulon designs, the pattern extends across the face to improve consistency. The Stroke Lab shaft adds control by placing more weight in your hands. ” – Odyssey Golf






A custom-fitting process with multiple head, hosel and weighting options is this line’s hallmark. With each head offering three hosels, an adjustable shaft used in the fitting process helps identify the ideal specs. Each club in the series has serious mass in the heel, toe and rear for high mis-hit stability. Variable-size pyramids on the face—increasing in size, decreasing in density as it moves from center—manages off-center-hit distance control. -PXG