BGF™ Fitting System (Better Golf Faster™)

Having a properly matched set is critical for any golfer who wants to get the most out of their equipment and game.  D’Lance Golf can help you reach your goals.”  Victor M, Littleton, CO, Foothills Golf Club, 2013 Men’s Club Champion.

Our proprietary research will create the most accurate fitting recommendations in the golf industry.  Using a series of static and dynamic swing measurements, BGF recommends the proper club length, shaft weight, shaft flex, shaft launch and spin profile, and swing weight.  This information is validated with launch monitor testing with interchangeable head/shaft combinations until the players accuracy, consistency and distance is optimized.  We find that our initial recommendations are accurate over 90% of the time. 

Now your club or learning center can take your club fitting and building to the Tour level.  Become a BGF licensee and experience the best fitting system in the industry.  Check it out at  

D’Lance Golf  has developed a sophisticated fitting AND club building process that will take your game to the next level.  Take 2 to 20 strokes off YOUR game. Over 40% of all amateur golfers have their clubs custom fit for them, yet 80% of all golfers believe their game will improve if they use custom clubs, according to a survey in Golf Digest. However, less than 10% of the golfers that have been “custom fit” have been through a REAL custom fitting.  Our proprietary seven-step club fitting AND building process assures you that your equipment will be fit to you AND precisely built to your exact specifications. Our fitting process is the most comprehensive in the industry.   Check out this cool video made by one of our Golf Etc. partners:   D’Lance Golf creates your own Individual Performance Profile that includes launch angles for woods and irons, ball speed, ball spin rates, shaft flex, shaft weight, shaft length, shaft profile, lie angles, set make-up, ball, and putter recommendations. When you are finished, you will hit the longest, straightest, most accurate shots you have ever hit with the best feel you have ever experienced.