Titleist 2023 T-Series Irons Review

Titleist 2023 T-Series Irons Review | D'Lance Golf

We finally completed our Titleist 2023 T-Series Irons review and wow we’re impressed. The Titleist T-Series Irons pack technology focused on look, sound and feel. Read more on the technology behind the T-Series including lower CG, precision forging and more. Bottom line, the playability and workability of these irons is impressive.

Methodology: Our testing normalizes our results using Trackman in the temperature controlled D’Lance Indoor Facility at 5280 feet and 72 degrees. We further maintain the same shaft across multiple heads, optimal for testing. Notably, there are loft differences between 6-iron models, and we do not change lofts in our testing. See Titleist T-Series specs for standard lofts.

Short answer, the Titleist T-Series irons are ripe for creating combo iron sets. While the top line of the T200 is slightly wider than the T150, and T150 wider than the T100, the overall head size is nearly identical. Whereas the T350 is a noticeably larger head, wider top line and has more offset. The T350 is a high-performing, forged game improvement iron that mid- to high-handicap players should consider.

Med High Swing Speed Test – 80-90 mph club speed

Titleist 2023 T-Series Testing | D'Lance Golf

Pairing the Titleist T-Series with an Axiom 125X shaft, every T-Series model produced more distance and more consistency than the benchmark 718 AP2. Notably, the 718 AP2 produces a very tight dispersion because it was precision built by D’Lance Golf.

The T100 and T150 irons generated an average of 6 more yards than the 718 AP2, and comparably 3 more yards than the 2021 Titleist 620CB. The lower CG and spin control of the new face is blatantly apparent. And, the T100 generated noticeably more spin, about 10% more than the T150 (by design), producing average spin rates of 4900 rpm. The T150 generated roughly 4400 rpm spin, partly due to the lower loft (6-iron at 28° vs. 30° in the T100). The 718 AP2 also generated 4900 rpm spin.

The T200 produced some interesting results but felt absolutely fantastic. Definitively, the T200 is a lower spin, higher launch club ideal for mid-handicap golfers. The consistency is off the charts, producing just a 1.6 yard delta on carry distance; although the carry distance was 3 yards shorter than the T100. Consequently, the total distance from the T200 6-iron was 4 yards longer. IMPORTANT: With a precision-built set from D’Lance Golf, we optimize your spin, launch and carry distance for irons.

Lastly, the T350 is a powerhouse of a club with the soft buttery feel of a forged-head. Even with its larger overall head and thicker top-line, the T350 sets up very well. It generated another yard of carry, primarily due to the lower CG and lower loft (6-iron at 26°). And at a spin rate of 3800 rpm, it rolled another 20 yards.

While we primarily tested against the Titleist 620 CB as a benchmark with the Axiom 125X shaft, the 620 CB was also a top performer. It generated similar spin rates of 4800 rpms as the T100. And, at a loft of 31°, carried within 3 yards of the T100. Impressively, the 620 CB had a variance of 0.9 yards in carry and generated a smash factor of 1.37.

Precision Fit Titleist 2023 T-Series Irons

We discovered that the entire T-Series line of irons for 2023 is a safe bet, whether building a complete set or taking advantage of a combo set. It is very important to ensure that you’re getting the optimal launch, landing angles and spin rates from the shaft. And, the shaft is also your key to tighter shot dispersion. Instead of shopping off the shelf and guessing at the right shaft and flex, get started with an expert iron fitting at D’Lance Golf. And trust your precision iron build to the experts at D’Lance Golf. Your golf game with thank you for us.

For me personally, a 7-handicap player, I would build a combo set of a T100 PW – 7-iron, a T150 6- through 4-iron and a T200 Utility 3-iron with the AXIOM 125X shafts and a flex around 5.5 (R+). Here’s to throwing more darts into the greens.