Custom Clubs & Club Fitting

“Having had custom fittings for the last eleven years, I can tell you that this fitting and your expertise is among the best I have had.  The two hybrids you fit for me are perfect.  Ball flight is consistent and dispersion is minimized.  Thank you for your expert help!  Terry S., Castle Rock, CO  5.8 Hcp.  September, 2015”

The Ultimate Fitting Tool

We custom fit AND custom build all major brands of golf heads, shafts and grips.


Fitting Combinations

Fitting Combinations

What do most golfers want?  Consistency?  Accuracy?  Distance?  When we custom fit you and custom build clubs for you, we concentrate on what YOU want to accomplish.  Above all, with consistent equipment, we give you CONFIDENCE in your game!

Golfers of every age, gender and ability can improve with equipment that is fit to their swing.  Women golfers are at a distinct disadvantage.  Stock ladies golf equipment is built for the female golfer of twenty years ago.  Modern women golfers are more athletic and need different shaft weights and flexes.  Junior golfers need equipment that they can grow with as their technique and strength develops.  We have custom fit golfers from 8 to 94 years young!

Over 70% of all amateur golfers will have their next set of clubs custom fit for them according to a survey in Golf Digest, April, 2018.  Our proprietary club fitting system incorporates the latest in technology and the experience we have in fitting over 13,000 golfers.  By using the True Temper Shaft Lab , Mizuno Shaft Optimizer, and TrackMan launch monitors to precisely fit our customers, we have shaved 2 to 20 strokes off their scores. We specialize in fitting beginners, ladies, and juniors so they learn faster.