Get Fit then Shoot Your Age!

TaylorMade Qi 10 Irons

If you want to shoot your age, maybe a good club fitting and the right clubs will help!  That has happened to many of our customers but the most recent happened early in 2024.  Tom H. came in for an iron fitting as his irons were a little old and he needed to fill the gaps above his long irons.  We fit him into a new Callaway AI Smoke 4 hybrid and TaylorMade Qi 10 irons with a little bit firmer shaft and properly matched gapping between his irons and hybrid.  Now, Tom is a 10 handicap but plays a lot of golf.  He also is 77 years old!  So when we got the call about his new clubs, we were thrilled for him:

“I had to call and tell you how much I love the new clubs.  The consistency and accuracy is amazing!  I shot two over par yesterday and one over par today!  The hybrid is the perfect distance that I was looking for.  Thank you for a great job fitting this new set for me!”

Tom H., Colorado

Love it when our customers shoot their age!  I am hoping I can live long enough to do that!!

Dan Sueltz