Tour Edge Exotics 2023 Wingman Wedges – Now Available

Tour Edge Exotics 2023 Wingman Wedges

Continuing their innovation and growth into a powerhouse in professional golf, Tour Edge Exotics 2023 Wingman Wedges pack impressive feel into a compact face design. The 2023 Wingman Wedges are packed with new technology and design, inspired by Tour Legend Bernhard Langer.

Tour-Inspired 2023 Wingman Wedges

Instrumental in the design of the 2023 Wingman Wedges, Bernhard Langer pushed for the slight offset at the core of the design. The offset helps with setting your hands forward, promotes downward strike and helps optimize turf interaction with the bounce of the wedge.

  • FORGED DESIGN – A soft sound and feel results from the machined pockets holding Vibrcor TPU. They also enhance perimeter weighting increasing forgiveness.
  • MILLED HIGH-TOE PAD – The innovative High-Toe pad design elevates the center of gravity – lowering launch with increased spin. This design enhances accuracy, control and consistency.
  • TRIPLE-TRACTION – precision milled grooves, micro grooves between scoring lines, and milled toe lines comprise the triple-traction design. Plus, its 10% larger strike area enhances spin in all weather and turf conditions.
    • The F/S wedge suits firm ground, sweeping and shallower attack angles and optimal play on firmer surfaces.
    • The M/N ‘Mid Neutral’ wedge suits medium-firm or varied ground, neutral strikes and offers versatility and balance.
    • The S/D ‘Soft Digger’ wedge suits soft ground and deep strikes because the higher sole bounce aids in preventing excessive turf interaction.
  • ADJUSTABLE WEIGHTING – Possibly the first of its kind, a single middle weight allows for convenient swing adjustment. While standard weight is 5.0g, weight kits include 2.5g, 7.5g, 10g, and 12.5g weights for precision wedge weight. Important, for every 2 grams of weight in the head, it will adjust your swing weight by 1. Better players will notice 2 swing weight differences. Don’t adjust blindly, see the results in a custom wedge fitting.

2023 Wingman Wedge Specifications

LOFTS 50° 52° 54° 56° 58° 60°
M/N Grind 10° 10° 10° 10° 10° 10°
F/S Grind
S/D Grind 12° 12° 14° 14° 12° 12°


Precision Weighting Options Demands Precision Fitting

The new Tour Edge Exotics 2023 Wingman Wedges are fantastic. The milled grooves along the leading edge can improve turf interaction. The multitude of bounce options fit multiple playing conditions and swing types. The milled toe edge and higher face provides consistency. And, the precision milling increases spin rates while keeping launch trajectories low. With all these options, your game deserves a custom wedge fitting. And, learn how we optimize for bounce and grind in our club fittings.