What's New: From the Lab

Mizuno ST190 Drivers

February 21st, 2019

Book Your Driver Fitting Here! It has been a long time coming but Mizuno ST190 drivers are going to make a dent in the very competitive driver market.  Over the last say 4 years, Mizuno has made a big push to expand their market share beyond just irons, wedges and hybrids.  To be very honest, the technology may have been there, but golfers just were not into looking at a blue crown.  And, with very little presence on tour, it was still a tough sell. Well, all that has changed here with the new ST190 and ST190G drivers. Incorporating a very forgiving and fast SP700Ti face, light Cortech technology and a composite crown, these drivers LOOK like they will deliver the speed and accuracy.  And in our preliminary testing, ball speeds are up from last year’s models, smash factors in the 1.48-1.50 range and a bit more consistency than other models we tested.  Again, just a few preliminary tests but so far so good. The ST190 (on the right in the photo) is the most forgiving head designed for slightly higher launch and spin than the ST190G.  But, the ST190G weights can be moved to adjust for height and spin... Read More

Mizuno JPX-919 Hot Metal Pro Irons!

February 18th, 2019

Wow!  What a great addition the JPX-919 Hot Metal Pro makes to the JPX-919 lineup!  This is not the first time Mizuno has done a “Pro” version of one of its lines and probably will not be the last. If you are transitioning from some cavity back or even muscle back irons and want a little more bang for your buck, the JPX-919 Hot Metal Pro should be on your radar!  Not all that much smaller than the standard model, the Pro model offers a slightly thinner top line and less offset, with all of the technology of the original JPX-919 Hot Metal. While we have done a LOT of combo sets with the JPX-919 Forged, the new JPX-919 Pro will offer the same look in a combo set.  What’s not to love about this great new addition to the Mizuno JPX-919 line? Book your Iron Fitting Here! Dan Sueltz

Hot New Driver Shafts for 2019

February 11th, 2019

There are a lot of new driver shafts hitting the market in 2019.  This looks to be an exciting array of shafts with a lot of different characteristics.  The list below is in alphabetical order so there is no bias in our list.  We test all of these shafts in our lab and with our testing crew so we know how these shafts will perform.  Let me try to break this down into the type of new driver shaft that may work for you. Book Your Driver Fitting Now!   Strong, Aggressive Swing Looking for Stability There are a lot of great new shafts to look for in this category:  High swing speed, medium to fast tempo and transition, and mid to late release.  And the nice thing is they come in heavier weights to handle the shaft loading.  Here are our top picks: ACCRA Tour Z RPG, TZ 5 and TZ 6 Aerotech TI Fiber Tour 70 Aldila Rogue Tour Silver 130 Fujikura VENTUS and Speeder TR Graphite Design Tour AD IZ  LA Golf TPHDE and Black Tie Mitsubishi CK Pro White and Kuro Kage XD OBAN Airburst 65 Paderson Ballistic Tour  Project X EvenFlow White T1100 and HZRDSU... Read More

Getting the Right Iron Shaft For Your Clubs

February 7th, 2019

                          There are so many new iron shafts coming this year it will make your head spin!  But it is interesting that with all of the new iron shafts, the major manufacturers pick a few stock “no upcharge” options, and then give you little or no guidance as to why they have chosen those shafts.  We can help you pick from our database of over 400 iron shafts to get your optimum performance!  And, this works for re-shafting your current irons as well as for a new set! The Most Important Iron Shaft Fitting Characteristics In our fitting experience over the last 20-plus years, we have found these to be the most important iron shaft fitting characteristics.  Weight, Flex, Launch and Spin.  Of course, when you are building an iron the factors of length, loft, lie and swing weight or MOI come into play as well. Book Your Iron Fitting NOW!  Weight There are several factors that go into determining weight of the shaft.  Probably the most important factors for determining shaft weight are the golfers Tempo and Transition as well as club head or swing speed, and... Read More

KBS $ Taper Iron Shafts

February 4th, 2019

KBS $ Taper Iron Shafts are not new but they deserve their own review.  This line of shafts was developed in response to some Tour demands for a shaft that was slightly lower launch and spin than the KBS Tour, yet a little higher launch and more responsive in feel than the KBS C-Taper.  Viola! the KBS $ Taper was created.  Great Mid-launch Mid-low spin iron shaft! Book Your Fitting Here to See How These Shafts May Work For You! Design The KBS $ Taper has a similar profile to the KBS Tour but it has a firmer tip section for lower spin.  The slightly higher CG (center of gravity) of the shaft also brings the launch angle down. Weights and Flex Options True to the KBS design, these shafts are offered in 5 different flexes, all with a 5 gram difference in weight.  R 110Gr, R+ 115Gr, S 120Gr, S+ 125Gr and X 130Gr.  Each of these has the EXACT same profile in terms of butt, mid and tip stiffness.  The only difference is that the torque gets progressively lower as you go from R to X flex.  And, these are Constant Weight shafts so the 3i shaft will... Read More

Golf Digest 2019 Equipment Hot List – Our Take

January 30th, 2019

The Golf Digest 2019 Equipment Hot List has officially been released.  Starting testing in the fall of 2018, this list is well awaited as the kind of kick off to the 2019 golf season.  The testing is done over a week with a variety of golfers with different handicaps.  Of the 229 submissions (not every company does or desires to submit products), 129 were selected to the Hot List.  Gold was awarded to 74% of the entries, Silver – 26%.  Again, the criteria for voting is Performance (45%), Innovation (30%), Look-Sound-Feel (20%) and Demand (5%).  Learn More Here. Ready for Hot New Gear?  Book Your Fitting Here! The list is long so keep scrolling!  There are a couple nice surprises in each category but here goes: Drivers: (Hot List Link) Gold:  Callaway Epic Flash/Epic Flash Sub-Zero, Cobra King F9 Speedback, Mizuno ST190G/ST190, PXG 0811X Gen2/0811XF Gen2, Ping G410Plus/G410 SFT, Srixon Z 785/Z 585, TaylorMade M5/M5 Tour, TaylorMade M6/M6 D-Type, Titleist TS2/TS3.  Top Performers are Callaway Epic Flash, Cobra King F9, Mizuno ST190, PXG 0811X Gen2, TaylorMade M5 and M6, and Titleist TS2/TS3. Silver:  Bridgestone Tour B JGR, Tour Edge EXS, and Wilson Staff D7 We see great numbers from the... Read More

TPT Golf Driver Shaft Review – Update

January 29th, 2019

TPT Golf Driver Shaft Review – Update Bryson DeChambeau wins in Dubai by 7 strokes with TPT 14 Prototype and hot new Cobra F9 driver!  See his WITB here… These shafts are AMAZING!  Our customers are raving about the results: “Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for all you and D’lance Golf have done for me this offseason.  The TPT shaft you build for me is everything promised and more!  I am longer, faster, straighter, and more confident with my driver than ever before.  Worth every penny spent!”  Brandon W. “This shaft is the real deal.  I am straighter than ever and have picked up at least 20 yards.”  Jim H., hits his driver 250+ 16 MKP/MT/SW “What a beast!  My buddies can’t believe the difference.”  Sean P. 8 hcp, hits his driver 270+ “Having this TPT shaft in my bag brings a whole new level of confidence off the tee.”  Aaron B. See what we think about how good these shafts are… Book your driver fitting here TPT Golf, a division of NTPT Technology, is seriously bringing new technology to the golf shaft industry.  Introduced on the PGA Tour in 2016, this series of shafts... Read More

The Driver Ball Speed Wars!

January 20th, 2019

It’s all about driver ball speed these days if you listen to the manufacturers.  Hotter, faster is the mantra.  Well of course…nobody wants more forgiveness without more distance!   But every manufacturer is claiming significant increases in ball speed?  So how are the manufacturer’s getting more ball speed without breaking the USGA legal limits? The USGA Changed the Testing Methodology First of all, the interesting thing about the amazing gains in ball speed is that the measurement of the USGA legal limit has changed!  It actually changed a couple of years ago from COR (Coefficient of Restitution) to CT (Contact Time).  See my in-depth article on the driver performance here.  Since the measurement has changed to CT, a “conforming” driver today may have a COR of .85 or higher…meaning more ball speed. The CT test is much easier and less expensive to conduct so the manufacturers can now test drivers before they leave the factory to make sure that the drivers are conforming.  This saves a lot of angst for the manufacturers so they do not have to ship back drivers that are tested in the field and deemed non-conforming.  COBRA was the first to CNC mill the faces of their... Read More

Stability Putter Shafts Can Drop More Putts

January 18th, 2019

With 46% of your strokes in a round coming from your putter, maybe you should consider changing the “stock steel” shaft in your putter to the new STABILITY putter shaft from BreakThrough Golf Technology.  Introduced in May, 2018, this shaft is now the fastest growing putter shaft on the Web.Com Tour.  And even Justin Rose is using this new shaft.  And now there is another validation from GolfWRX.  See the GolfWRX article here. Book Your Putter Fitting Here. It’s All About Stability At Impact According to multiple sources (SAM Putt Lab, Quintec, TrackMan Putter Analysis), if you miss hit your putt as little as a quarter of an inch off the “sweet” spot, the torque of a traditional steel shaft can cause you to miss a 10 foot putt as much as two inches.  In tests done by the folks at BreakThrough Golf Technology, golfers saw a 56% improvement in their putts. Behind the Technology By making the tip of the putter shaft more stable, without adversely affecting feel, the STABILITY shaft Is a combination of carbon fiber, aluminum insert and connector, and a smoke PVD covered stainless steel tip.  This comination creates, drum roll please, more STABILITY at impact,... Read More

Srixon Z785 and Z585 Irons

January 17th, 2019

Srixon Z785 and Z585 Irons are now available for testing!  We love the look and feel of these great new irons.  We have always looked at Srixon as a great product and now that they are getting great reviews (MyGolfSpy Most Wanted Game Improvement Iron – Z585), we thought it was time to bring them to our customers. In addition, the Srixon ZU85 driving iron is a great addition for those golfers that like a long iron instead of a hybrid, but want a more forgiving head. We are also carrying the new Z785 driver, fairway and hybrids.  We will review those in an upcoming blog. Dan Sueltz