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TPT Golf Driver Shaft Review – Update

January 29th, 2019

TPT Golf Driver Shaft Review – Update Bryson DeChambeau wins in Dubai by 7 strokes with TPT 14 Prototype and hot new Cobra F9 driver!  See his WITB here… These shafts are AMAZING!  Our customers are raving about the results: “Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for all you and D’lance Golf have done for me this offseason.  The TPT shaft you build for me is everything promised and more!  I am longer, faster, straighter, and more confident with my driver than ever before.  Worth every penny spent!”  Brandon W. “This shaft is the real deal.  I am straighter than ever and have picked up at least 20 yards.”  Jim H., hits his driver 250+ 16 MKP/MT/SW “What a beast!  My buddies can’t believe the difference.”  Sean P. 8 hcp, hits his driver 270+ “Having this TPT shaft in my bag brings a whole new level of confidence off the tee.”  Aaron B. See what we think about how good these shafts are… Book your driver fitting here TPT Golf, a division of NTPT Technology, is seriously bringing new technology to the golf shaft industry.  Introduced on the PGA Tour in 2016, this series of shafts... Read More

The Driver Ball Speed Wars!

January 20th, 2019

It’s all about driver ball speed these days if you listen to the manufacturers.  Hotter, faster is the mantra.  Well of course…nobody wants more forgiveness without more distance!   But every manufacturer is claiming significant increases in ball speed?  So how are the manufacturer’s getting more ball speed without breaking the USGA legal limits? The USGA Changed the Testing Methodology First of all, the interesting thing about the amazing gains in ball speed is that the measurement of the USGA legal limit has changed!  It actually changed a couple of years ago from COR (Coefficient of Restitution) to CT (Contact Time).  See my in-depth article on the driver performance here.  Since the measurement has changed to CT, a “conforming” driver today may have a COR of .85 or higher…meaning more ball speed. The CT test is much easier and less expensive to conduct so the manufacturers can now test drivers before they leave the factory to make sure that the drivers are conforming.  This saves a lot of angst for the manufacturers so they do not have to ship back drivers that are tested in the field and deemed non-conforming.  COBRA was the first to CNC mill the faces of their... Read More

Stability Putter Shafts Can Drop More Putts

January 18th, 2019

Stability Putter Shafts Can Drop More Putts With 46% of your strokes in a round coming from your putter, maybe you should consider changing the “stock steel” shaft in your putter to the new STABILITY putter shaft from BreakThrough Golf Technology.  Introduced in May, 2018, this shaft is now the fastest growing putter shaft on the Web.Com Tour.  And even Justin Rose is using this new shaft.  And now there is another validation from GolfWRX.  See the GolfWRX article here. Book Your Putter Fitting Here. It’s All About Stability At Impact According to multiple sources (SAM Putt Lab, Quintec, TrackMan Putter Analysis), if you miss hit your putt as little as a quarter of an inch off the “sweet” spot, the torque of a traditional steel shaft can cause you to miss a 10 foot putt as much as two inches.  In tests done by the folks at BreakThrough Golf Technology, golfers saw a 56% improvement in their putts. Behind the Technology By making the tip of the putter shaft more stable, without adversely affecting feel, the STABILITY shaft Is a combination of carbon fiber, aluminum insert and connector, and a smoke PVD covered stainless steel tip.  This comination creates,... Read More

Srixon Z785 and Z585 Irons

January 17th, 2019

Srixon Z785 and Z585 Irons are now available for testing!  We love the look and feel of these great new irons.  We have always looked at Srixon as a great product and now that they are getting great reviews (MyGolfSpy Most Wanted Game Improvement Iron – Z585), we thought it was time to bring them to our customers. In addition, the Srixon ZU85 driving iron is a great addition for those golfers that like a long iron instead of a hybrid, but want a more forgiving head. We are also carrying the new Z785 driver, fairway and hybrids.  We will review those in an upcoming blog. Dan Sueltz

2019 Golf Equipment Changes in Your Bag

January 7th, 2019

As we look forward this year, it is time to take a look at your 2019 golf equipment changes in your bag.  We always need to look at our golf game and make adjustments to our equipment to get the absolute most out of what we bring to the course.  So here are a few of our suggestions: Get Fit for the Right Equipment If you have not been through a professional fitting, make 2019 your year to do so!  Understanding the dynamics of your swing (tempo, transition, release point) and how it affects shaft and head selection is key to improved performance! Take advantage of our “Lifetime Fitting” and get fit! Select the “pain points” in your bag and get those fixed first! See our thoughts below. Hit more Fairways From an equipment standpoint, every company is focusing on distance and forgiveness.  But for that average golfer, hitting more fairways is key to lower scores and more fun.  Here are our suggestions: Play a shorter driver (trust us, you will NOT lose distance) Get fitted with the right shaft (proper weight, flex and swing weight).  Learn More Use your fairway wood or hybrid for those tight fairways. Get the... Read More

Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black Review

December 6th, 2018

The Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black shaft is the latest in the evolution of the HZRDUS line of wood shafts.  Using new materials and a slightly different design, this series of shaft should appeal to stronger players with fast transitions from back to forward swing. Weights Available in 60 and 70 gram designations, however the shafts weigh slightly less than 60 and 70 grams. Balance Point The balance point is slightly higher than the HZRDUS Black but lower than the HZRDUS T1100, which is a counterbalanced shaft.  So, this shaft installed will result in roughly a one swing weight heavier feel than the HZRDUS T1100 and one swing weight lighter feel than the HZRDUS Black at a playing length of 45 inches. Flex These shafts also play very close to stated flex in all weights.  This means that the HZRDUS Smoke Black will play softer than the HZRDUS Black, Yellow and T1100 in the same flex designation.  Feel Even though the torque is a little higher than you would expect, this shaft will feel very stout with little to no “whip” at impact.  The HZRDUS Smoke Black will actually feel a little firmer than the HZRDUS T1100 and HZRDUS Black. If... Read More

Project X EvenFlow T1100 White Shaft Review

November 29th, 2018

The Project X  EvenFlow T1100 White is the final addition to the great EvenFlow line.  Designed with the T1100 material from Toray, the shaft has the stiffest tip and stiffest mid-section of the line.  This offers the lowest spin and lowest launch for stronger players.  Weights Available in 65, 75 and a new 85 gram weight. Balance Point The balance point is slightly lower than the other shafts in the EvenFlow line which will lead to a slightly heavier feel and swing weight. Flex These shafts also play stiff to flex in all weights so tipping is not necessary in your driver.  So the 6.0 will play to a 7.0 and 6.5 to a 7.5 at standard 45 inch length and D2 swing weight in a Ping G400 LST driver for example. Feel Even though the torque is a little higher than you would expect, this shaft will feel very stout with little to know “whip” at impact. If you are a stronger player looking for the lowest launch and spin in your driver, or even for a fairway wood, the EvenFlow White should be your ticket. Dan Sueltz

Fujikura Shafts: Tour Leaders Based Upon Innovative Research

November 8th, 2018

Fujikura golf shafts have been leaders on the PGA Tour for several years.  And, 2018 is no exception.  As a 2018 Certified Charter Dealer for Fujikura Golf, we attended a technology-based training and certification session at Fujikura headquarters in Vista, California this week.  We were able to see how graphite shafts are actually built, the research that goes into the design of each shaft, and actually test the performance of all of the Fujikura shafts ourselves. Book Your Fitting to See Which of These Fujikura Shafts May Fit YOUR Swing. Here are my key takeaways: ENSO Shaft Research This is a phenomenal research tool that tracks every swing movement and shaft reaction in multiple dimensions based upon 8 super high speed cameras.  The testing of not only PGA Tour players but average golfers helped Fujikura develop innovative shaft designs like HIT (High Inertia Tip) for faster clubhead speed at impact! New Shaft Materials Having been in this business for over 20 years, I know there was a time when you could literally not get light weight graphite shafts to play very stiff.  The shafts felt like noodles.  Not anymore!  The new materials are made with lighter weight composites that have... Read More

True Temper Elevate Tour Shaft Review

November 1st, 2018

True Temper is complementing its lighter weight steel shaft offerings with a 115 gram steel shaft that offers a mid to mid-high ball flight and mid spin for better stopping action on the green.  This shaft also incorporates True Temper’s VSS Pro (Vibration Suppression System) for a 56% reduction in vibration versus standard steel shafts.  Here is our True Temper Elevate Tour shaft review: Book Your Fitting to See Which of These Elevate Tour Shafts May Fit YOUR Swing. Static Tests: The Elevate Tour VSS shafts are taper tip (.355″) that come in discrete lengths from 37-41″.  The shafts are offered in typical True Temper flex designations of R300, S300 and X100, with weight ranges from 112 to 122 grams.  Shaft consistency and quality (flex, torque, weight, and balance point) ranked over 91% which is very high for a lightweight steel shaft.  Tip consistency is very similar between each flex meaning the ball flight should be very similar regardless of if you are playing R300, S300 or X100.  From a flex perspective, these shafts will play slightly soft to flex, so you will need to hard-step the R300 and S300 to get to the flex you are used to in... Read More

Graphite Design Tour AD VR Shaft Review

October 19th, 2018

The Graphite Design Tour AD VR shaft is the latest in a great line of Tour AD (Accuracy and Distance) shafts from Graphite Design.  The shaft comes in five different weights from 45 to 85 grams. Book your fitting here to see what Tour AD Shaft may fit YOUR swing! Tour AD VR 4 This is going to be a great shaft for the stronger juniors, ladies and senior golfers looking for a little more height and control in a lighter shaft.  The tip section in the VR 4 is softer than its predecessors, the GP, TP and IZ.  The only other comparable shaft is the Mitsubishi Bassara GG 43 but it does not have the butt stiffness to handle stronger players.  Very consistent at 47 grams across all flex offerings with superior quality rating. Tour AD VR 5 This little beast will create some serious distance for smooth swinging golfers seeking a slightly higher launch but with a firm feel in the butt section.  The fact that the X flex plays as stiff as the heavier VR 6 and VR 7 is a testament to the design of this shaft using the heavier 50T pre-preg material.  Again, excellent consistency... Read More