UST Mamiya Recoil DART Shaft Review

We just completed our first UST Mamiya Recoil DART Shaft Review. We must say, the Recoil Dart shaft lives up to its promise. Increased consistency, optimal feel and precise ball flight – all from a graphite iron shaft.

Many golfers still play heavier weight steel shafts for their higher swing speeds.  But, they desire better feel, less impact and still plenty of feedback. You must consider Recoil DART from UST Mamiya. DART (Dual Action Recoil Technology) eliminates inconsistent areas in the golf shaft. Recoil Technology provides optimal spring effect in the walls of the shaft and more efficient energy transfer to the ball. Both, the new Recoil DART and DART V series, deliver all the performance of a heavier steel shaft with better feel and less impact.


Full Swing Recoil DART Shaft Review

*NOTE: Coming soon, results on the 90-gram Recoil DART and DART V as well as the DART V 120 gram shafts.*

Tester 1: 6-iron swing speeds between 80-90 mph, typical plays a 120-gram shaft, 8-handicap golfer with -3 degree outside-in club path.

In this test, we wanted to see how the slightly lighter 105 gram graphite shafts from UST Mamiya and the Fujikura Axiom 105 performed. The chart below shows the best 4-5 out of 6-8 shots with each build. With this test, we used a Titleist T100 6-iron for testing and shafts are built to an approximately 4.8 flex.

The result: The UST Mamiya Recoil DART produced the tightest dispersion with a carry of 170 yards and a landing angle of 46.5 degrees. It edged out the DART V 105 slightly in ball speed, carry and steepness of landing angle. And while the Fujikura Axiom 105 shaft produced better carry and slightly steeper landing angles, it was partially a product of faster club head speed. All 3 shafts performed very well and with incredible feel. All three shafts felt lighter in the swing despite the swing weight being identical to steel.

UST Mamiya Recoil DART Shaft Review | D'Lance Golf

Conclusion: Experience Recoil DART yourself

The differences between the Recoil DART and DART V are slight. Read their shaft specs on UST Mamiya is delivering on their promise for optimal feel and increased consistency. An ideal iron fitting should be clear with your objectives – consistency, accuracy, distance, spin, etc. It should also be supported with Trackman (or other launch monitor) so that you can focus on feel. Leave the analytics to the launch monitor and expert interpretation. Only D’Lance Golf gives you expert fitting insights, coupled with Trackman launch monitors, precision club building. And, only D’Lance Golf Fittings are good for life. The result: A set of clubs you love because they fit your swing.