Fujikura AXIOM Iron Shafts – Now Available

Fujikura AXIOM iron shafts now available | D'Lance Golf

The new Fujikura AXIOM iron shafts bring proven VeloCore Technology used in the Ventus shafts to irons. The multi-material bias core construction creates a new level of stability through transition and impact. “These shafts feel solid and stable throughout the swing. Yet it still gives incredible feedback at impact. The numbers don’t lie,” stated one of our shaft testers.

For AXIOM, VeloCore ensures the groundbreaking results players have experienced with VENTUS metalwood shafts are just as impressive in their irons. The VeloCore technology increases the stability of the club during swing and at impact, producing more efficient strikes and better performance with mishit shots. Thus, more consistency, accuracy, and distance help golfers of all abilities hit it closer and get more greens in regulation.

3–part Parallel Shaft Design

A first of its kind, AXIOM’s 3-part parallel shaft design allows for tailored and specific performance throughout the iron set. Advanced lay-up techniques and material layouts cater to 3 club profiles. LP (long parallel) for long irons, MP (mid parallel) for mid irons, and SP (short parallel) for short irons. Plus, separate parallel sections result in minimal tip trimming, allowing the integration of premium materials further down the shaft.

AXIOM Iron Shaft Specifications

AXIOM iron shafts come in 3 shaft weights – 75 grams, 105 grams and 125 grams and flexes specific to shaft weights. See full details at Fujikura.com or abbreviated specs below.

Fujikura AXIOM iron shaft specs | D'Lance Golf

Get a Custom Iron Fitting for Fujikura AXIOM Iron Shafts

The premium multi-material and innovative 3-part parallel design demands a premium club fitting. And, varying profiles should match perfectly the club length and flex – only achieved in a custom build. D’Lance Golf is the only custom club fitter that has a proprietary shaft recommendation system, does expert shaft testing, and pairs that with the most sophisticated launch monitor system – TrackMan. With an expert team of fitters to personalize iron fittings to your swing, get started today.