ZNE Wedge Shafts Review – Full Swing

Newly released, our team just completed our ZNE Wedge Shafts review. With promises of distance control, reduced shot dispersion, and better feel – we had to see it for ourselves. Previously, the BGT Stability Putter Shafts proved to reduce torque and improve face to path alignment without giving up feel. Continuing with the challenge of traditional shaft design, we wanted to know how these shafts perform under full swing, partial swings and around the green.

The BGT ZNE Wedge Shafts were released in 90 gram, 115 gram and 130 gram weights. Each shaft is virtually identical down to the “Stiffness Stack,” leaving the variance in flex to the tip section. Our staff with wedge full swing speeds from 60 mph to 80 mph put these shafts to the test in comparison to custom fitted shafts. In summary, we found that BGT is really on to something.

Full Swing ZNE Wedge Shafts Review

There is only one way to find out if the ZNE Wedge Shafts are right for you – come in for a custom wedge fitting. While our staff validated that BGT is delivering on their promise of distance control, shot dispersion and feel; it varies from player to player.

Wedge full swing speeds around 75 mph

In wedge full swing speeds of 75 mph, using an 8 handicap player, we found the 130 gram ZNE Wedge Shaft outperformed three other shafts in distance control, shot dispersion and feel. Using a Titleist Vokey Design SM9 54-degree wedge:

  • Distance control with the 130 gram ZNE Wedge Shaft was nearly identical to base iron shaft. And distance control was nearly identical between the 130 gram ZNE Wedge Shaft to the 115 gram ZNE Wedge Shaft. And on average, carry distances were less than 1% shorter than the base iron shaft, but about 1% longer than the 115 gram shaft.
  • Shot dispersion with the 130 gram ZNE Wedge Shaft saw a 47% improvement in consistency (Left-to-Right of target) compared to the base iron shaft. And, the 130 gram ZNE Wedge Shaft was 33% more consistent than the 115 gram shaft.
  • Spin rates with the 130 gram ZNE Wedge Shaft did drop by about 6% compared to the base iron shaft, but the consistency in spin rates saw a 60% improvement.
  • Feel with the ZNE Wedge Shafts is subjective, but our tester reported that “each shot felt square and the ball (Titleist ProV1) just pops off the face.
  • Conclusion: Nearly a 50% reduction in shot dispersion at approximately 106 yards, even with slightly lower spin rates is exactly what can help single digit players score better and reduce putts.

Wedge full swing speeds around 65 mph

With wedge full swing speeds around 65 mph, one of our testers experienced some improvement in shot dispersion, saw slightly less distance, but struggled with the overall heavier weight of the 115 gram ZNE wedge shaft. For one tester, while the 90 gram ZNE wedge shaft would have been more ideal in overall weight, the tip section played too soft on full swings. The 115 gram shaft overall weight was a bit too heavy, especially when trying to hone in swing weights. For another tester, they experienced a bit more distance, a bit tighter shot dispersion, but also felt overall weight was too much.

Of other note, for players who tend to be more of a feel player (“wristy”) around the greens, the feel of steel iron shafts may be more desirable. According to our tester, “the improvement in shot dispersion is very desirable and once they have a weight and flex option that fits my swing, I wouldn’t hesitate to revisit replacing my current shaft.” Stay tuned for our “chip & pitch” review.