BRAVA Driver Shafts Review – Add Some New Life to Your Drives!

BGT Brava Driver Shaft Review | D'Lance Golf

The new BRAVA Driver Shafts from Breakthrough Golf Technology (BGT) are available now. BGT promotes the new Brava Driver Shafts outperforming Autoflex and Mitsubishi Tensei Driver shafts in length and dispersion. From the developers of STABILITY putter shafts, the BRAVA Driver Shafts offer new life to light weight shafts. Increased speed? Better Accuracy? More Distance? Improved Feel?

We’ve taken each for a tour at three separate swing speeds as well as profiled each shaft on our proprietary systems. Find out if the new Brava Driver Shafts are right for you.


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BRAVA Driver Shaft Design

Using proven TORAYTM technology – light weight carbon fiber with extreme strength, the BRAVA Driver Shafts are available in weights from 46 to 55 grams.  These light weight shafts are designated by flex and estimated swing speed:

Driver Shaft Model Flex Weight Trajectory Spin
BGT BRAVA 75 A 46 gram mid-high mid-high
BGT BRAVA 85 R 50 gram mid-high mid-high
BGT BRAVA 95 S 54 gram mid-high mid-high


BRAVA Shaft Profiles

Our profile testing shows that each of the BRAVA driver shafts are mid-high trajectory and mid-high spin.  The mid section has a firm feel which helps the shaft feel more stable at impact.  Torque is mid-range but actually a little firmer than we expected for the lighter weight.  These shafts are also slightly counterbalanced; and as such will play 1-2 swing weights lighter than other non-counterbalanced shafts.

BRAVA Shaft Testing Results

We have been testing these shafts against several other designs and are pleasantly surprised at their performance.  Our testers have handicaps from 2 to 15 and swing speeds from 85 to 115 and are using TrackMan IV. In the same category of mid-high trajectory, mid-high spin, see our best driver and shaft combinations for 2022.

  • Club Speed – Club speeds were similar to other shafts tested.  However, we saw a slight increase with slower swings speeds.
  • Spin – Nice, low spin across all golfer levels produced spin rates typically in the sub 2,500 rpm range.
  • Trajectory – Mid to mid-high trajectory across all shafts. We didn’t notice much difference to other mid-trajectory shafts, but did see up to 5-feet higher apex points.
  • Accuracy –  Tight dispersion experienced across all testers, even using the same shaft.
  • Feel – Shafts have more stability in the mid-section with a little less “release” than say a Graphite Design Tour AD Driver Shaft.

Don’t be afraid to try the lighter weight shafts, especially for slower swing speeds.  You may be surprised at the results!


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– Dan Sueltz