Mizuno JPX 923 Hot Metal Review

Welcome to our JPX 923 Hot Metal review. Our goal was to test the promises of a more ball speed from new Nickel-Chromoly, lower CG and face thickness changes. Spin rates, ball speed, sound and feel are equally as important as shot dispersion and consistency. Short answer, experience these irons for yourself. More distance, tight shot dispersion and consistency rivals other top irons on the market. The right combination of shaft and JPX 923 model can improve your game. Read details on the JPX 923 Hot Metal Series.

Methodology: Our tests are conducted in our Indoor Practice Facility using Trackman set to 72 degrees at 5200 feet of elevation. And, we normalize our tests by using the same optimal shaft from a current custom club build when comparing club head performance.

High Swing Speed Test – 80-90 mph club speed

Using a Dynamic Gold 120 Tour Issue X100 shaft, we tested the new JPX 923 irons against a handful of other irons. In this test, the JPX 923 Hot Metal outperformed the Pro and HL models in accuracy, consistency, feel and sound, and distance. It also stacked up very well against other leading irons.
Mizuno JPX 923 Hot Metal Review - High | D'Lance Golf

  • The JPX 923 Hot Metal Pro iron produced comparable ball speed and smash factors to the Hot Metal iron. But, it generated about 7% more spin resulting in roughly 5 yards less carry. Comparing to other clubs, the Pro fell short of the Titleist T100 and T100S in consistency and accuracy. Even with the ~2 degrees lower loft, carry distances were similar.
  • The JPX 923 Hot Metal, as noted above, produced comparable ball speed with the Pro and HL model. Preferred to the other Hot Metal models, the base Hot Metal generated optimal spin rates, launch and landing angles as well as distance. And we loved the crisp sound and feel. Compared against other clubs, it is a top performer, producing the best carry distance and spin rates. We experienced tighter dispersion patterns with the Titleist T100 and T100S. And we experienced better distance consistency with the ZX7 and 921 Tour, but both distances were quite shorter.
  • If you struggle with getting the ball in the air, the JPX 923 Hot Metal HL is a great option. The lower CG design impressively produced significantly more spin and height, netting 2 more degrees in landing angle. While the most consistent in distance, the standard loft combined with the higher spin resulted in 15 yards less carry. Compared to other clubs, it stacks up well against the PXG 0311ST, 921 Tour and ZX7. But the Titleist T100 and T100S both generated tighter shot dispersion, more ball speed and 10 more yards carry with similar landing angles.

Medium Swing Speed Test – 65-75 mph club speed

We tested the JPX 923 Hot Metal 6-iron alongside the PXG Gen4 0311P 6-iron, all with the same OBAN CT100 shaft. For this test and golfer, the PXG Gen4 outperformed the JPX 923, but the testing outcomes echoed the promises from Mizuno.
Mizuno JPX 923 Hot Metal - Med Test | D'Lance Golf

  • The JPX 923 Hot Metal Pro iron produced the greatest ball speed and smash factor compared to the rest of the JPX 923 series. And, spin rates were comparable between the 923 Hot Metal and the 923. However, the PXG 0311P created about 3 mph more ball speed with the same smash factor and spin rates. The PXG also produced 8 more yards of carry with a similar landing angle.
  • The JPX 923 Hot Metal irons – a favorite for look and feel, surprised us in our test, not producing the expected consistency and distance promised from the lower loft and hotter face design. Again, the custom build of the PXG 0311P resulted in more consistency, accuracy and distance.
  • The JPX 923 Hot Metal High-Launch outperformed the other JPX 923 models in consistency and accuracy. Generating almost 1000 more rpms in spin, 4 degrees more launch angle and 7 degrees more landing angle, the lower CG high launch design more than fulfilled its promise. Although netting 6 less yards in carry with similar dispersion to the PXG 0311P, the net effect is more shots holding the green. Plus with the right shaft helping to improve smash factor and yielding a bit more ball speed, the JPX 923 Hot Metal HL could trump the PXG 0311P as a top performer.

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Today’s advancements in iron technologies across manufacturers increases the number of available options for golfers. Mizuno’s mix of base, Pro and High-Launch models within the JPX 923 provides a wealth of options. The secret is getting an expert club fitting for your irons and wedges. Experience first-hand how much difference matching the optimal shaft to club can make for you. D’Lance Golf is unique in our approach to Lifetime Club Fittings. Pay once for your fitting and come back any time. Test the next generation irons. Compare multiple manufacturers or compare multiple models within the same club manufacturer. Learn more about expert iron fittings.