What's New: Fitting Tips

Making Mid-Season Golf Club Adjustments

July 19th, 2020

How is your golf game going so far?  You are probably playing more golf this year and, if you are like most golfers, usually there are some portions of your game that may need a mid-season adjustment.  Luckily, we have covered most of the problem areas so here is a recap to help you analyze what areas of your golf bag may need looking into: Maybe you need to come in and take advantage of our lifetime fitting! What Clubs Are Hurting You the Most? When we go through an interview with our customers about their equipment, we note specifically what areas of their game need improvement.  Is it driving?  Fairway to green?  Wedge approach shots?  Chipping?  Putting? The first place to look is penalty shots.  Are certain clubs going OB and costing you strokes? Second, look at approach shots.  Are you always short of the green? Next, look at your chipping and bunker play.  Can you get up and down from next to the green?  Are sand shots killing you? Finally, or maybe we should look at this one first, how many putts do you have in 18 holes?  The goal should be 30 or less. By looking at... Read More

Best Irons for 2020

April 2nd, 2020

With 43% of golfers in our poll saying their top priority is to hit more Greens in Regulation (GIR), you should be looking at new irons or at the very least better shafts in your current irons.  This will give you more accuracy, improved consistency and greater distance! The Golf Digest Hot List for 2020 had a lot of great irons in the categories listed below.  In our fittings so far in 2020, these are what our players are choosing as well as what our fitters like.  Some are not on the Hot List so take a look and see what we recommend! Use Our Fitting Wizard to Find the Best Iron Shafts for YOUR Game. Schedule Your Iron Fitting Here! Players Irons Some great irons here for good ball strikers.  Our favorites are the new Mizuno MP-20 MMC and TaylorMade P760.  We also like the Miura MB-001 and TC-201.    The PXG Gen3 0311T, Titleist T100, Srixon Z785 and Ping Blueprint are some of the best performers.     Players Distance Irons There are a LOT of irons in this category that got gold.  Too many to really separate them all so look, sound and feel are the best... Read More

The Best 2020 Driver and Shaft Combinations

February 24th, 2020

There were a few surprises on the 2020 Golf Digest Equipment Hot List and which drivers won the Gold Medals.  Various forums, and ourselves as well publish a list of the best drivers.  Some are very independent and some are not.  Doesn’t matter.  What our customers are looking for is what are the best driver and shaft combinations that we have fit so far in 2020, even though it is VERY early in the season.  We believe that the shaft is the part of the club that has the most impact on distance, consistency and accuracy, so that is why we are including our shaft recommendations in this list.  We like the categories as used by  GolfWRX in their 2019 article but we think there are more in the mix for slower swing speeds.  We will also throw in our Honorable Mentions in both heads and shafts.  So here goes: Sign up for your Driver/Wood Fitting Here! Swing Speed 106+, Distance > 250 yards Fitting Tips:  Typically 75 gram shafts but smoother tempos can play lighter weights.  Firm mid section and low launch, low spin is the norm for more control.  Driver lofts 8 to 10.5 degrees depending upon angle... Read More

A Little Game Improvement for Your Irons!

February 17th, 2020

How about a little game improvement for your irons this year?  Golf Digest calls these Super Game Improvement but I think they are great for anyone that needs a little more height, forgiveness and distance! Game Improvement Design The design of every one of these irons is to maximize MOI (moment of inertia) for forgiveness and move the COG (center of gravity) back and low to increase trajectory. Sign up for your iron fitting here! Our Favorites: Callaway Big Bertha One of our go-to irons, the combination of the face-cup technology to increase ball speed and the tungsten weighting makes these irons long AND forgiving! Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Now you can get a set of hybrid-like irons for your entire set.  Cleveland has a great reputation for hybrids and this iron HB version is no exception! Cobra T-Rail The addition of the Baffler-style rail to the sole of this hybrid iron is the best thing going for straight shots.  While helping slide through heavy turf as well, the rails will help straighten shots even off thin lies.  And the hot steel insert creates the distance you need! Tour Edge Exotics 220h This might be the most surprising iron in... Read More

How to Improve Greens in Regulation In 2020

January 20th, 2020

In our current poll, 43% of our readers want to improve Greens in Regulation (GIR)!  They know that the key to scoring and having more fun is to hit more greens.  So easier said than done, right?  Here are some tips that will help you drop as much as 1.8 strokes off your game, according to TrackMan data, by simply hitting more GIR: Book your fitting NOW!   Hit Your Drives Longer Duh!  If you are 10-20 yards longer off the tee, you will be hitting shorter shots into the green!  TrackMan tests have shown that GIR improves at least 50% for the average golfer when hitting shorter irons into the green!  We will be re-posting some of these tips shortly but for now see our series:  Getting More Distance Off the Tee! Play More Forgiving Irons New irons in the last several years have been not only hotter (more distance) but more forgiving.  Your shot dispersion can be reduced up to 30% according to some companies.  Examples are Callaway APEX 19, PXG Gen 3 0311 XF, TaylorMade p790, Srixon Z785 and Ping G410.  Why punish yourself when taking advantage of modern technology can help you have more fun. Get the... Read More

Junior Golfer Club Fitting Starts Now!

January 13th, 2020

It is never too early to start thinking about junior golfer club fitting!  Junior golf, especially competitive junior golf seems to go year ’round. In the past year, we have fit golfers as young as eight years old.  And these kids are GOOD!  Most of the ones we have fit have qualified for U.S. Kids Regional, National or International competition.  One of the kids we fit went to the U.S. Kids Drive, Pitch and Putt finals at Augusta National and then went on to anchor his Boys State Championship team here in Colorado.  And we have juniors that have either won the State Championship for their team or been part of the winning team! Book your Junior Fitting Here! What to Consider in a Junior Golf Clubfitting So, the first thing we make sure of in fitting for juniors is the the shaft weight and head weight in all of their clubs is not too heavy.  Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT cut down your old set of clubs (Dad!) for your son or daughter!  Too heavy…too stiff…all leading to bad swing habits and discouragement.  If you are just getting your son or daughter started and they are in the... Read More

What Are Your 2020 Golf Goals?

December 16th, 2019

  As you reflect on 2019 and look forward to 2020, if you are like most of us, there is room for improvement!  Even the tour pros spend a lot of time with their coaches analyzing their rounds and making a plan to improve. Getting Analytical One of the top degrees coming out of college these days is Data Analyst.  The era of “Big Data” is here, even in the golf industry.  When Mark Broadie wrote “Every Shot Counts” in 2014, it was used very little on the PGA Tour.  Now, Strokes Gained is used and commented on regularly by tour players, analysts, and commentators.   Golf Digest recently published this article on how analytics are being used on tour!   The results have been pretty dramatic for several players!  So, take a look at your scorecards and find out where you are losing strokes.  Missed fairways?  OB?  Poor iron shots?  Short-siding your wedges?  Putting letting you down?  Fill out our survey on the right of this page with your biggest area for improvement! Get Fit for the Right Equipment If you have not been through a professional fitting, make 2020 your year to do so!  Understanding the dynamics of your swing... Read More

Wedge Fitting

November 21st, 2019

Well, it’s about time!  Wedge fittings with multiple shaft options.  We finally decided to get a bit more sophisticated in our wedge fittings so our customers can see and feel the difference in wedge performance.  Most significant aspect to our new fitting process will be the ability to try different shafts with our fitting wedge heads. We will be using our indoor fitting studio, but we have a couple of different mat options to show the performance difference from rough or fairway.  Early testing is pretty awesome! Book Your Wedge Fitting Here! Here are a couple of related articles that can help you pick your next series of wedges! Wedge Fitting for Bounce and Grind New Wedges?  Make Sure You Have the Right Shaft 2019 Fall Release Wedges Dan Sueltz

NEW! Miura MB-101 Iron

October 28th, 2019

Well, the wait was worth it.  The Miura MB-101 is a beautiful looking iron with shades of influence from the original MB-001.  Designed for the pure blade player, the MB-101 has all of the classic looks you expect from Miura but better turf interaction and feel.  Available in sets only, 3-PW and 4-PW.   I wish Miura would allow split sets as a combo set of MC-501 3-6 and MB-101 7-PW would be awesome.  I put in my 2-cents worth.  Will see what happens!                       Dan Sueltz

Get the Right Shaft to Hit Your Driver Straight AND Long

October 13th, 2019

Get the Right Shaft to Hit Your Driver Straight AND Long Bombing and Gouging The problem with bombing off the tee and gouging from the rough is that for us average golfers, it only works 13 percent of the time, according to a study done by Golf Digest and TrackMan.  But we also know that getting 20 more yards off the tee can drop up to 3 strokes off your game.  So the real answer is to hit your driver long AND straight.  The secret is getting the proper shaft to make this happen! Book Your Driver Fitting Here! Getting the Right Fit We always advise you on what happens when golf shafts are not right for your swing.  A lot of golfers that have never been through our fitting process, think that the majority of their miss-hits are caused by their swing.  And 25% of golfers are having trouble with their drivers (see Poll at the right of this blog).   Fortunately, that is not always the case!  We help golfers of all abilities hit longer, straighter drives by selecting the proper length, shaft weight, shaft flex, swing weight and shaft profile (trajectory and spin) for their unique swing. First... Read More