More Greens in Regulation – 3 Tips to Lower Your Scores

Hitting more greens in regulation is our hot button issue for 2023.  As a matter of fact 48% of the golfers in our poll say this is most important for their game this year!  But getting that done does not have to be a challenge.

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Three tips for hitting more greens in regulation:

1.  Hit Longer, Straighter Drives

Driver Optimizer

Driver Optimizer

Ok, this just makes sense, right?  Puts you closer to the hole so you use a shorter club for your approach.  According to ARCCOS Statistics, 81% of players that gained 10 yards off the tee lowered their scores.   So how do you make this happen:  The proper loft, angle of attack, shaft length, weight and flex make all the difference.

Optimize Your Driver for More Distance and Accuracy



2.  Club Up!

Long Irons or Hybrids?

Most golfers, even professionals, will take a little more club when going for the green.  Why?  Your chances of hitting your “perfect” shot are certainly less than 50%.  So if you have a 180 yard shot to the green, choose your 190 yard club.  If you do pure it, worst case you are on the back of the green.

Another factor is your mental approach and success rate when you are between clubs.  Some golfers feel more comfortable swinging a little harder while others will take more club and swing easier.  Find your “zone” for each club and then club up maybe 10% to make sure you are not short-sided in a bunker!

Solving the Long Iron Vs. Hybrid Dilemma

3.  Know Your Distances and Gaps

TrackMan Range Practice

Just like clubbing up, knowing your distances is critical to picking the right club for your par 3 tee shot or approach shot.  Sure, you need to factor in wind, altitude, elevation, temperature, etc., but knowing your distances for every club in your bag is essential.  Going to a fitting center and doing a gap analysis is the best way to get this done.  This will also show you some gaps that are too small or too large.  You need consistency from club to club to help you hit more GIR.

Again, if you are an ARCCOS user, this is part of their standard program.  And, getting a proper set of shafts in your clubs can tighten  your dispersion dramatically.

The Right Shafts Can Help Every Club in Your Bag

Expert Club Fitting for More Greens in Regulation

According to a recent poll, 90% of serious golfers (playing over 20 rounds per year) have had their irons custom fit for them.  If you have not been through a club fitting, make 2023 your year! The right gaps, the right clubs and more distance off the tee is the magic formula to more greens in regulation and lower scores.

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