Golf Club Fitting Guide

2023 Golf Club Fitting Guide | D'Lance Golf

In our golf club fitting guide, we share 5 reasons why end of season is the best time to get custom fit for golf clubs. Consider your swing dynamics, new club releases and minimizing variability. Equally as importantly, this is a time where you should know clear goals for the coming year. Put applied science – deep insights into shaft dynamics plus Trackman data, to work for you. It’s far better than trial and error with a handful of shafts at a big box national chain.

Looking ahead to 2024 golf season, what are your goals? What areas (driving, putting, chipping, fairways) are costing you the most strokes? What is your typical miss (slice, hook, thin, fat)? Which club do you love? Which club do you carry but can’t hit?

Our expert golf club fitting process starts with taking time to understand your goals, your objectives, your misses and with which clubs. We use advanced fitting tools like the Shaft Optimizer from Mizuno and our proprietary BGF fitting system, in addition to our certified golf club fitters. We’re the only club fitter to precision test every after market shaft and don’t rely on spec reports. And, in Colorado, D’Lance Golf is the only local Golf Digest Best Club Fitter in America.

5 critical reasons to get a golf club fitting at the end of the season

The best time to get a golf club fitting is when you feel like you’re grooving your swing. For most golfers, that is now – at the end of the season. Instead of waiting until Spring, or worse mid-season, get custom fit for golf clubs now. Consider these 5 critical reasons:

1. Consistency in the swing improves accuracy in the Golf Club Fitting.

More consistent swings make it easier on you and the club fitter to optimize head and shaft combinations. For you, it means fewer swings are needed to produce accurate readings between head and shaft combinations. And during a Complete Bag Club Fitting, you will be working on irons, fairway woods and driver. For the fitter, it increases the accuracy of how well the head and shaft combination performs for you. The result – perfect personalization without wearing yourself out.

2. Beat the Fall release of new golf shafts, heads and grips.

Head manufacturers, shaft manufacturers, and grip manufacturers stage new releases in the Fall and beginning of the year. Titleist and Callaway have already release new irons for 2023-24. TaylorMade and Cleveland have already released new wedges. Get ahead of the rush. Complete an expert golf club fitting now. Know your optimal golf shafts for your swing. And with a Lifetime Golf Club Fitting at D’Lance, you only pay once for your fitting – come back as often as you like. And if you want to get to know the latest in club releases, stay tuned to our blogs or signup for our newsletter.

3. Eliminate inconsistency before your start the golf season.

Whether through new clubs or re-shafting existing golf clubs, eliminate inconsistencies in the off season. Why? Minimal swing variance across clubs. Swinging your 5-iron should feel as effortless as your 9-iron. Practice getting 100-yard shots within 15 feet, not 15 yards of the pin. In an expert golf club fitting, you can see the variance across clubs. And you will see how we eliminate those inconsistencies by precision matching shafts to your swing. Stop changing your swing to match your clubs. The ONLY right approach is to fit golf clubs to your swing.

4. Remove club variability before practice.

Ever said, I love my 7-iron but I can’t hit my 5-iron. And, then spend countless hours working on hitting your 5-iron. Well, it’s likely that it’s your 5-iron and not you! We often see stock shaft inconsistency, even if it’s the same shaft in both clubs. Fear hitting a hybrid or driver, but hit your 3-wood great. Similarly, it’s likely due to shaft inconsistencies from shaft-to-shaft. Regardless of why you’re encountering shaft inconsistency, no one should have to practice with that much variability. Even if you choose to just re-shaft existing clubs, start with an expert golf club fitting.

5. Improve off-season practice results.

Taking a retrospective look at your problem areas as well as your success areas is very insightful. For a golf club fitter, it tells us 1) it’s not your swing, and 2) how to hone shaft flex and swing weights. For you, it creates focus for game improvement. If you want to hit tighter shots from 125 yards in, focus on the wedges. With a professional wedge fitting, our goal is to reduce shot dispersion by as much as 50%. And, we optimize for spin, launch angles, ball height, landing angles and more.

Conclusion: When is the best time for a custom golf club fitting?

Now (September/ October). Do it while your swing is grooved. Do it when you’ve isolated your problem areas and set your goals. Do it before all the new clubs are released and the average joes flock to the golf stores. But get custom fit for golf clubs with a club fitter that sticks with you for life. Only D’Lance Golf Performance Center offers Lifetime Club Fittings.