Best Hybrid Golf Clubs – 2023

Best Hybrid Golf Clubs 2023 | D'Lance Golf

Looking for the Best Hybrid Golf Clubs – 2023? Our recommendations cover a wide array of styles and there are several great options to choose from! With most hybrid golf clubs, the increased spin rates and lower CG (center of gravity), pairing with the right shaft is critical. WARNING: Chances are just swapping heads with your current shaft, or using a stock shaft, will not produce desired results. With the right shaft, the latest families of hybrids can deliver more accuracy, consistency and distance. You don’t have to have a love-hate relationship with your hybrid golf clubs. We know from our expert fittings that the majority of golfers do. Getting the best hybrid golf clubs for your game deserves a custom club fitting.  We will be creating a new list for 2024 starting in February, 2024.

Hybrid Golf Clubs vs. Long-irons

In addition to pairing the right shaft with the head, many golfers debate whether to choose a long-iron (2-, 3- or 4-iron) or a hybrid. For some helpful tips on selecting between long-iron and hybrid, read our blog: Solving the Hybrid vs. Long-iron Dilemma. Early season is the best time to see which hybrid golf club(s) are head-and-shoulders above the rest and fit your swing perfectly.

Best Small Hybrid Golf Clubs in 2023

Small-head hybrid golf clubs are designed for players that like a more forgiveness than a driving-iron might give them. Primarily used off the tee or from the fairway, these hybrids are usually lower launching and have shafts that match that boring ball flight. Our picks: While the Titleist TSR3 and Callaway Paradym were close, our best picks are the TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus, Srixon ZX Mk II and Tour Edge Exotics C723. The differentiating factors include forgiveness, feel and distance. You might also consider the new Ping iCrossover – it is more like a driving iron, but more hybrid than iron.

Other factors to consider: The Titleist TSR3, TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus, Tour Edge Exotics C723 and Callaway Paradym all come with adjustable hosels. This allows loft adjustments during club fittings as well as on the course which is nice advantage. IMPORTANT: make sure you know the “standard” lofts because manufacturers do not have the same lofts for corresponding hybrids (ex. 3-hybrid lofts can range from 18 to 20 degrees).

Best Standard Hybrid Golf Clubs in 2023

“Standard” hybrids are typically a bit larger than the “small” hybrids mentioned above. These hybrids are designed to get the ball in the air more easily and come in more available lofts. Our picks: the Callaway Paradym X, Titleist TSR2 and Ping G430 were standouts because they were crazy long and forgiving during our testing, producing smash factors as high as 1.48. Also, the Cobra Aerojet and Callaway Paradym X are best for getting through rough and hitting out of tight lies.

Trends with Hybrids & Fairway Woods in 2023

Remember the original TaylorMade RBZ hybrids? The looked like a fairway wood and performed really well – it is probably their best ever hybrid. We’re starting to see the manufacturers going back to more traditional hybrid sizes. For example, if you stretched it, the Callaway Paradym X would be the closest to a Hybrid/Fairway Wood. When considering a 3-hybrid, the distance and loft is comparable to a 5-wood. But how do you decide between a 5-wood and a 3-hybrid? The best way is through a expert wood fitting. Not only can you experience the look and feel, it is only with a trusted launch monitor and right shaft pairing that you can best fill your fairways and decide between fairway wood and hybrid.