5 Reasons to Get a Lifetime Putter Fitting

5 Reasons to Get a Lifetime Putter Fitting | D'Lance Golf

If you want more putting consistency, here are 5 important reasons to get a Lifetime Putter Fitting. Coaching, practice and alignment aids can help. However, even coaches without the help of a launch monitor can only assist with 3 of 7 important parameters. And, only with a Lifetime Putter Fitting can you benefit with putter selection, putter adjustments and putter fixes for life.

1. Fix vs. Buy a putter.

People often think when their putting stroke fails them, it’s time to buy a new putter. Or, the thought is to switch putter types or sizes. Well, maybe! Unless you are new to golf, the reality is there was a fair amount of thought put into selecting that putter. The look, feel, sound, and rolling in a few putts on the putting green at the golf shop to name a few. However, for most people, the standard length, lie and loft doesn’t match their stroke. Instead of fixing it, we see it far too often that the stroke is changed to match the club.

Instead, an expert putter fitting can help match your existing putter setup to your swing. Sometimes correcting the weight, lie angle and loft is enough to get you back on path. And by seeing the numbers on a launch monitor, you can be reassured you have the right putter and putter setup in hand. Maybe it leads you to a different putter, but buying a putter isn’t mandatory.

2. Consistency in 7 parameters.

Expert putter fittings look for consistency in seven parameters. Considerations for swing direction, ball speed, skid distance, roll percentage, back swing distance, tempo and face angle are paramount. Only with a launch monitor like TrackMan can you get accurate metrics on ball speed, skid, roll and face angle. Seeing these factors across different putter types and builds is the fastest way to gain (and see) consistency.

Whether seeing and experiencing these 7 parameters lead you to a new putter or fixing your old one – none can be sacrificed. Rolling a few putts in a golf store doesn’t give you these metrics. Rolling a few putts at your club’s putter fitting doesn’t give you these metrics. And neither of these tell you why and how to fix it.

3. Optimized loft, lie angle, weight and shaft.

In the last few years, science has taken putting to a whole new level. Simply, no one hits the exact middle-center of the putter face on every putt. Zero torque in the shaft has proven to make a measurable difference. Zero torque replacement shafts, like BGT Stability, are available for just about every putter. And Zero torque, face angle optimized putters like the L.A.B. Golf MEZZ putters have proven themselves on the PGA Tour. Lucas Glover, switching to the MEZZ.1 MAX putter this year, stated “It took something drastic to figure it out, but it’s worked.”

The added science includes the precision measurements that launch monitors like TrackMan can produce. Adjusting your attack angle and putter loft can result in a dramatic improvement in your ball roll. Getting accurate lie angle measurements from fitting tools relieves pressure in the hands, shoulders and body during the stroke. And finding your ideal head and swing weight takes minutes vs. multiple trips to the putting green. Put the science and tools to work for you during an expert putter fitting.

4. The 83% factor.

L.A.B. Golf reports that 83% of putting is face angle and we agree. Why? Because just one degree open or closed results in missing an 8-foot putt. Not squaring the putter face not only results in misdirection, it also produces unwanted side spin and excess bounce.

Open or closed face angles can also be caused by a multitude of factors. Only when working with an expert putting fitter can you isolate the cause and correct. Put the right putter swing aids to work for you and regain your confidence on the greens.

5. Lifetime vs. each time.

When 40% of your shots come from one club, your putter and putting should never be taken lightly. Other golf stores and golf shops invite you to trial and error multiple putters. “See which one feels good and rolls good” they say. We’ve all done it so no shame. Even if those golf shops offer putter fittings, you either pay each time for the fitting or maybe they “throw it in” when you buy a putter. But they don’t help you 1) optimize it to match your swing, and 2) help you get back on track when you’re off a little.

Get a Lifetime Putter Fitting – only at D’Lance Golf

D’Lance Golf is the only custom club fitter in Colorado that offers Lifetime Putter Fittings. And, D’Lance Golf is the only local custom club fitter in Colorado to achieve the Golf Digests 100 Best Clubfitters in America list, year after year. We’re also named again in Golf Magazine’s Top 50 Clubfitters. What sets us apart from all others – you pay only once for your fitting. Come back for life. Why would you do anything less for the most important club in your bag.