Five 2023 Championship Golf Tips to Help You Win

5 Tips for 2023 Championship Golf | D'Lance Golf

These five 2023 Championship Golf tips can give you the confidence and consistency to rise to the top. The LPGA and PGA Tour Opens trigger crunch time to ensure your game is ready for your club championship golf. Allisen Corpuz just won the Ladies US Open and Brian Harman just won the 151st Open Championship. If you’re like us, these performances get us all revved up for the 2023 championship golf season. A couple tournament wins can get you on your Ryder Cup team. And we’re just a couple weeks away from Club Championships.

Personal fitness, mental preparedness and practice are important to ready yourself. But all too often, golfers neglect the quality and state of their equipment. Ask yourself:

  1. What’s the condition of your wedges? How are the grooves, gapping, swing weight, and your grips?
  2. How are your grips? If you haven’t regripped within the last year – you’re overdue!
  3. What’s your FIR (fairways in regulation) percentage? If you aren’t hitting at least 70% of fairways in regulation, scoring gets very difficult. Improving your strokes gained off the tee by hitting more fairways is a top 3 way to drop your scores.
  4. Are your irons properly gapped? Knowing your distances and proper gaps between irons is critical to hitting more GIR (greens in regulation).
  5. Does your practice match your weaknesses? Amateur golfers often spend too little time working on areas where they can gain strokes like short irons, wedges and putting.

Five Tips to Improve Your Performance in 2023 Championship Golf

1. Fix Your Wedges.

Wedges are too often purchased off-the-shelf – with stock swing weights, limited shaft flex options and approximately set lofts. Remember, these are mass production items. When scoring counts, why sacrifice customization? Wedges should be built with the same shaft (flex and swing weight) as your irons – increasing consistency. Read why. And, turf types and swing path mean a lot for wedge bounce a grind; making the right selection improves consistent contact. Learn about fitting for bounce and grind.

2. Replace your grips.

Unfortunately, it’s too easy to neglect grips. Look at tournament winners – their grips are new or very clean. Amateurs neglect cleaning and replacing their grips often enough. And, next time you prep for a regrip, visit a custom club fitter like D’Lance Golf. We help you find the perfect grip and grip size for you. Because size matters – Undersized, Standard, Mid-Size, and Oversized grips are just the starting point. Fully personalize it more with an extra wrap or two. The result, the club will rest perfectly in your hand boosting feel and confidence.

3. Hit more fairways.

If you second guess your driver at all, chances are you’re not playing the right driver shaft. And, don’t trust a driver fitting where you randomly interchange heads and shafts until something feels good and squeezes out another 10 yards. An expert driver fitting not only finds the ideal shaft and allows you the freedom to try multiple heads. It goes the extra mile to make sure your driver loft and spin rates are optimized to maximize distance while reducing shot dispersion. Learn more about driver optimization with Trackman. Hitting longer, straighter drives is key to hitting more greens in regulation (GIR). See all 3 keys. To hit better drives, make sure you have the right shaft length, the right loft and right shaft flex and swing weight.

4. Gap your irons.

Do you know your carry distance gaps between clubs? It’s one of three keys to hitting more greens in regulation – read 3 keys for GIR. If not, you should find out and adjust ASAP. Depending on your swing speed and landing angles, a standard gap of 10 yards might not be optimal. Between fairways and hybrids or long irons, a gap of 10-15 yards may be optimal. Between mid- and short-irons, a gap of 8-12 yards may be optimal. And between short-irons and through your wedges, gap based on the number of wedges you carry. For example, players that carry 4 wedges may gap tighter – like 8 yards. Players playing only 3 wedges will need to gap closer to their irons (ex. 10-12 yards). Better players adjust lofts through their wedges to achieve optimal distances at full swings. The result – tighter dispersion, more greens, shorter putts … lower scores.

5. Align practice with your weaknesses.

Important, amateur golfers can especially benefit from aligning their practice with their weaknesses. Banging a bunch of balls on the driving range only gives you feel, direction and proximity to target. When you bring your practice indoors, you achieve a 10-fold level of feedback. TrackMan launch monitors provide feedback on 26 parameters, provide video feedback and precision to as tight as 1 foot at 100 yards. Hitting a ball on a driving range will never tell you spin rate or smash factor. It will never help you optimize your swing path. Indoor with TrackMan, capture and collect those 26+ parameters on every shot and view dispersion patterns so that you truly know your shots. Practice with purpose. Plus, TrackMan can help you with putting too!!!

Conclusion: Ready your equipment, mind and body for 2023 championship golf

There are lots of recommendations to ready yourself for elite golf and competing for championship golf. The mental side, physical side including stretching are important and always in the top 10. I still love rereading “Mind over Golf” by Richard Coop to help get my mind ready.

Always in the top 3, you must ensure your equipment is right and ready. And, an elite club fitting doesn’t mean elite prices. At D’Lance Golf Performance Center, you get an Elite Clubfitting everytime, but you only pay once for your expert fitting. Only D’Lance can offer Lifetime fittings because our proprietary system stores, recommends and captures your precise fitting profile. The result is precision club builds that fit your swing, reduce shot dispersion, increase confidence and consistency. The equipment recipe that can help you win in your championship golf tournaments this year.