New TaylorMade Stealth 2 Woods Now Available

New Stealth 2 Woods | D'Lance Golf

The new TaylorMade Stealth 2 Woods deploy more carbon throughout the clubhead than ever before – now spanning the crown, sole, composite ring and face. Advancements in CG (center of gravity) and MOI (moment of inertia) were high-performing improvements in the original Stealth. Building on those improvements in the Stealth 2 series has just made these woods even better. The results are better forgiveness (or FARGIVENESS), more distance, faster ball speeds and optimal spin rates.


TaylorMade Stealth 2 Drivers | D'Lance GolfTaylorMade’s new suite of drivers features 3 models and fit golfers of all abilities. The Stealth 2 Plus is optimal for the lower handicap players that require lower spin and workability, similar to its predecessor. The Stealth 2 drive is more of a mid-launch and mid-spin face design. And the Stealth 2 HD features a draw bias and is the most forgiving in the new Stealth 2 family. The new 60X Carbon Twist Face also improves the acoustics – a common complaint with the original Stealth. View more details on Stealth 2 Drivers.


TaylorMade Stealth 2 Fairways | D'Lance GolfLowering the profile compared to the Stealth, the Stealth 2 Fairways feature optimized face thickness. And, with versatile design changes like Advanced Inverted Cone Technology and movable weight technologies, the Stealth 2 series leverages carbon to achieve new performance gains. The Stealth 2 Plus has a larger face profile and as such is touted as three woods in one. The Stealth 2 moves the CG down and with more weight in the back of the club for higher launch, improved MOI and more forgiveness. And the Stealth 2 HD features an oversized 200cc head, draw bias, low-profile and ultra-high MOI for increased consistency. See more details on Stealth 2 Fairways.


TaylorMade Stealth 2 Hybrids | D'Lance GolfThe new Stealth 2 suite of hybrids (aka Rescue clubs) extend the benefits of each Stealth 2 Driver and Fairway into the suite of Hybrids. The Stealth 2 Plus, optimal for better players, incorporates tour-inspired head design including a steeper toe and improved workability. The Stealth 2 features a lower CG than its predecessor for higher launch and higher spin rates. And, the Stealth 2 HD matches the driver and fairway consistently with draw bias and low profile promoting higher launch and increased forgiveness. Explore all new Stealth 2 Hybrids.



Conclusion: You must hit TaylorMade Stealth 2 Woods

TaylorMade builds on their innovative approach to woods packing in more carbon than ever. The expanded line covers golfers of all abilities and skill levels. And with the original release of the Stealth, the shaft makes a huge difference sometimes resulting in the Stealth 2 being a better fit than the Stealth 2 Plus. And, with the advancements in acoustics – you have to hit the Stealth 2s to experience the feel and sound which is a nice improvement. With a perfect pairing of head and shaft, you can expect narrower shot dispersion, increases in distance and woods that you can fall in love with.