New Cobra 2023 Aerojet Woods Now Available

Cobra Aerojet Woods | D'Lance Golf

The Cobra 2023 Aerojet Woods capitalize on versatility and proprietary PWRSHELL and PWR-BRIDGE technologies. The PWRSHELL L-cup technology helps maximize launch and distance. Forward positioning of the fully suspended PWR-BRIDGE weight allows for maximum energy transfer to unleash faster ball speeds through unrestricted flexibility of the face and sole.

Each uniquely designed wood is designed to increase ball speed, spin and optimal launch angles. Lower CG and adjustable weights further help fine tune to a player’s swing. And the A.I. designed H.O.T face uses variable thickness to deliver more speed, consistency and efficiency across the entire clubface.

Aerojet Drivers

Validated by the fastest players in the world The AEROJET Drivers features a raised skirt, symmetrical shaping, and streamlined edges to give you the most speed possible. Choose the model that is right for your swing. See all driver specs.

  • The Aerojet Driver – Medium launch, low spin and neutral shot shape.
  • The Aerojet LS Driver – Low launch, low spin and neutral to fade-bias shot shape.
  • The Aerojet Max Driver – High launch, mid- to low-spin and draw-biased shot shape.

Aerojet Fairways

In addition to PWRSHELL, PWR-BRIDGE and H.O.T Face designs, all fairway metals feature adjustable weights. Back-positioned weight provides higher launch and added forgiveness for a more versatile and consistent fairway. Available in 3, 5 and 7-wood configurations, see all fairway specs.

Aerojet Hybrids

Similarly building on PWRSHELL, PWR-BRIDGE and H.O.T Face technologies, 2H through 6H hybrids feature a deep body design and a high bounce leading edge which increases stability through impact. See all hybrid specs.

Conclusion: Put new Cobra 2023 Aerojet Woods to work for you.

The Cobra Aerojet woods deliver on some unique technologies in the PWR-BRIDGE and PWRSHELL designs. Lighter weight Carbon materials help concentrate weight lower in the head to increase stability. However, more spin can be the enemy of distance and control. Without the proper shaft to fit your swing to this great technology, the advancements are for not.