Tour Edge Exotics 723 Series Woods Now Available

The Tour Edge Exotics 723 Series Woods bring practical adjustability to life. The innovations in the Flight Tuning System allow for optimal tuning of launch and spin with adjustable weights. The rear slider weight can accommodate up to a +/- 10-yard draw or fade bias. Further weight reductions from carbon and concentration of weights lower CG and increase MOI. Thus making the Exotics 723 Series Woods that much better than the 722 Series. See all specs at Tour Edge.

E723 and C723 Drivers

Increased adjustability is the biggest advancement in the E723 and C723 Drivers. The Flight Tuning System design adds a rear weight at the extreme trailing edge on the sole of the clubhead. In the E723, the 20-gram weight allows for a +/- 10-yard heel and toe bias in directional flight. In the C723, the 15-gram weight allows for a +/1 7-yard draw or fade bais. The extreme low rearward CG position produces an extremely high MOI and increase stability at impact. The C723 Driver allows for added flight/spin rate manipulation with a 5-gram weight in the front.

The Ridgeback Technology in both the E723 and C723 has evolved into 360-degree perimeter weighting and is 15% thinner. The Titanium Ridgeback spine now runs from the center of the face through the crown and wraps around the entire perimeter. This allows for more support on off-center hits.

Further weight reduction using Quad Carbon Tech provides for greater face flex so off-center hits achieve greater power. Plus the 61 mini-trampolines in the Diamond Face VFT creates faster ball speeds and expanded sweet spot for the most forgiving driver ever.

E723 and C723 Fairways

Extreme forgiveness and distance drove the design of the E723 and C723 Fairways. In the E723 fairway, an adjustable 10-gram weight at the extreme trailing edge on the sole of the clubhead repositions CG rearward increasing stability with higher MOI. The Ryzersole helps lower CG for high launching shots with better turf interaction without compromising spin.

In the C723 fairway, similar to the driver, features a 15-gram weight behind the face and a 5-gram weight rearward to add spin adjustability +/- 200 RPMs.
In both the E723 and C723, the Diamond Face VFT features 61 shapes of 5 different thicknesses to increase ball speed.

E723 and C723 Hybrids

The biggest difference is the joy of adjustability for optimizing launch and spin. The E723 Ryzersole produces a super-low CG for high launching shots with optimal spin rates, decreased turf interaction and maximum ball speed off the face. Its slightly larger profile and adjustable 5-gram weight in the rear concentrates the weight in the low-rear for higher MOI.

The C723 is a tighter, more compact design with taller face that features a 10-gram weight directly behind the face.
Similar to the driver and fairways, the Diamond Face VFT centers 41 shapes across the face in 3 thicknesses to further increase speed off the face.

Custom fit to determine which Exotics 723 Series Woods are ideal for you.

Adjustability is great, but trial and error is maddening. While weight changes may seem subtle, the only way to determine optimal spin and trajectory is to pair with the optimal shaft. And new shaft technologies enhance feel, spin and trajectories while producing the accuracy you deserve. See the results first hand. With the proper shaft to fit your swing and this great new technology, these advancements can add significant distance and consistency off the tee and in your approaches.