Ping G430 Drivers, Fairways, Hybrids & Irons

Ping G430 Woods/ Metals

Ping G430 Woods | D'Lance Golf

The new Ping G430 woods focus on delivering accurate longer distances. The new optimized face-design increases face flexing to gain that distance consistently.

  • Drivers – The changes in the new G430 MAX, G430 SFT (straight-flight) and G430 LST (low spin) demand pairing with the optimal shaft because they differ from prior models. Swapping heads with your old shaft will likely not produce the performance improvement you want.
  • Fairways – New Fairway Woods/Metals in the G430 series generate forgiving contact, increases in ball speed and higher ball flight. Players should look to match the Fairway models to driver models – MAX to MAX and SFT to SFT or LST.
  • Hybrids – The new G430 Hybrids’ range of improvements to increase ball speed, launch trajectories and landing angles – all help you hold the green better.



Ping G430 Irons

Ping G430 Irons | D'Lance GolfThe new Ping G430 Irons are the result of a complex design that combines lower CG with stronger lofts and a thinner face. And by stronger lofts, we’re talking as much as 4 degrees. For example, the G430 6-iron is set to 25.5 degrees, 2.5 to 4.5 degrees stronger that lofts for most golfers.





Increase in ball speed, spin, launch trajectories and landing angles abound in the new Ping G430 series. Ensuring optimal fit with shafts is critical. See all specs from Ping. The jump in technological advancements demand a perfect pairing with optimal custom shafts. With a perfect pairing of head and shaft, witness shot dispersions narrow, distances increase and truly hone your optimal landing angles.