Ping G430 Irons Now Available

Ping G430 Irons | D'Lance Golf

The new Ping G430 Irons are the result of a complex design that combines lower CG with stronger lofts and a thinner face. An extra 2 mph of swing speed with a 6I can lead to an additional 3-5 yards of carry. And by stronger lofts, we’re talking as much as 4 degrees. For example, the G430 6-iron is set to 25.5 degrees, 2.5 to 4.5 degrees stronger that lofts for average golfers.

Consistent with Ping’s focus on forgiveness, the new PurFlex cavity promotes face bending to ensure a desirable impact experience. The softer heat-treating process of the Hyper 17-4 stainless steel allows for the face-flexing and higher launch trajectories for steeper landing angles. Learn more from Ping.

Ping G430 Irons Span 4-iron to 58-degree wedge

A very comprehensive set, the Ping G430 irons features a wide span of clubs and lofts for today’s widest range of golfers. In particular, there are four lofted wedges between the 45.5 degree Utility Wedge and the 58 degree lob wedge.

Ping G430 Iron Specs | D'Lance Golf

Conclusion: The Ping G430 irons demand a custom iron fitting

Before you get overwhelmed by lofts and club numbers, clear your mind. Get started with a personalized, expert iron fitting. It is the only way you can perfectly pair the G430 irons with your optimal shaft flex. With the lower center of gravity (CG), flexible face and increase spin rates, shaft selection is more important than ever. With the perfect pairing, you can see the shot dispersion narrow, distances increase and hone optimal landing angles. Only then can you focus on the look, feel, sound and confidence boost these new irons may give you.