Book a Lifetime Wood Fitting

A Lifetime Wood Fittings for drivers and fairway metals with D’Lance Golf is the best fitting experience you can get throughout the Colorado Front Range. No other club fitter has a proprietary shaft recommendation system, a wide range of shafts for every swing speed, does expert shaft testing, and pairs that with the most sophisticated launch monitor system – TrackMan. With an expert team of fitters to personalize driver and fairway woods to your swing, get started today.

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What Should You Expect in an Lifetime Wood Fitting?

Every expert fitting should include: 1. A players’ goals interview, 2. Baseline current set performance, 3. Expert shaft recommendation system, 4. Accurate shaft specifications, 5. Select 3-4 heads from a broad selection, 6. Professional launch monitor to optimize club & shaft performance, and 7. Lifetime fitting for convenience with re-shafting or re-fitting at no additional cost. In particular with Drivers & Fairway clubs, D’Lance strives to reduce shot dispersion by up to 50% which also typically results in 10-15 yards more distance.

Your fitting process is the most comprehensive I have been through, and I have been through quite a few.” -Rob M., Denver, CO.


Book a Lifetime Driver Fitting?

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Ready for an Expert Club Fitting?

Like most, you could start with club manufacturers to select new driver and fairway woods. However, the top 3 complaints for most golfers are 1. limited shaft selection, 2. subpar shaft specifications, and 3. no ability to get a precision club and shaft built. Instead, D’Lance Golf is the only club fitter that uses a proprietary system to precision match shafts to your swing.