True Temper Shaft Lab

D’Lance Golf has been using the True Temper Shaft Lab for over four years to test over 8,000 golfers for their unique swing profiles.  The Shaft Lab is the only pre-impact shaft load testing system in the world.  Because the shaft is the only moving part of the golf club, it is very important to fit the proper flex, weight, swing weight, and shaft profile to the individual golfer.  The statistics captured by the Shaft Lab allow the fitters at D’Lance Golf Performance Center to more accurately fit our golfers to their unique swing characteristics.

The Shaft Lab captures 8,000 data points during the downswing to analyze every golfer’s unique shaft deflection and swing profile. Downswing time, shaft deflection in two dimensions, release point, and kick velocity are determined for both irons and woods using a test club.
From this information, the Shaft Lab computer generates the golfer’s swing profile and shaft flex recommendations. Each profile is like a fingerprint. No two are alike. This unique profile measures:

  • Shaft Deflection
  • Downswing Time
  • Release Point
  • Shaft Velocity at Impact

D’Lance Golf Performance Center has identified seven unique swing profiles that have additional characteristics for swing weight, shaft weight, and shaft profile (trajectory and tip stiffness).  By properly matching these characteristics to the golfer’s swing profile, we have been able to increase consistency, accuracy and distance for nearly every golfer.

The Shaft Lab readings are then compiled and used to recommend your proper shaft and shaft flex.  D’Lance Golf Performance Center then interprets additional data to recommend shaft weight, swing weight, and shaft profile (trajectory and tip stiffness).  The result is a very accurate starting point for final launch monitor testing. Using this data, D’Lance Golf makes recommendations for shafts from True Temper, UST Mamiya, Grafalloy, Fujikura, MATRIX, MRC, ACCRA and more based upon the uniques characteristics of YOUR swing and the shaft that perfectly matches YOU!