Club Fitting for Women Golfers


“I cannot get over how much more consistent and accurate these new irons are.  The trajectory is perfect!  Now I need to get that new driver as I am hitting my 5 wood as far as my old driver!”  Mary H., Parker, CO.

Custom Clubs Could Take 25 Strokes off YOUR Game!

Get fit by professionals that care about your game, not your gender!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of stories we hear about female golfers not getting the proper attention to their golf game when looking for new equipment. We fit every golfer with the same attention to detail and respect regardless of ability, gender or age.

The Modern Lady Golfer

Today’s women golfers cover a very wide level of strength and ability.  Think about it, Title IX, the Department of Education Amendment that prohibited discrimination based upon sex for any educational program being Federally funded, has been in place since 1972.  This amendment had a profound effect on female sports in high school and college.  The golf industry has not really changed the equipment specifications for lady golfers since that time.  Today’s female golfers are stronger and more athletic.  Less than 10% of the female golfers we fit could use standard Lady golf clubs.  Why?


Shafts are Too Light

Without getting too technical, ladies golf clubs, those marked with an “L” on the golf shaft or specifically sold as Women’s golf clubs, have shafts that are very light…45 grams to 55 grams.  These shafts are designed for very slow swings that do not generate very high swing speed.  In technical terms, these shafts are designed for swing speeds under 70 mph with a driver.  Shafts that are light are easy to swing but harder to control for stronger female golfers. Shafts that are too light typically result in lost distance and accuracy, but it all depends upon your particular swing.  We have fit ladies in shaft weights from 45 to 125 grams, graphite and steel.  It all depends upon the lady golfer’s stature and how she loads the shaft.

“My consistency has improved dramatically with the new wedges and re-shafts.  I dropped my handicap from a 7 to a 4 and won two club championships this year.  Needless to say, I’m very happy with my D’Lance experience.”, Candace M., Monument, CO

Shafts are Too Soft (Flexible)

When we test lady golfers with our shaft load system, we find that they  usually need much firmer (stiffer) shafts than what they are currently playing.  Stock Lady flex golf shafts actually test even softer…Junior flex or below.  When golf shafts are too soft (flexible) for your swing, you will have very inconsistent contact with the ball.  Fat shots, topped shots, shots that go both left and right of target are typical results of shafts that are too flexible.  In our testing, the AVERAGE lady golfer should play iron shafts that are in high end lady flex or men’s senior flex.  Wood shafts will typically be a flex stiffer than the recommended iron shaft flex.

“Your testing was right on. I picked up 20 yards with my driver and fairway woods. This is different game now that I am hitting short irons into the greens.”, Elaine P., West Palm Beach, FL


Clubs are the Wrong Length

Again, if the lady golfer buys a stock set of ladies golf clubs, they MAY be too short.  Going to a men’s senior flex will add length, but the shaft weight and flex may not properly match the lady golfer’s swing dynamics. If clubs are too short, impact will usually be on the toe of the club, shots will be hit “thin” or on the bottom of the club face, and ball flight will typically be right of target (for right handed golfers).  If clubs are too long, impact will usually be on the heel of the club, shots will be hit “fat” (hit behind the ball), and ball flight will be left of target (for a right handed golfer).


So Get Custom Fit and Play Better Golf…Faster!