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How consistent is your current set of clubs?

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What key factors affect consistent performance?

Professional golfers and those of us amateurs that have been custom fit know that at least five factors determine how the 13 clubs in your bag will perform.  Those are:

  1. Shaft Flex
  2. Shaft Weight
  3. Swing Weight
  4. Loft
  5. Lie

The longest, lightest weight, lowest loft and stiffest flex club in your bag is your driver.  The shortest, heaviest weight, highest loft and softest flex clubs in your bag are your wedges.  From longest to shortest clubs, the flex softens slightly, the shaft weights get slightly heavier, lofts increase, lie angles increase, yet swing weights should remain relatively constant.  The concept is that by doing this, each club in your bag should feel the same when swinging the club.

Here is a sample of  clubs when we tested them during a fitting (left image) and after we professionally re-shafted the clubs (right image).

Hatcher Equipment Before     Hatcher Equipment After

As Tested During the Fitting                                          Re-built by our Professional Clubbuilders

Shafts: The Transmission for Your Swing

The shaft of a club is actually the transmission that delivers the energy and power from your swing to the ball.  With a properly fit shaft, as one of our customers put it, “it’s almost like cheating!” In a recent Golf Magazine article, Jesper Parnevik said, “the right shaft gives me an extra 20 yards off the tee, easily.” At D’Lance Golf, we spend a lot of time working with our customers, analyzing their swing for loading profile, speed, and tempo. We then come up with the right shaft, club head and grip combination for the best performance. Each shaft throughout your set should be consistent in stiffness, weight and swing weight in order to allow you to swing each club effortlessly.


Over half of our business at D’Lance Golf is in re-engineering or re-shafting existing clubs. In fact, we are so adamant about getting the right shaft that we re-engineer all major manufacturer’s clubs by putting new shafts in them, frequency matching, and swing weighting them to exact specifications..something they simply cannot do due to the volume of their business. In addition, there is a wealth of great shafts in the marketplace today from companies like True Temper, Precision, Grafalloy, Fujikura, MCC Matrix, Mitsubishi Rayon (MRC), Accra, Accuflex, Grahite Design, Aldila and more that are far better quality and offer more weight and launch characteristics to further improve your game.

 Testing Shaft and Head Combinations

At D’Lance Golf, we use the Future-Fit Club Conex , Taylor Made Select Fit, Mizuno PFS, and Callaway Opti-Fit systems to test different shaft and head combinations. Over 70% of golfers recently polled by Fujikura wanted to be tested on a quick connector system. Once we have determined your optimum shaft flex using the True Temper Shaft Lab, we then select the appropriate shaft material, graphite or steel, based upon your individual profile recommendations, shaft launch characteristics and the appropriate Shaft Flex Index (SFI). If you are looking for new clubs, we then test your swing on the TrackMan ball flight monitor with different heads to show you the difference in launch angle and shot dispersion with different head characteristics. The major difference at D’Lance Golf is that we can test ANY head, driver, fairway metal, hybrid or iron with a WIDER selection of shafts than offered by the quick connector fitting systems from major OEM’s.  D’Lance Golf is an authorized Mizuno Shaft Fitting Center and True Temper Performance Fitting Center.

Depending upon the load and acceleration of the golfers swing, the shaft will either load too much and unload too early (shaft is too soft) or not load enough and unload too late (shaft is too stiff) during the golfer’s swing. Shafts that are too soft create very erratic shot patterns but usually the shots are high and left of target for right handed golfers. Shafts that are too stiff create two obvious shot patterns: low, left pull shots and high right fade shots. At D’Lance Golf, to precisely fit shaft flex, we use the True Temper Shaft Lab to determine the optimum Shaft Flex Index (SFI) for the golfer’s swing. We then correlate that to actual shot dispersion patterns using the Golf Achiever launch monitor to determine the exact stiffness (SFI) that creates the tightest shot dispersion and maximum distance. We then custom BUILD each club to the exact frequency that matches the golfers SFI.