Club Fitting for Junior Golfers

Thanks for your help with my equipment and technique advice.  The fitting and new equipment have been a positive improvement.  I recently shot my best tournament round ever and know a big part of this success was due to your expertise and advice.  Jeff N., June, 2016

Jeffrey Nelson II Small

Junior golfers are actually the most fun to fit.  Most junior golfers have unbelievable rhythm and timing.  The challenge is getting the proper equipment in their hands so that they can continue to improve their golf game as they grow and mature.  We have custom built clubs for juniors as young as 4 years old.  For beginner juniors the most important fitting issues are length and weight of the clubs.  Juniors can progress in their ability and stature very rapidly so it is important to understand that equipment will need to be changed frequently.  Because we believe so strongly in getting golfers started at an early age, we have a special Junior Fitting for $150 (up to 16 years of age) that is the same Lifetime Fitting we offer to adults.  This means you can get your junior fit at an early age and never pay another fitting fee as he or she grows and needs to have their equipment and swing dynamics re-tested.  Schedule your Junior Fitting here…

When Should My Junior Be Custom Fit?

If your junior is really progressing rapidly in terms of a good golf swing and he or she wants to play competitively, we suggest getting custom fit equipment as early as 10 years old.  We still need to consider the overall weight of the clubs and fit to lengths and shaft flexes that will allow the junior to grow into the clubs without being too long or too stiff.  Again, even with custom fit equipment, the junior will probably grow out of the clubs in a couple of years.  The good thing about custom fitting a junior into men’s or ladies clubs is that they can be re-shafted or extended as the junior grows.


What Clubs Should I Get For a Junior?

If you are getting a junior golfer started at a very early age, say 6 years old and younger, we suggest you start with a set from US Kids Golf.  The clubs are designed for juniors in various lengths and types of clubs (fairway wood, iron, wedge and putter).  As the junior grows, there are several sets available with additional clubs (Driver, additional irons and woods).  The clubs designed by US Kids are very light weight and have added loft to help get the ball in the air.