Player Interview


The player interview  consists of a series of questions where we get a better understanding of what type of golfer you are. Many golfers will excel at one aspect of their game such as hitting fairways, but they are struggling with greens in regulation. We look at everything from how often you play and practice, to physical limitations and mental approach to the game. This type of information is very helpful since game improvement is influenced not only by the mechanics of the swing but also by how often you practice and the fit of your equipment.


Once the player interview is completed we analyze the golfer’s current equipment. While shaft length, weight, and grip size are important, shaft flex plays the most significant role in shot performance. Every club is frequency analyzed and the corresponding flex is plotted to determine the frequency and whether the clubs are matching. If the equipment is not within 3 flex points of the recommended shaft flex, the golfer will see dramatic differences in accuracy, distance, and feel with each club. To determine the proper recommended flex we then conduct the dynamic shaft fitting using the True Temper Shaft Lab.

The Problem with Off-the-rack Clubs

Our analysis of thousands of sets of irons and woods indicates that major manufacturer’s simply cannot build sets of clubs to the tight tolerances that we do at D’Lance Golf Performance Centers. Due to variations is head weights, the depth of the bore of the hosel and the inconsistency of graphite shafts, most sets of irons will vary as much as a full flex within a set of eight irons. This will result in very erratic shot dispersion both long and short, and left and right of target.


When we test an existing set of clubs on a frequency meter, we can see the variations in shaft flex, length, and swing weight. In almost every case, we can tell you your favorite club in your bag! This will be the one that is closest to your optimum shaft flex as determined by pre-impact testing on the True Temper Shaft Lab.

But I Had My Clubs Custom Fit!

Even though you may have gone through a custom fitting by your local professional, most custom club fitters do not have the necessary equipment to truly test launch angel, shot dispersion, carry distance, and shaft flex to the level necessary to give you the longest, straightest shots. Most fittings are done with length, loft, lie, shaft And even worse, your clubs will NOT be custom built by frequency matching and swing weighting to your exact specifications.