Do You Know Your Golf Equipment Performance Zone?

Performance Zone1Do you know your golf equipment Performance Zone?  Say what?  If you have played any sports other than golf you have an idea of what weight and length of bat may perform best for you in baseball or what shaft length, weight and tip stiffness works best when fly fishing.  Well, we have perfected the science (and art) of finding your Performance Zone for your golf equipment.  As you can see in the chart on the left, most golfers equipment is not even close to their Performance Zone!

There are seven critical factors of golf equipment that affect your ability to hit the longest, straightest and most consistent golf shots.  Those are club length, shaft weight, shaft flex, shaft profile, swing weight, loft, and lie.  While there may be others, if you do not get these seven factors dialed in, you will lose distance, have more miss-hits, and not be as accurate as you can be. 

Our BGF (Better Golf…Faster) fitting system takes both static data (height, weight, wrist-to-floor) and dynamic swing information (tempo, transition, release, club speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, attack angle) and actually predicts the proper club lengths, shaft weights, shaft flex, shaft tip profile, and swing weight.  From there, our clubfitters use our club fitting system to use different shafts and heads to dial in the proper loft and lie angles.  This information can be used to either put different shafts in the golfers existing clubs or build new ones to exact specifications that match the golfers performance zone.

Here is how the Performance Zone works.  Your swing tempo, transition and release along with club speed, ball speed, spin rate and attack angle determine the initial recommendations for shaft weight, shaft flex, shaft tip profile, and swing weight.  These will vary quite a bit from one golfer to another but the system reliably predicts lighter, softer shafts for slower swing and tempo players, and heavier, stiffer shafts for faster transition and higher ball speed players.  Same thing with swing weights.  There should be consistency throughout the set.  The system has been used for golfers from 8 to 95 years old and from beginners to Long Drive competitors.  Everyone has their own unique Performance Zone.  Our fitting philosophy is that we fit golf equipment to your unique swing rather than you trying to adjust to clubs that have dramatically different weights, flexes, etc.  Consistency of your equipment within your Performance Zone will have you hitting the longer,  straighter, more consistent shots.  For better performance, go through a fitting and find YOUR Performance Zone!

Dan Sueltz