WITB: Paula Reto Wins 2022 CP Women’s Open

The 2022 CP Women’s Open produced another winner from South Africa, 9-year tour veteran Paula Reto. Behind her record breaking 9-under opening round, to staying in contention all week, comes a putting gem that gets often overlooked and undervalued by golfers. Eyeline alignment and proper putter lie makes a real difference in putts made. 

With the help from GolfAustralia and Ping, we take a deep dive into Reto’s winning equipment and share some deeper insights. 

Insights About Paula Reto’s Winning Equipment at the 2022 CP Women’s Open 

  • Top of the Bag: DRIVER: PING G425 Max 9 degrees with a Fujikura EVO VII 569 S shaft. 3-WOOD: PING G425 LST 14.5 degrees with a Fujikura Atmos TS Blue 6 S shaft. HYBRID: PING G425 with 19° loft with a Fujikura Pro Blue 2.0 7-S shaft. 
  • IRONS: PING iBlade 4-iron through pitching wedge with the PING Z-Z65 shafts. 
  • WEDGES: PING Glide 3.0 50 SS, 56 SS & 60 SS lofts each with the True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner shafts.
    When the True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner shafts were introduced, we jumped in and just had to start testing. Previously a Tour secret, a “Spinner” shaft is a bit lighter and longer. From True Temper Sports, “When compared to the Tour’s leading Dynamic Gold S400, Dynamic Gold Spinner features a 5% weight reduction and longer, more active tip section to maximize spin and give you Tour-player stopping power.”
    Our testing of the DG Spinner Shafts found as much as a 20% increase in spin rates with only a 3% loss in distance. View our testing results. If you’re a player looking to increase spin rates throughout your wedges, True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner shafts might be a good option for you. There’s only one way to know for sure. Learn more about selecting the proper wedge shafts.
  • PUTTER: PING Vault 2.0 Anser.
    Notably, the LPGA keyed on something uniquely different for Paula during the CP Women’s Open – her putting results. Digging a little deeper, Paula disclosed “I lost my bags in Ireland … so I actually brought out an older putter that I had.” With the old putter being more upright, Paula noted she was more over the ball and had better eye alignment with her target line. Read full story on LPGA.com.
    With Putter Fittings at D’Lance, we utilize Trackman to see path, face angles and use eye alignment aids to help you make the right decision about your putter. The right putter type, lie angles and lofts, and even shaft can take you from being an average putter to world class.