Spinner Golf Shafts

Using our Trackman II ball flight monitor, we tested the True Temper DG Spinner Wedge shaft against a standard True Temper Dynamic Gold Wedge shaft in virtually identical Cleveland CG-12 52 degree wedges that had been played roughly 25 rounds.  We have tested used wedges before and we know that spin rates drop dramatically after use, especially if you are a digger player that really pinches the ball at impact.

Well, here is what we found.  All tests were done using a 2009 Titleist Pro v1 ball.  The average spin rate on the stock CG-12 52 degree wedge was 7810.  With the DG Spinner shaft, the spin increased to 9450, an increase in spin rate of 1,640 rpms, or 21%.  Due to the increased spin, there was roughly a 3% loss in distance.  We then tested a new “conforming” Mizuno MP-T 11, but with a standard DG Wedge shaft, NOT the Spinner shaft and the average spin rate was 8645 rpms.  So, the conclusions we have drawn is that a) the DG Spinner Wedge shafts really do increase spin, as much as 20% over your old wedges and 10% more than the new Conforming wedges, and b) you can breathe new life into your old wedges by swapping out the stock shafts with new “Spinner” shafts.

The True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner wedges weigh 124-131 grams, slightly lighter than a stock Dynamic Gold wedge shaft.  These shafts are only available through True Temper Performance Fitting Centers like D’Lance Golf Performance Center.