WITB: Kupcho & Salas Win 2022 Dow Invitational

The LPGA Tour 2022 Dow Invitational is a two-person event in which Kupcho and Salas ran the table. Jennifer Kupcho is at it again and Colorado fans should be proud of this local. And Lizette Salas has now secured her 2nd win of her career. Earlier this year, we profiled Jennifer’s bag full bag of PING clubs. Ladies – pay close attention, there are some interesting similarities between these two players with very different swings and distances.

At the 2022 Dow Invitational, with the help of PING, let’s go inside Lizette’s winning equipment.

  • Top of the Bag: Driver: PING G425 LST 10.5 degrees with a KBS Tour TD 40 shaft (see review). 3-wood: PING G425 Max 14.5 degrees with the Fujikura Ventus Red 5S shaft (read review). 7-wood: PING G425 Max 20.5 degrees with the Fujikura Ventus Blue 6R shaft(read review). Hybrid: PING G425 20.5 degrees with the KBS Tour Hybrid 65R shaft.
    The PING G425 series and the G410 series are very popular with women golfers. Off-the-shelf shafts are often a mismatch for players. The key is matching these great drivers and fairway woods with the right shaft to ensure the right launch trajectory and the right landing angle to hold the shot. Unique to Lizette, there is some variability in shafts throughout her woods, but the real key is that every fairway wood is closely similar in swing weight. If you haven’t experienced a fairway wood or driver fitting, it’s the best way to ensure you’re getting the distance and accuracy you want from your woods.
  • Irons: A PING G400 crossover 6-iron with the KBS Tour AD-Di shaft followed by PING i210 7-iron through PW with the KBS TGi 80 shafts.
    The KBS TGi Tour graphite iron shafts have been a popular addition and have held their own since being introduced in 2018. The versatility of shaft weights and flexes allow us to optimally fit juniors, women and even stronger players with higher swing speeds.
  • Wedges: PING Glide 4.0 50-S, 54-S and 58-S with the KBS TGi 90 shafts.
  • Putter: PING 2021 DS72 with adjusted length, lie and loft to fit her putting stroke.