Fujikura Ventus Shaft Review


Fujikura Ventus Golf Shafts

Fujikura recently rounded out their Ventus shaft line with the Ventus Red and Ventus Black.  The original Ventus Blue was designed to be  mid to low-mid  launch shaft.  The Ventus Red (mid-high) and Ventus Black (low) are leveraging the VeloCore Technology to offer the same tight dispersion and improved distance with different ball flight patterns.  And the new Ventus TR is a gamechanger for players liking a bit more feel.

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Design Features

If we do a quick overview of this shaft, we see that the use of heavier pre-preg material and a fast taper design allowed the Fujikura engineers to create a shaft with faster tip speed (H.I.T. – High Inertia Tip) and VELOCORE Technology.   In our testing, shafts with this technology can create as high as 8 mph faster tip speed!  

Ventus Red

The highest launching of the Ventus models also offers the lightest shaft weights.  Starting at 58 grams in an R2 (A+) flex, the shafts are also available up through 72 gram X flex.  This makes the Ventus Red not only a good shaft for a driver, but a higher launching fairway wood.

Ventus Blue

This shaft is right on the borderline of mid and low-mid launch.  Also offered in a 56 gram version in R, S and X flex all the way to an 86 gram version, but only in S and X flex.  Our testing shows more mid than low-mid ball flight.  The VENTUS Blue 5S is a GREAT shaft for a lot of our golfers!

Ventus Black

The lowest launching Ventus also has the firmest feel.  Available only in 65 through 85 gram models in S and X flex only.  Ideal for drivers at very fast swing speeds (110+ mph) needing lower launch and spin.   Phil Mickelson used the VENTUS Black 6 TX in his driver to capture the 2021 PGA Championship!

Ventus TR

The perfect addition to the Ventus line – Ventus TR.  For players that like a softer feeling mid-section (think “kick” at impact) but need the stiff tip for control (low torque), the Ventus TR is really filling this little void.  More mid-trajectory than the Black, but still low spin.  This is a game changer for the Ventus line!

Feel and Performance

This shaft has an interesting feel…softer mid section with firmer tip.  Some players comment they can feel the shaft tip release a little better.  Not truly feeling like a two-piece shaft but close.  We have seen clubhead speed increase 1-2 mph versus other shafts in the same weight and flex.

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Dan Sueltz