KBS TD Wood Shaft Review

KBS TD Wood Shafts

The new KBS TD wood shafts now round out the initial graphite shaft offerings from KBS.  These shafts are designed to be mid launch/low spin but that, in our testing, is related the weight and flex of the shafts.

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The KBS TD Shafts are available in 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80 gram weights. The raw weights of the 40 (48gr) and 50 (52 gr) are similar but the raw length of the 40 is 45 inches, one inch shorter than the 50, 60, 70 and 80 shafts.

KBS is using it’s own set of flex ratings identified as Category 1 through 5.  Category 1 is traditionally a Senior flex and Category 5 is Tour Xtra Stiff.

Shaft Test Data:

Weight, launch and spin

Model                   Weight            Trajectory         Spin                   Torque

TD 40                     48.9                    Mid-High        Mid-High           7.9

TD 50                     52.4                     Mid-High        Mid-High           6.5

TD 60                     62.9                     Mid-High        Mid-High           5.3

TD 70                     71.6                      Mid-High        Mid-High           4.9

TD 80                     82.3                     High                  High                     4.7

Tester Results and Feedback

Our testers ranged from swing speeds of 80 to 115 and handicaps from 3 to 13.  Stronger players with fast transitions felt that these shafts were a little soft in the middle and tip, even though the shafts they tested were in their designated “flex”.  The best results in terms of launch, spin, distance and shot dispersion were with players in the 80 to 95 mph driver speed with smooth transitions and mid to early release.  This is consistent with the shaft profile data that we tested.

Our Opinion

If you like the feel of the Graphite Design Tour AD DI and GP, these shafts will be a close match.  Also feel and play similar to a Project X Even Flow Blue.  We like the fact that a lighter, softer flex shaft is available for juniors and other golfers with slower swing speeds.  And, the heavier weight options are great for fairway woods, especially with the softer tip profile.  Looking to give these bad boys a test!

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Dan Sueltz