Tournament Golf Mid-Season Tune-up

When tournament golf is halfway through the season, but some aspects of your game still need a little adjustment – don’t change your swing, adjust your equipment. The right fitting and the right shaft can fix most problem areas and help get you ready for the most important tournament of the year – club championships.

Tournament golf demands a new level of focus, comfort and confidence. Without it, one bad shot tends to develop into a problem area. And problem areas get in the way of attacking the greens when you need or want to. Don’t hold back – gain confidence in every club with an expert club fitting.

Which clubs hinder your tournament golf the most?

With each customer, we conduct a thorough interview about their equipment, their golfing goals, and game improvement areas. Whether driving, approach shots, wedge play or putting; it helps us focus where you need it most. In the end, you know exactly how each club will perform because it’s fit precisely to your swing.

  1. Minimize or eliminate penalty strokes. Especially in tournament golf, getting rid of lost strokes due to OB (out-of-bounds) and hazards is key. If your driver is costing you strokes off the tee, chances are the shaft isn’t right for your swing.
  2. Assess your approach shots. Left or right, short, or balls rolling through the green are telling signs that the shaft isn’t optimal for your swing.
  3. Get short game shots close. For many golfers, we find significant variance in the shaft from irons to wedges. These should be consistent and for most golfers exactly the same shaft.
  4. Sink more putts. The target, even for average golfers, is sub 30 putts. But, so many golfers we help are between 34-38 putts per round. Often it’s because the putter is mismatched to the swing. Seeing club path, face angle, takeaway and ball launch and comparing putters or putter adjustments with real facts plus feel is the best way to reduce putts.

Play tournament golf with confidence.

By understanding and fixing the problem areas, you’re set for success in your next tournament events. How many strokes would no more OB (out-of-bounds) save you. How many strokes gained against the field can you pick up from hitting a few more greens. Clutch, what would reducing your average putts just 4 strokes per round do. Some say IT PAYS FOR ITSELF!

Depending on your problem areas, we’ve compiled some helpful links.


Fairway Woods

Hybrid Golf Clubs





Don’t let tournament golf weigh on you. Turn apprehension into total confidence across every club in your bag. Get the right clubs to fit your swing and get rid of those nasty shots that are causing you problems.  Every custom fitting is a Lifetime Fitting – BOOK NOW – invest in your game today and come back any time for fitting tune-ups.